Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 69

In just 2 days, this year will end and a new year will come. 365 new days. But this year passed very fastly. Every passing year leaves its memory in the mind of everyone. For some people, the passed year was a very good one. For some it was a very bad one. Few people are there who thinks that there is nothing new to it. For them, its just a change of date in the calender. Different thoughts of mind for the same thing. But the passing year, ie 2008, has become a turning point in my life. I lost few things which were dear to me and I gained few. So, this year was a mixed one for me. But the pain of losing the old relations is more than the happiness of gaining the new ones. And in the last 6 months, there have many sad things happening in India also. Sometimes, it really hurts to see so many sad things happening around you. But there is a another chance to stand up after the sad things. Life doesn't stop at that moment. Yes, the pain remains there forever but we have to get going. The recent attack on the Hotel Taj and Trident Tower and their re opening is the perfect example of this. That should be the spirit. Never say that you are defeated. You can be defetead for one time, two times, but not always. You are here to win. And there are many evils around us. We have to win the battle against them. The evils around us are Social evils, poverty, child labour, human trafficking, terrorism, corruption, deadly diseases like cancer, TB, aids and many more. So start fighting from today itself. We can make it our new year resolution. And we have to be get united against all these things. Now its time to have some change in the world in which we are living. We have to make a beautiful world without hatred, war and the social evils. We have to make the world full of love, peace and happiness.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 68

Today morning, I read the newspaper. On the front page itself, I read the news about the statement of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. He has taken a turn from his previous statements. He has told that the terrorists organisations are present in Pakistan and Pakistan is also affected from the cancer of terrorism. But I don't know that how long this stand is going to stay? Because Pakistan has a history of always going back from its words. And one interesting news caught my attention. Pakistan was deploying its army on the Indo-Pak border. Previously 14 Punjab Unit of Pakistani army was deployed on Pakistani side adjacent to the Kashmir. But 20 officers and soldiers of this unit have ran away. Pakistani Army has declared them absconding. Now the 42 Punjab Unit has replaced the 14 Punjab Unit at the border. This is the case of the Pakistani Army. Even the Pakistani soldiers are not willing to fight. And the main thing is that Pakistan is always been ruled by the Pakistani Army only. Once I have read somewhere that the role of the Pakistani Army in Pakistan is very much. They are controlling everything in Pakistan. It is also been said that every country has an army but in Pakistan the army is having a country. So, this is the control of army is Pakistan. And its very irony to see that how brave soldiers and officers are there in the Pakistani Army. Well, that's not the thing to discuss now. The main thing is the intention of Pakistan now. There are many questions arising in my mind now. Is Pakistan going to stand on its current position? Will it take any action against the terrorists organisations in real term? Is it going to hand over the the wanted terrorists to India? How long Pakistan is going to fight against the terrorism? And honsetly speaking, only one answer is coming in my mind. And the answer is NO. A big NO for every question which I have put up now. Because if it will do all the things which is there in my question then it has to abandon the ISI. Because the ISI was created to indulge itself for the destruction of India. And if Pakistan destroyes each and every terrorists base camp on its soil then it will not be getting funds from them. The funds which Pakistan is getting for the protection and for the help it is giving the terrorists to get infiltered in India. And Pakistan is using those funds to buy weapons for the Army. Now its time to see that what Pakistan is going to do now. Will it leave the terrorists organisations or will it be called bad nation by the whole world? Now Pakistan has to decide this. The whole world is watching Pakistan now. Even many Pakistanis are blaming the present Pakistani government. Fatima Bhutto, niece of slain leader Benazir Bhutto, is also saying that she is not satisfied with the current political and judicial system in Pakistan. Pakistani government is not ready to accept that Azmal is Pakistani citizen. But Azmal has openly accepted that he is a Pakistani national and he has come from Pakistan only. He is demanding that a Paksitani lawyer should defend him in Indian court. In these conditon its very hard to say that what Pakistan will do now. The whole world is waiting for the next step of Pakistan. Will it become a good nation or again it will take deviation from its current stand?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 67

Yesterday or day before yesterday, I read a news article in the newspaper. It was about the pitty condition of the people. It was written that for every 600 people in Delhi there is only one cop for the protection. And for one VIP and VVIP, there is about 30 cops are there. And the union government has sent back only 100 policemen back to their respective police stations. Still there are about 14,200 policemen being deputed for the security of the politicians. It's just an eyewash. If we calculate in percentage then it's only0.7% of the toltal strength of the force deployed for the security to the politicians. It can be compared from the figures itself that 1 policeman is there to protect 600 common man, but when it comes for the security of 1 politician then there are around 30 cops to protect him. Now this is really ridiculous that more and more security is given to the politicians. There are many politicians who are enjoying this security circle around them, but they don't have any threat to them or their family members. And now a days, it has become a fashion for every politician to have security guards with them. They think that more the number of security forces around them means more and more reputation is there for them. They are misusing the public money for their personal things. And for their security the gunmen are selected from the commandos from the armed forces, BSF, CISF and the state police. This hampers the strength of the security forces also. The money and the man power basically meant for the security and development of the nation is been utilised in some another worthless work. Now it's time to wake up and to think about our rights and our security. We have to think whether we want more attacks like what happened in Mumbai last month or do we need a peaceful society? We have to raise our voice against the misuse of the funds and the manpower, which is widely misuseed as for the protection of the politicians? Come and join hands with each other against this malpractise of the politicians who are taking undue advantage of our silence and tolerence. This is important to have a safe and secure India.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 66

Merry Christmas to all the readers of my blog. We all are celebrating this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. But in the modern time, the situation is detoriating day by day. Now a days, the political and the military tension between India and Pakistan is increasing daily. The whole world knows that Pakistan is the home of terrorism. And it has been proved by India that the terrorists who attacked Mumbai on 26 Novemeber, 2008, did came from Pakistan itself. Kasab is saying that he is a Pakistani but the Pakistan government is denying that. Pakistani government is not going to accept that because then it will be a slap on its own face. Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari has told in the beginning itself that no Pakistani national was involved in the attack on Mumbai. But the confession of Kasab, was a tight slap of that. Now to save its reputation, the Pakistani government is denying everything which India is showing as the proof. Pakistan is saying that all the proves which India has shown is just a garbage. Nothing more than that. But the troops are on the high alert on the both side of the border. And there is tension amongst both the countries. And it seems that every time, Pakistan wins the diplomatic war against India. Always it plays a card of innocence. But now the whole world is aware that Pakistan is no more a innocent country. All the terrorists groups who are working against India are based in Pakistan only. Al Qaeda and Taliban are also present in Pakistan. All the terrorists organisations knows that there save heaven is Pakistan only. So, inspite of driving away those organisations out of its soil, why Pakisntani government is giving them a safety? What are the plans which Pakistan is having? Does it want to have control over the entire world with the help of terrorism? And after knowing all the facts, why isn't UN taking any strong action against Pakistan? Is it waiting for something big to happen against humanity? Even the America is admitting that Pakistan have become the hub for the terrorism, then what is the problem in imposing the ban on Pakistan? All the ties with Pakistan of the entire world should be broken. Pakistan should be left alone until the terrorist organisations in Pakistan is destroyed.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 65

At last, I back aain to place where I want to be and doing the work which I want to do. Well, for the last two days I wasn't able to write anything. Or rather say that I wasn't able to concentrate on any work. There was a pain in my heart. But last night, I heard a song on the radio. Its a nice song from Dasvidania. "Alvida" is the track about which I am writing now. Its sung by Kailash Kher. A nice song written and beautifully sung by him. Actually, I was feeling very low due to some reason. Some memories were constantly flashing in front of my eyes. And literally, I wasn't concentrationg on any work. You can say that it was a complete stage of depression. But when I heard this song then I don't how and why I felt good. I got the spirit of fight back. This song has become my favorite song now. Now it seems that there is happy side of life also. We can get the happiness if we will fight. What if there are many pain and sorrow in our life. We have to face them strongly. We often think in our sad times that there is nothing left in the life. But we forget that we have to live all these sad moments. All of us turns toward God in our sad times but we forget to say thanks to the God when we are happy. You can say that even I was going through the same condition then how can I give a philosophical lecture about happiness and sadness? But from my personal experience I can say this. We are feeling very much high when we are happy and very low when we are sad. But why we use to forget that happiness and sadness is the part of our life. They are not our life. And we have to pass this part. So to remove your pain, sorrow and sad mood, you have to fight with your depression. I did the same. That's why I am telling you to fight. Never let the sadness to touch you. If the sadness is near you then don't let your smile leave your face. A smile on your face will reduce the pressure of sadness in your life. You might be thinking that I have gone crazy. But I am not. Yesterday I heard this song on radio and today I saw it on net. The picturisation of the song is good. The thing which I learnt from this song is that we can't abandon to live in any case. We can have happiness in all the odd situations also. And the smile about which I am talking about is not the fake one. Just try to remember the funny moments of your life. Any incidence which had happened in your life. The incidence which you can remember made you very happy. Try to remeber that moment or that incidence. Then you will have a geniune smile and that will be from your heart. And then for some time you will find that you don't have any tension or worry. You will definately forget the present sadness for a moment or so. And that's your victory over your sadness. This is the thing which I have done and now I am feeling nice. I am having the attitude now that the life is not over. I have to do many things. So just try this for once. You will definately feel happy. And don't forget that even a small victory makes you feel more happy and energetic. So fight with sadness and worries. Fight with it until its completely driven away from your life. And if it comes again in your life, then also don't forget to fight with it. And that's the real pleasure of living. Living for the happiness.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 64

Its very sad to know that the ministers of the Central Government are saying things which are against the dignity of the post they are holding. A R Antulay is the current example of this. Instead of getting united for the war against the terrorists he is now saying that there should be a probe in the killing of Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare. Antulay is saying that some one belonging to the Hindu radicals did tipped off Karkare to go to the Cama Hospital. The person who gave this information to Karkare has prevented him to go to the Taj or the Oberoi. Now this is really ridiculous. The whole media has showed that the terrorists flown to the Cama Hospital, after shooting blindly at the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal, just to hide themselves. Antulay is highly influenced by the footage been shown on the Pakistani Channels with false reports. We all know that the terrorists came from Pakistan. So this is just a stunt of Pakistan to divert the attention of the world from suspecting it to be the heaven of the terrorists. Someone holding a responsible post is saying some irrelevant and something baseless against a person who was on duty. He had gone there to arrest the terrorists so that they can't make much damage. But Antulay has decided to politisise this issue that's why is he connecting the killing of Hemant Karkare with an issue which not to be thought by anyone. Indeed, Hemant Karkare was probing the Malegaon Blasts. But Antulay is forgetting that in the protest rallies, which happened in the Mumbai, people from the all the religion came together to join hands with each other against the terrorists and to condemn Pakistan. So he should learn something from them. Instead of condeming Pakistan, Antulay is speaking the language of Pakistani government and ISI. Now he is dividing the people on the basis of religion again so that there would be no one to condemn the wrong acts of the politicians. When will these politicians stop doing that? How long they will do all these cheap things to retain their posts?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 63

Sometimes it takes time to come out from the depression or the sad mood. Actually I am not depressed but in a sad mood. Losing someone close to your heart is not a plesant thing in your life. But the life should go on. That's the same thing happening to me. I know that this sad mood is going to continue for anothe couple of days. But I am writting again just to get myself engagaed. Now writting on the blog is not only my duty or a habit but it has become my necessity also. If I don't write it for one day, I find something missing. When I am extremely busy in some other work then only I am unable to write. But sometimes it really hurts when I don't get any feedback. Actually, I think I have developed a relationship with all those who are reading my posts. I know that few people are there who are regularly reading my blog. Some people are reading it once in two days. I think that I am writting for them only. And this is the relationship between me and them. But sometimes, I expect them to write to me. Well, it can be said that I am hungry of the comments. I really need comments to improve my writting. I can't write without knowing that how you feel about it. If there is any change you want then I would like to change according to that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 62

Sometimes it becomes very tough for me to write anything. And for the last few days, I am writing again and again on the same topic. So, today I decided to give that topic a break. Everyday writing on the same topic makes it boring to read it. So, there should be some change in writing also. But I am confused again to what to write today. What topic should be best to write upon? And I am not getting any topic. Actually honestly speaking there are many things to write upon but the main thing is that how much impact my writing is creating on the readers. I don't know that what the impact you are getting by my writing. I am not getting any response from the reader's side. So sometimes it becomes very tough for me to write anything. And I don't know that what do you think about my style of writing. You might be thinking that I have become crazy today. But the fact is that today I am very sad. And when I am sad then I am not in good mood to write. I can't do that. When you are crying then you can't smile at the same time. The same thing is with me. I am not happy today. But I am writing because I want to get out of the sad feelings which I am having right now. That's why I am not writing anything according to my thoughts. Whatever is coming in my mind, I am just writing that. Don't know whether this habit is good or bad but today I think this habit is going to work. And I know that you can bear me for one day if I write like this. And if you don't like my writing like this then you can immediately post a comment after this post. I would be happy if I get some feed back. There are few things going on in my mind that's why I am unable to write today. Not particularly in my style of writing. So I can get excuse for one day. Hope so by the end of this day, I'll get rid of my sad mood. I have to. I don't think that you want me to write tomorrow also in the same fashion. Sometimes, intraction between you and me is necessary. And I am really waiting for your comments when you can comment on my writing or the topic on which I am writing. Anything you want to say. I am interested to know that. Even its negative things. I would be much happy if I get a comment from your side that you didn't liked some particular topic or my thoughts or my way of writing. Anything, which you want me to improve. Just write a comment. Now I am waiting for you to write so that I can read. Don't you think that sometimes, writer should become a reader?


दिल के जज्बातों को छुपाना आसान नही होता, दिल में दर्द हो तो मुस्कुराना आसान नही होता।
कहते है लोग कि हमे कोई गम नही है, औरो को हमारी तरह मुस्कुरा कर दर्द छुपाना नही आता॥

हसी तो देखी है लोगो ने मेरे लबो पर लेकिन दिल के ज़ख्म किसी ने नही देखा,
बात को हम छुपा जाते है इसी लिए किसी ने भी मेरी नम आखो को नही देखा।

किसी बताये अपना हाल-ऐ-दिल जब मेरे महबूब को ही यकीन नही है,
उन्हें तो लगता है कि हमने उनसे कभी प्यार किया ही नही।
कैसे यकीन दिलाये उन्हें कि कितना प्यार हम करते है,
नाम उनका ले के सुबह होती है हमारी और उन्ही का नाम ले कर अपना दिन हम ख़तम करते है।

दिल के धड़कने पे तो हमारा ज़ोर नही है,
उन्हें दिल से निकाल पाना हमारे बस में नही है।

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 61

Today morning, I read the news in the newspaper that there are 1000 commandos protecting Punjab CM and his family member. Now this is really ridiculous! Not even the Prime Minister is having these much of force for his protection. Is this much of force is required to the protection of the CM of a state? There was terrorism in Punjab about two decades. And if we go for the government records then there has been no threats to the politicians of Punjab since 1995. And there was no threat to the CM also. Same thing is there for the bureucrats in Punjab. They are also having the commandos protection for them. What the hell is this? No bureucrats in Punjab is getting any threat since 1993. I just wonder that when there is no terrorists attacks or threats in Punjab for the last 13 to 15 years, then what this protection if for? Isn't this the wastage of people's money and misuse of the elite commandos? This should be condemnd by all. According to the article which I read then figure was just mind blowing. There are around 900 politicians and another 350 bureucrats. And for this 1,250 people there are more than 7,200 gunmen. Now from these security guards are coming. All are from the commando force and the Punjab Police. So instead of providing security to the common man the politicians are getting support and that too without any threat for their lives. Now, this should be stopped now. Not only this is the misuse of the Public money but also the wrong use of the force. The money and the force which is been used in these useless things, can be used for the benefit of the country. The whole country which is having bad effect of the global economic slowdown then the huge amount of money is been wasted in the security of these politicians. If we forget the economic slowdown then also in India there are around 10 crore people who are getting the meal of ony time in the whole day. These money should be diverted in the arrangement of the food of those people. When we are having so many problems in our country then is it good to see the wastage of money like this? And the number of guards these politicians use for their security is weaking the state police force. When there is more need of the force in the police for the protection of the public, then at that time the police has to follow the orders coming from the state government for the security of the leaders. So this is the real face of the Indian politician. These politicians call themselves as the well wisher of the public. But in reality the scene is totally different. And this is the height of tolerance of the Indian public that after knowing all these facts, its still want to see the same leaders elected in the Lok Sabha and the state legislative assemblies to make fool of the public once more. I am just praying the Indian public just wake up from their sleep very soon.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 60

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of the Parliament attack. In 2001, on the same date few terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament. This attack was failed by the security forces present there. Unfortunately, we lost some brave soldiers. And its more painful that seven years down the lane, these politicians don't have proper time to pay respect to the brave soldiers who have died while protecting the same leaders. The same leaders were present in the Parliament when the terrorists attacked. But yesterday, not even one dozen politicians were present to pay tribute to those heros. Only the Prime Minister, Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, Lok Sabha speaker and the Congress president were present there outside the Parliament to pay their tribute. We have more than 550 Members of Parliament. But this was the strength. And still then these politicians want us to vote for them. When these politicians are so insensitive then how can they expect us to elect them for another five years to the Lok Sabha and the state legislative assemblies? When the terrorists were attacking on the Parliament, Lok Sabha was in session and the leaders were taking shelter at whatever place they can find. But now, the same politicians are having no shame. They don't have any respect for the dead soldiers who have given their life for these politicians only. So now its time that we should act now. These politicians are not going to change. So why to chose them again if we are going to have the same attitude again for the next five years? And what's the gaurantee that these leaders will change this time? We have seen the protests across the country on the issue of reservation. Who is responsible for this? These leaders are more in their interest rather than the nation's interest. Do we need the leader who is least bother about us? When it comes to their security they want to have Z and Z+ but when it comes for the concern of the public they don't even shed a tear. How many politicians came forward to pay the respect for the innocent people killed in the recent attack in Mumbai? The victims of the bomb blasts in Ahmedabad and Delhi are the examples that none of the politicians went to share their sorrow. And if the politicians are really worried about the country then why the master mind of the Parliament attack, Afzal Guru, still alive? He has been awarded the capital punishment then why is he still enjoying a nice stay in the jail. None of the politicians is saying a word in this regard? Isn't the silence of the politicians causing a negative impact on the armed forces? It's the soldier of the Army who went to arrest Masood Azhar. Many of them died in that opertation. But what was the result of that? Masood Azhar is free now and he is living in Pakistan and it was his organisation which has sent the terrorists to the Mumbai. Now we don't need those politicians who made empty promises only. We want the leader who works for the country not for himself.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 59

न चाहो किसी को इतना कि उनकी चाहत तुम्हारी मज़बूरी बन जाये।
चाहो किसी को इतना कि तुम्हारी चाहत उनकी मज़बूरी बन जाये।

I read this 2 lines somewhere and then I just loved this. The emotions hidden under this 2 lines are truly romantic. Because it really hurts when you love someone and then you didn't get the company of that person. The pain which comes in your heart when you loose someone too close to your heart is just beyond my capacity of explanation. And this pain can be for any one. This is not a rule that this pain comes only when someone looses his or her lover. This rule is applicable for those who were dear to you. Like your close relatives, your friends, someone who has touched your life to a great extend. Why this separtion is there when you love someone like this? And if there is separation written in our destiny then why God make that person so much important and dear to us? It is said that all the emotions are related to the heart. Then why this heart is made so soft? Why the pain of seperation stays there for so long? Sometimes, it becomes the pain of the life time. It really makes someone very sad when he or she faces the truth that now he or she has to live with out that person. It's true that this happens in love most of the time. But this rule applies to all those persons who haven't fall in love but still knows the pain of seperation. Yesterday, I saw the clip of the song "Tadap tadap ke is dil se" from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The picturisation of the song also shows the emotion about which I am writting about. And after losing that person, our life seems to have blocked. Suddenly the life seems to stop at one position. There is nothing left in the life. Sometimes it happens that we feel that we also should go with that person or should stop that person from going. We try our best to stop that person from going or we just pray that we shouldn't get seperated from that person. We think that our life is useless without them. And the 2 lines which I wrote in the starting just says that you make yourself so strong that the person you love should not get seperated from you. If in any case you get seperated then that person should pray to be with you. I just wish that no body should get seperated from the person whom one love. But this will not happen. There is an old proverb in English that "Man proposes and God disposes." And I am not exception to this proverb.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 58

Few days back, I was reading an article in a newspaper. The article was related to the terrorist strike on Mumbai. It dealt with the state of the country and the manner in which the politicians are running this country. I liked the idea of the writer very much that the national priorities are at the bottom of the politician's hierarchy. And the media is responsible for this. Just for have a glimpse of their "breaking news' they are literally going beyond the limits. During the Mumbai attacks they were covering all the actions of the commandos. And the terrorists were watching all these footages on every news channels. This was creating problem for the commandos as the terrorists were changing their strategy. And the police was also not able to control the media persons. Instead of keeping all the media persons out of the line of action the police was briefing all the strategies and plan of actions to the media persons. And all these things were broadcasted live. And in turn, all these covarage were helping the terrorists only and were creating much problem to the commondos. So, there should be a limit betond which the media persons should not go. The media, electronic and print, should know this facts. They all are matured persons out there. They should be aware of the fact that what should be showed and what should not be showed to all. But the publicity hungry media is loosing its creadibilty and responsibilities now. They should be aware that in the situations like the terrorist attacks on our country, these telecasts helps the terrorists only. And there is failure from the part of the government also. The central and the state government reacted after long time. The commandos were sent after 10 hours to the Mumbai. They were flown to Mumbai from Delhi. Why was there no base of the commandos in Mumbai? And sacking the union home minister is not the only solution. There should be collective responsibilty of the whole central government. And its also not sufficient to sack the chief minister and the deputy chief minister. It was necessary to recommend the President's Rule in the Maharashtra. But there was nothing happened like this. And its time to have something concrete. Until when all these things will continue? The government in Maharashtra was silent when Raj Thackeray was targetting the North Indians. It didn't reacted at that time. What is the use of such government when it can safeguard the people living in its state? And the Maharashtra police was just a mute spectators when the members of MNS where canning the innocent students went there for the recruitement examination of the Railway. Why didn't the central government reacted at that time? So now its the time to change the system. And the feeling of being united should never fade.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 57

Today in the morning, I read an news article related to the Mumbai attack. Its sad that the Navy and the Coast Guards are still playing the blame game for the ignorance of the duty due to which the terrorists reach the Mumbai without any resistance. And now there has been an consignment been exported to India. The consignment is at the docks of South Mumbai. The reason for the worry is that it belongs to Mohammed Ali. Mohammed Ali is the main lieutenat of Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai. And he is the don of docks also. The Custom department and the Mumbai police is silent just because two heavy weight leaders of South Mumbai are having tie up with Mohammed Ali. Now this proves that the politicians of this country are not bothered about the country. If they were concerened and worried then they would not have the link with the terrorists like this. Accroding to me, politicians like this should be shooted in public view. Due to these type of politicians, anti country elements are going against the law. All the criminals are ruling the country now. So, it should be better to have shoot at sight orders for these types of leaders. So many innocent people are dying due to the terrorists attacks and still these leaders are saving these hard core terrorists from the police. Why? Just to have some money. So its time for the public to show the leader like this the consequences of these acts. And the only answer is to shoot them. That's all. Nothing to think else. Just shoot them.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 56

Today again, I am going to write on one of the two topics which I am been writing for the last few days. And the second topic is the brain drain. Many of my friends are now working either in America or in Britain. And all of them are in constant touch with me by the means of mails, chatting and phone. And the main motive behind working there is just the money. Nothing else.
But one thing is disturbing me a lot. Actually, there is a question in my mind. And the question is that if you are working for the money only then you can work in India also. What is the use of going to foreign countries when you have the money in India also? Actually there is no need to make a developed country more developed when your own country is developing. The developed country are using the talented minds from India. They have got the intelligent people in their companies to work on a pay a bit less than compared to their own people. But the people from India are not ready to accept this fact that they are been under paid. And always they are taking the conversion rate into consideration. The amount which they are getting in foreign country then they are converting that into the Indian currency. And that's the main point which they are talking that they are earning more than what should they have got in India at the beginning of their career. But all the Indians working out in the foreign countries are forgetting that they are working on work permit issued to them by the government of that country. But it happens to very small percent of Indians working in different countries that the company in which they were working will do anything for them when it comes for the renewal of the work permit. And sometimes it happens that the service of a person is terminated in foreign country when his work permit gets terminated. And this happens with every three persons out of four persons inspite of the fact that all of them were working equally. So, why is this discrimination is done? And its a thing which should be an good example for those who think that their life is set in western country. Not exactly like you think. And Indians have a good quality in them. That's the spirit of "Never-say-Quit" spirit. But they use it at the wrong place. Instead of doing that in foreign country they should do this in India. When there are so many bright minded Indians doing miracles in foreign countries then why not in India? What is the use of going to foreign countries leaving behind your parents, your family and your friends? What is the use of so much money when your loved ones are not with you? You can just but the commodities available in market for them but not their happiness which happens due to your presence. Every day your family member wish that you are safe there. Because somewhere in their heart they accept this fact that you are in a stranger's land. But they don't say this because you might feel bad. And you are there just to make money only. But this can be done in India also. And here you will not feel that insecurity which is there like the expiry of the work permit and all other legal things related to immigrants. So its better to have some mental security while working than to earn more money and staying away from home. Your home needs you. So its good to come back soon.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 55

For the last few days, I am writing again and again on the same topic. But not getting any response from anyside. It seems that people are showing their old habit of forgetting the things soon. And right now, people are engaging theselves in the politics. The recently concluded elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Delhi and Mizoram is the centre stage of the hot debate. Entire media and all the major parties are talking about the election results only. These elections have been termed as the semi final for the general elections next year. But what is the use of all these things. Now the time has come to change. Now next year, we are having the general elections. The term of the present government is coming to an end. And in the past five years we have seen many ups and downs in our country. First it was the protest against the reservation issue. But the past one year has been of many downs only. Except the economic slowdown, all the other things were due to the negligance of the government. Whether it was the bomb blasts or the attack on Mumbai. The intelligance agencies were given its report in advance itself but instead of taking action to prevent the blasts, the government was sitting ideally. And after the Mumbai case, the government is engaged in the blame game with Pakistan. We are aware of the fact that the Pakistan is always there to refuse every evidence given by India. The same thing is happening now also. There is nothing change in that. Now Pakistan is saying that the Hindu Fundamentalists were behind the Mumbai attack. The whole world is knowing now that the terrorists came from Karachi after getting proper training in Pakistan. Well, again I am deviating from the main issue. I think I have written 2-3 posts on this issue. Well the main issue is the election due in 2009. Now the main issue is that whom to elect this time? Because everytime we get promises but in reality the scene is different. So, now we have to think over it again and we must cast our vote to that person or the party who has done something for the progress of the state or the country. And this time, we don't have to get misguided. And we have to ask for the progress report every year. If the politicians want our vote then they have to show the good work to us. So now we have to make this our motto that "No constructive work, no vote." Now its time to change ourself. If we want something good for us then its we who have to change ourself. Now we can't sit in our home and say that the system is bad. Somewhere we are also at the fault. If we have been awakened then these politicians would not have cheated us. And we would not have a system as we are now. So before electing one we have to see their past record also. We can't elect a law breaker to be a law maker.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 54

Sometimes it really hurt to see that instead of seeing so many people dying in the terrorists attacks the Indian government is not taking any action against Pakistan. I am not talking about the diplomatic action or political action. I am talking about military action. And how long we have to wait? Do we have to see more and more attacks on our country and many more dead bodies? Sometimes I think that the Indian government is just doing the politics on the dead people. They are just figures for them of how many casaulities happened in the terrorists attacks. This is really ridiculous. When the entire world knows that its only Pakistan, who is giving shelter, protection, money and training to all the terrorists groups then why its still there on the map of world. Now a days, Pakistan is the only place for the terrorists to live safely. In other words it can be said that Pakistan is a safe heaven for the terrorists. And all of us know that behind every terrorist attack in India, ISI is responsible. But when the time comes for taking strict actions then the condition of the Indian government is totally different from the needed condition at that time. When America can attack Afghanistan and can destroy Taliban then why can't India do that? India can also attack Pakistan and can destroy all the terrorists training camps. And the Pakistani government is taking advantage of this nature of Indian government. They are aware of the fact that they can send as many terrorists as they wish and the Indian government can't do anything except making allegations. I don't exactly that what is the thing which always makes Indian government so weak that it can't attack Pakistan? Indian army is the third largest army in the world, much bigger than the Pakistani army. And Indian army is very tough. Same is there with the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. But what is the difficulty then? Why can't we attack Pakistan? Its enough now that we had diplomatic war with Pakistan. And these diplomatic war is not leading us to any constructive work also. So instead of having diplomatic war why can't we have military war with Pakistan? As I have said earlier also that its better to die one day while fighting than to die daily while sitting like a coward.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 53

I was chatting with one of my friends after the terrorists attack on Mumbai. Suddenly he told that why these terrorists are not attacking the politicians of India? Why are they attacking the innocent people of India, who haven't done anything wrong? Why are the politicians still safe, after doing so many wrong things? The questions were very true and were somewhat having weight in them. But I just said that if the terrorists will attack the politicians then the terrorists will become hero in India. Its really sad to see that the leaders has lost all their crediablity. They think that they are not accountable to the people any more. That's why the situation in the country is like this. All the time, these politicians make promises during the general elections but later on all the promises are forgotten. And this is happening since the first general election in India. Okay that's not the main thing which I want to write today. Maybe after a couple of days I'll write on this issue. The main issue of today's writing is the attack of terrorists on politicians? They haven't done this just because of their masters in Pakistan believes in doing mass kiling. Sometimes I wonder that inspite of knowing all the facts, what is there which is there to stop us in attacking Pakistan? Just beacuse the leaders of our country are expert in making our own people keeping engaged in the name of caste, creed and religion. They are more eager to make their posts secure first before taking interest in the development of the country. But I think that now the time has come that the leaders should become accountable now. People should ask their questions over every thing now. The recent attack on Mumbai has shown that the sea route is also not save. Now, the Navy, Coast Guard, Coastal police are blaming each other for the lapse of security. Now why is this blame game taking place? Is the blame game more important than the security of the country? If it is then its better to stop all these blame game and do some work constructive. So, that these type of incidences will not take place. So now we have to start asking these politicians about their works as ministers and MPs and as legislators. Why still many villages in our country aren't having electricity after 61 years of Independance? Why are we still called developing nation? The main reason is the attitude of the politicians and many drawbacks in the beuracracy. We always blame that the system is not good but now we have to change this system. And for that we have to wake up and then we have to develope the habit of asking. Otherwise the politicians will always take advantage of our weakness and silence. And then in that case there will be more and more attacks on our country. These leaders have no manner to talk properly also. The recent comment of the Kerala CM after he was not allowed by the father of Sandeep Unnikrishnan is really sad and is a act to condemn only. The CM has said that it was the house of a matyr soldier that he has gone there otherwise a dog will also not go there. This is the condition of our politicians. What the hell these politicians think of themselves? Are they above all? If this is the attitude then its better that India should not have any politician at all. Holding a responsible post and then making these statements is only an insult to the people. So we have to think now that whether we want more insult of ourselves or we want to refuse all the things which our leaders are saying. Because its not the question of attack on Mumbai or the serial blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Assam, but its the matter of whole country. These happened in these cities. Who knows that tomorrow it might happen to our cities now? So its time to wake up before its too late. And its time to ask the questions from these leaders who claim that they are our well wishers.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 52

Sometimes it really hurts to see a lot of suffering and pains around us. I am not taling about the recent terrorist attack on Mumbai but the attacks on the every major city in India. There are so many terrorists groups active in India, but the security forces are not able to trace them and catch them. It always happens that the police gets active for the couple of days or maximum for the couple of months only and after that it's the same old story. But why is this happening again and again in our country? The answer is known to all. Its all due to Pakistan. But the central government is busy in diplomatic war with Pakistan. And Pakistan is sending the terrorists in our country through various channels. And to stop all these inflitration, we need to have a strong vigilence at the border. But the security forces at the border are having shortage of staff because a portion of all the security forces like BSF, ITPF, SSB, CRPF and CISF is engaged in providing security to the political leaders. All the Z+ and Z security guards are composed of the soldiers from these security forces. And we can't effort to forget the anger which we are having now. The anger and the protest which was shown in Mumbai should continue. That's the only way to pressurise the politicians and the government. Otherwise these politicians will take it for granted that the people forget everything with the passage of time. But that's not happening this time. There should be continous protest marches all over the country. And these protests should be to have the pressure on the government to take some action against the Pakistan. We have seen a long process of diplomatic wars between India and Pakistan. Now its time to have some military action. Pakistan is using the POK against us. Basically its the portion of Kashmir which was there in India. But Pakistan has captured that portion illegally. Its total illegal but the Indian government is too shy to take any military action to take back the land which comes under the Indian territory. When America can attack Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of War on Terrorism and to uproot a dictator who posses WMDs, then why can't India do the similar thing for its land? Its not wrong to have our own land back. If we have to take that by military action only then let it be like that. Its enough that we are having the diplomatic war on this issue. We are having this since 1947. I just want to ask that how long will this diplomatic war is going to continue? Because Pakistan has converted POK into a training camp and the terrorists coming out of those terrorists camps are sent to India for the mass killing and the terrorists attacks. Why can't India send small troops to POK to destroy these terrorists training camps? All of us know that Pakistan's sole aim is to destroy India at any cost. And its clear to the whole world that Pakistan is responsible for all the terror activities in India. So, its time to take action and the action is to attack Pakistan. Until and unless, we don't attack on Pakistan, there will not be any permanent end to all these things. Its better to die once while fighting than to die daily buy sitting ideally like a coward. Its time to show that Indians are no coward.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 51

The post terrorist attack in Mumbai is showing many forms. Vilasrao Deshmukh has lost the post of Chief Minister in Maharashtra. Sonia Gandhi has accepted his resignation. But its hard to ignore the fact that there are many politicians in the current central government who are having criminal cases against them. And I really wounder now that ater having attack in Mumbai, Vilasrao was forced to resign. But why Lalu Yadav is having his post save and secure? Lalu Yadav strongly recommended that the ban on the SIMI should be uplifted by the central government. And we all know that the SIMI is the organisation responsible for the blast in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. And we all haven't forgotten that how many people have died in those blasts. So why isn't Lalu been sacked from his post? Why is he still in the central cabinet? What was the necessity of lifting the ban on a organisation which was banned due to the involvement in the terrorists activity? Was this move just politically motivated? Just because the previous government of BJP has imposed ban on SIMI so uplifting the ban will be the response of that? So, it is wise to take revenge from the opposition party at the cost of terrorists attacks on the country? I don't think so. I don't think that political revenge at the cost of the security of the country is a healthy practise. I am not taking the side of BJP government. I am talking in the general sense. Because this is related to the security of the country. Innocent people are dying in these terrorists attacks. But for these politicians nothing is more important than their political career and the post which they are holding. Now this is really disqusting to see the present situation of the country. When the Vilasrao Deshmukh can be shown the door to go out then why can't it be with Lalu Yadav? Why is these double standard being taken by the Congress party? And why the people of India are chosing the leaders with criminal cases pending against them? Now its time to change the entire system. And this change can be brought when the people are awakened. We have seen enough blasts and attacks on our country. Now its time to show that this activities will not be tolerated any more.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 50

This is my 50th post. I have reached a mile stone but I am not happy. There are many things happing in our country. Yesterday, I wasn't able to wrte anything just because of the battle of words between the politicians. There are few bad comments coming from the politicians who are holding important public posts. Yes, I am talking about the CM of Kerala. What he has said about Unnikrishnan, father of matyr NSG Commando Sandeep Unnikrishnan is really bad. This is the way that the politicians are treating the people. He went there to pay his condolesense under the pressure from the opposition partied of Kerala. So, it was not due to a own will. And they he was treated well by Unnikrishnana. And now there are few more shocking facts which I have come across. Today morning, I read an news article in the newspaper and after that I really hate the politicians. Perhaps, even more than I use to do before. Its really hard to believe that 1,700 out of 7,000 NSG force is been used by the politicians for their security purpose only. If we talk in per centage then its going to be about 24.28% of the total strength of the NSG. So, it can be said that about a quarter of the total stregth of the NSG is been used for some other purpose. And instead of thinking about the people, these politicians are more worried about themselves. That's why none of the political party is raising any question about the misuse of the NSG like this. All the major leader of the major political parties are doing the same thing. I don't understand that when the people of India will wake up and will ask for their demands? And this is not for only the man power but in terms of money also. Rs 250 crore is been spend annually on the protection of these leaders. Whose money is these? Not the leaders. Its the money of the comman man which he is paying in the form of taxes. The annual budget of the Z and Z+ security for the politicians was Rs 117 crore in 2007-08 but in 2008-09 it went up to Rs 180 crores. But the NSG, which is meant for the fighting against terrorism, is very unlucky in this sense. In 2007-08 the annual budget for NSG was just Rs 159 crore and in 2008-09 it became Rs 158 crore. Now just see the difference. Both the figures are for the same time being. But when it came for the security of the politicians then the amount was increased. And when it came for the security of the nation then the budget was decreased. Why its always with the public only? Why can't be it done with the politicians? There are many politicians who don't have much threat to their lives but still they are having the X category security. Until and unless the people of India are not awakened till then the politicians will be having this advantage and they will have this unwanted advantage also? And till then there will be more incidences like what happened in Mumbai in Taj, Oberoi and Nariman house. At that time, we will be requiring more NSG commandos. But unfortunately, at that time, one fourth commandos will be engaged in providing security to the politicians.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 49

There are many sad things going on in our country. First it was a serial blast in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. Then it was in Assam. Now it turned to be Mumbai's chance of terror attack. And the attack on Mumbai has revealed many drawbacks. The easy entry of terrorists in Mumbai has showed that how unsafe our sea coasta are. The terrorists easily slipped in our country through the water front due to the difference of cooperation between Navy, Coast Guard and Coastal police. If there would have been a better coordination between them they we were not been able to see the terrorist attack on Mumbai. And right now there is anger against the politicians all over the list. Many people are thinking that its against the Congress led government at the centre. That's true. Under this government in last 6 months, 64 blasts has taken place across the country. The leaders all over the country are having Z and Z+ security for them round the clock but what about the security of the common man? And it was a really good act by Mr Unnikrishnan, father of the gallant officer Sandeep Unnikrishnan, shut the door of his house on the face of the Kerala CM V S Achuthanandan. This is a perfect example of showing the anger of people against the politicians. Now its time of the wake up for the people of India. Now we have to think about our own future. This leaders has always used us for their personal gains. They are not bothered about the common man. If they would have been worried about the common man then there would not have been so many terrorists activities in our country in the last 6 months or a year. And this terrorists are not only damaging the buildings and are killing the innocent people. They are hampering our economy also. Roughly Indian economy has lost Rs 50,000 Crores and $20 billions loss in Forex, during the time period of the terrorist seige. And now this money will be recovered from the common man in the form of taxes. But the politicians can't do anything in this direction. Instead of collecting the money in the form of taxes, the MPs can reduce their pay scale and can give up all the amenities they are getting. But they will not do this because they are now used to all the things for free like free electricity, free railway saloons, and many more amenities. And the Z and Z+ security which they are getting are also a burden on the people of India. And these security teams are consuming the police force also. If the number of security guards is reduced then the strength of the police force will increase. Then this increased force can be used for more vigilance on the streets so that there will be no more terrorists attack. And its the time to get united against the politicians and to change the face of India.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 48

Last night, I got a messege on my cell. It goes like this: "Where is Raj Thackeray and his'brave' Sena? Tell him that 200 NSG Commandos from Delhi (NO marathi manoos! All South & North Indians!) have been sent 2 Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully. Pls fwd ths so tht it finally reaches th coward bully!" This was send to me from an old friend of mine. The main thing about this message which I liked the most was that this is a hard slap on Raj Thakeray's face. He has been dividing the country on the basis of language and region. This is to be observed that none of the commandos who were fighting terrorists in Mumbai were from Maharashtra. Not a single one of them. But still they fought bravely because Mumbai is part of their country. But the politicians like Raj Thackeray are not understanding this. Instead of uniting the whole country, fellows like Raj Thackeray are dividing the country. The leaders like Raj Thackeray are doing the same thing which the terrorists are doing. And this list is very long. The only difference between the leaders like Raj Thackeray and the terrorists is that Raj Thackeray is dividing the country openly and the terrorists are dividing the country by having mask on their faces. And the difference between Raj Thackeray and the terrorists is that the terrorists can be killed in encounters but this can't be done with Raj Thackeray. And there are few more examples. None of us has forgotten the blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi during Dussharra and Diwali. The intllegnce agencies pointed their finger towards the SIMI. The agencies said that SIMI is responsible for the blasts in these places. And its sad to remember that few key ministers of the current central government highly advocated that the ban on SIMI should be lifted. Lalu Prasad Yadav was one of them. He highly advocated for the abolishing the ban on SIMI. And just after the Supreme Court lifted the ban we saw the blasts in these places which led to the death of so many innocent people. Now who is responsible for these blasts? Who encouraged these people to do all these things? Its our politicians who are more worried about their vote banks and their personal politics rather than in the development of the country. Due to this mentality only the terrorists are spreading terror in our country. Now the time has come that some action should be taken. The leaders who divide our country should be arrested and they should face the trial under the criminal law. It shouldn't be think for one instance that that politician is very big or he is holding a very high office. No leader or office is much higher than the country. And the culprit leaders should be awarded the toughest punishment. Preferly the capital punishment for breaking the country. And the second thing is that the NSG must be given more and more power. They can raid any premises when they get the information that the terrorists are hiding there. And the media should be kept away from the place of action. There are some changes to be made to save the country. The message should go clearly that the NSG and the commandos in India are not weak. If the terrorists are coming to India to disrupt the peace in India then they are going to be killed. The change is necessary to save the country. Its enough to hear the news of dying so many people in the bomb blasts and other things. Now the time has come to show all the terrorists groups and the country giving support to these terrorists groups that India is no longer their favorite target. If they are coming here to spread the terrorism then take this granted that they are going to hell after being killed here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 47

It took 60 hours to evacuate Hotel Oberoi, Nariman House and Hotel Taj from the terrorists, coming from Pakistan. All of them were in their early twenties. This has proved that for all the terrorists attacks in India, who is providing weapons, ammunations and safe guard to these bloddy terrorists. But still we can't do anything for the safety of our country. The current ruling party at the centre is showing too much liberal face to the world and its the common man who is paying for all these mistakes. Now the important question is that why we are treating these terrorists with soft corner in our hearts? Why the master mind and the main accused of the Parliament attack, Afzal Guru is alive? Supreme court has given capital punishment then why the government is taking such a long time to execute that order? These terrorists has no religion at all. So the central government has to throw the relegious spects which it is having on its eyes. Sometimes I wounder that why the central government is taking so much time in that? Is it waiting for another plane full of civilians to be hijacked again? These terrorists are very well aware of the fact that they can do whatever they can just by hijacking civilians. And for the sake of safety of those innocent people, the government is always bending before them. But now, we have to wake up. Its time to show these bloddy terrorists that there game is over now. The security forces has to take tough decisions. According to the government, 370 people have died in the rescue operation in Hotel Oberoi, Nariman House and Hotel Taj. This is the price which we are paying now for the mistakes we did in the past and I don't know how long we will be paying the cost in the form of innocent people's lives. The government should give free hand to the security forces and the commandos of NSG. And there should be fast trial for all the arrested terrorists and there should be no less punishment other than capital punishment and that too with speedy execution. And on the diplomatic front also we need to have a strong government which can pressurise the Pakistan to stop sending the terrorists. Or Indian government should do like the America did on Afghanistan in the name of 'War against terrorism'. Until and unless few hard steps are not been taken, the terrorist activities in India will never come to an end.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 46

Yesterday I wrote about the brain drain from India. And this is the fact that the people who are working in the western countries are not ready to accept that they are not happy there. Actually their minds are set that they are getting more money there. But they are thinking that just because they are getting more money when they are converting that amount in the Indian currency. Indeed then they will get more value of their earned money in India because of the different exchange ratios. But they are forgetting this also that the companies in which they are working are using them as a cheap labours. Nothing more than that. And the Indians are also not going to quit just because of the more value of the currency they are earning. But I still say that the amount of work they are doing there can be done in India also. And there are many scientists are working in the developed country to make them more developed but those scientists are not bothered about the development of India. Same thing is there for the every sector. Sometimes I think that its just like you are paying the electricity bill of the bulb which you have buy for yourself but the bulb is giving its light to someone's house. This is not fair. In the same way, it's not fair that India is cultivating engineenears, doctors, scientists but all of them are using their talent and their brain to make developed nations more developed and leaving India empty handed. Still I would like to say that much work is there in India. Money is not so much important thing. It is a motivational force to do any work. But still beside that you need to have a environment where you can feel you are safe and stable. And that's not possible in any foreign country. One day your work permit will expire in that country and then you will be thrown out of that country. You have to come back to India. In the end of the day, it will be your own people who will be with you in your bad time. Actually, this is the thing which is happening all over the world. So, its better to come back to India with pride instead of being kicked out from any foreing country.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 45

I know that I am not writing daily as I have promised. And I am writing today after a gap of 3 long days. But I am back now. Actually I was busy in thinking about few things which I have come across. Few days back, I was chatting with one of friends. He is working in US. Actually he is been there for the last 4 years. And suddenly our chat drifted to brain drain. There are many Indians who have gone to abroad after their B. Tech or BE degree. Few have gone there after their MBA degree. Now they are not ready to come back. Their thought is that now our life is set. We don't want to go back to India. We can earn more money here also. But they are not thinking that it was in India they have completed their study. Whatever they are today, its just because of their upbringing in India. And suddenly they are having no attachement to the place where they are born. They might be earning more money. But money is not the thing which you will need all the time. You many have the money of the whole world but you are not having your dear ones with you then what is the use of that money? And the position you are at present is all due to your education which you have learned in India. The place where you are born is now nothing to you. Many of the Indians who have gone abroad especially to the western countries are now applying for the citizenship of that country. But those people are forgetting that the country which is using their talent and sucking out their constructive ideas can never be their homeland. That country will always be a foreign land to them. They, themselves, will be treated as foreigners in that country. The place which is not ready to accept you so easily can't think anything better for you. And when it will come for the sake of the native citizens of that country then the people who have shifted there will be thrown out of that country. And the maximum number will be that of Indians only. But the Indians are not realising this. Many are there still in India, who wants to go to western countries. But one day these people will be kicked out of that country, then they will not have anywhere to go other than India. But that day, it will be very shameful for them to be thrown like that. And who says that you can't have a good job in India itself. And it's not necessary that you have to ask for job. Instead of that a person having MBA degree or who has some ambition to do something big, can start new business of their own. They can create employement in India itself. This will lead to the progress of India. And then only India will be called a developed country instead of a developing country. Its really sad to see that even 60 years of independence India is still a developing country. And its all due to the fact that the bright minds are going to foreign countries and making those countries more developed and not bothering about making India a developed country. A place where they are born, they played, they learned and now left the place which need them to progress. Its like deserting your mother when she needs you the most.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 44

I was reading an article about an recruitments of few companies. It was an article on the net in which it was the less intake of people in big corporate houses. Due to the global countdown, the coporate houses are now taking this measure to maitain their balance sheets. They don't want to increase the load on their balance sheets as there is not much income as compared with the expenditure. And today, I read in the newspaper about the possible bankruptcy of General Motors. And this is going to effect the people who were working in these companies. But the main issue is how to create a new scenario in which this problem will be solved. If this global downfall continues to go on like this then it will be a dangerous thing. But there is a good thing amongst the people who were working in the corporate houses. Most of them are MBA graduates. They have the knowlede of hos to expand a business. And if they can do for someone else then why can't they do it for themselves? And they have got experience also under their belts. They have the theoritical as well as practical knowledge about the whole minute details of the business. But the main thing is the Capital. For any business, a person needs money. And there are few conventitional sources of getting money for the business. But all of them are hit badly by this current downfall. Share market, banks, financial intitutions and indiviuals are the main ways of creating finance for any business. But here I want to say that a small business can be opened with little amount of money. And after that, the hard work is going to repay for that. No one was knowing that a group of seven people who have decided to start a business in the software industry in 1993 in India will become a big company. Even none of those seven people have dreamnt that one day, their company will be giving job to so many people. But today, its a reality. And all has become possible due to the thinking of those seven people led by Mr Narayan Murty. Today all of us know that company as Infosys. And I don't think that I have to tell anything more about this company in further detail. All of us know that what is the status of Infosys. It was a time that only a fraction of India's population was know about computers and a fraction of that population was using computers. But still, the company has flourished. So, this can happen today also. Today also a person can start a business on his own. And the hard work done in the proper direction, or rather say in the constructive direction, is never wasted. I think this is the case with almost all the big corporate houses which we are seeing today. So, this global economic downfall can be made to go up when we start working. Its not going to happen like we will work after the marke goes up. But why to wait for someone else to work to make the market go up while we sit ideally doing nothing. We can make some profit while making the market go up. This can be done atleast. And I think that working something is better than doing nothing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 43

It is fixed rule that third Sunday of November of every year, CAT exams will be conducted. And every year, the number of applications is increasing. All of the applicants wants to have their MBA from IIMs. From the last decade, the trend of going into the management side has increased manifold. Now it has become a new trend that after graduation of you are not having a MBA degree then the chances of having a decent job is almost nil. To be in the modern trend you have to be a MBA graduate now. If you are not a MBA graduate then you have not achieved something special in your life. And in the current scenario, the general talk is the number of applicants giving the CAT exam. By the current scenario, I mean the downfall in the global market, many people are thinking that the current downfall is going to affect the present CAT exam. They will have difficulty in the recruitement. But those people are talking about the present situation in which there are many scrutiny in the jobs. The companies are firing more than they are hiring. And this is not only with the Indain companies. This is happening all over the world. But they are forgetting that by the time, the successful candidates being selected this year to do MBA from the prestigious IIMs, the economic scenario of the world economy will be different from what it is today. And I am hopeful that it will be much better position than it is today. This downfall is not going to stay for a long time. But this is not the thing which I want to discuss. This is mearly a diversion of the main topic. Now the scene is like if you are having MBA degree under your belt, then the big corporate house are going to hire you. And I was thinking that why the people are becoming crazy about doing MBA? Is it just because of the high perks which the corporate houses are giving? Or is it a trend following that the boy or the girl next door has done MBA then I should also do that? What are the other aspects of joining the management side or studying MBA? And honestly speaking, I am not getting any answer to any of the above questions and particularly of the last one. If you have the answer then please let me know the answer of that.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 42

Yesterday, I read a news article in the newspaper about a gay couple from Israel. They have got a baby from surrogancy. A female from India has become surrogatted mother of their child. I think this is going against the law of the nature. A male and a female are required to start a new process of giving birth to a child and their role is very important in the upbringing of a child. Now the child which they have adopted will have negative impact. The child will see the world around him. When he will go to school then he will see that the children of his class are having a mother and a father. But he is having two males in is house. In my view that is going to have negative impact on his mind. He will always see gay sex in his house and will go in that direction only. In my view, this is not the right thing. It has to be always a male and a female living together and then giving birth to the child. I think that Gay or Lesbian things are totally against the law of nature and these things should be banned totally across the globe. Going against the law of nature is totally wrong. And one day this is going to destroy the whole world.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 41

Sometimes I think that what would be the condition of this world when there was no emotions in humans? No love, no hate, no anger, no fear? Then I wonder that in that condition there would have been no difference between man and machine. Both would have been same in terms of emotions. If there would have no wars or battles fought. And then there would have been no need to make nuclear weapons and no need of maintaining huge armies. No boundaries between conturies. Then there would have been no wars on the basis of language also. But this is just the imaginations. Today's world is not like this. Every country is spending more and more to maintain their armies and there are so many disputes over everything. I have never seen such hatrate amongst animals. We use to say that we, humans, are the best creature. Sometimes I think that where are the good qualities of humans now? Why can't we have a world where there will be love only. No place for nuclear weapons and armies.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 40

Sometimes I think that what is there which differentiate between a living body and a dead body? What are the parameters to define this? Because all the things are present in both the bodies. The same anatomical things are there. But then also we say that one is dead and one is alive. Is it on the basis of response of our calls or the rate at which one takes breath in and breath out? Today medical science has make such a tremendous development but still it can't answer this question. And what is the basis on which we can say that yes, the human being is the best creation of god? Its totally a another debatable thing that whether god exists or not? According to few people there is nothing called god and for few people god is there. My question is not that. My question is that what is life and how can we can that human being is the best creation on the entire earth? How can we say that the humans are the best creatures on the entire planet? Its we, the humans, who are making this earth pollutted. We humans are making waepons of destructions and are creating new technologies which can be used for the destruction of the whole world. We hae created boundaries of the coutries on papers, on lands and on the hearts of the people. We have divided the earth and still we are saying that we are the best creature on this earth. We have made rules and regulations to differentiate more and more amongst the people. There is nothing called boudaries and rules for animals and birds. They are more free than we humans. They can go anywhere they can and that too without any restrictions. But restrictions are only for humans. There is nothing like trespassing for animals but for humans a lot of rules and regulations are there. And now the human has become so much greedy that it is going inside the jungles also. Now the encrochment has began in the lands of animals and that's creating imbalance in the eco system. But the human is more concerned about the present than the future. Human is toatlly blinded by the money. So with so many drawbacks how can we say that we humans are the best creation on this earth? Today humans are taking life of another human. Is this called the development of human being? I don't think that this is the development. Sometimes, I think that the animals are more civilised and they have more love amongst each other.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 39

Today I was watching 'Taare Zameen Par' on my computer. I would say that it's really heart touching movie. And a very realistic movie also. In this movie its nicely been depicted that how parents impose their will on their children. And what happens when the child is not able to come up to their expectations. But I would like to say that it's all the fault of parents only. Its not like I am influenced by the movie and I am saying this. The view which I am going to say was there even before this movie was released. And I have found that my view is partially shown in this movie. In this modern age, parents don't have much time for their children. Both the parents are working and they are much interested in making money than giving time for their children. Of course they will say that they are doing all these things for the safe future of their children only but this is not the safety of the future. How can you imagine a safe future when the present is not good? If you don't have time to make the present secure then how can you make the future secure? The time when the child needs his or her parents, they are busy in meetings and all the other things. They have money for their children but don't have time for them. And this is the reason when a child began to lack. But instead of understanding where the child is lagging and what's the real problem, parents engage private tutors for the children or send the child to a boarding school. And then the child began to develop a mantality that he is not good in studies and he thinks that he is not like all the normal kids of his age. This develops a negative feeling only and this is not good for a proper upbringing. So in my view, a child should have some emotional support along with money and love. Parents should see that what is the problem their kid is facing? It's not sure or neccessaary that a parent has put their child to a very reputed school and their duty is over. The teachers will take good care in the school. But this don't happens everytime and with everyone. Its not like that its the sole duty of teachers in the school to create a intelligent kid. It has to be equal effort of teachers and parents. A child is very much emotionally attached to his or her parents rather than a teacher. So, for the proper upbringing of a child, the parents should pay some more attention. After all, its the question of their children.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 38

Today I am confused about what to write? There are many things to write about on the current affairs, happening around the globe. But there are two things about which the people around the globe are talking about. First one is the global financial downfall and the second one is about Barack Obama, President-elect of United States. USA is the source of both the things. The global slowdown has originated from the America itself. Nobody was knowing that the small problem in the American economy will take such a huge form. The bankrupcy of major financial firms of US has created such a turnmoil for the whole world that the world economy has fallen down. We can say that the world economy has become sick by the sneeze of American economy. The government of many countries are now bailing out their corporate sectors. After all, its the corporate sector only which is generating the majority of the revenue of any country with not much people engaged in that as compare to the traditional business like agriculture. And the second most talked about topic is about Barack Obama. He is the man who has changed the world history forever. No one had ever dreamt about a black man to be in the White House. Whatever he is doing or whatever he is saying is been closely watched by the media. Everyone in the media is crazy about him right now. But I would like to say that Barack Obama has shown a path that one can achieve the most unthikable thing also if you are detremined to go ahead on your path. He is also an example of what we have always seen in every successful personalities of the world. He has also had a troubled childhood and teeneage. But after graduating, he get himself engaged in social activities. At that time, he couldn't evre have dreamt that one day he will be residing in the most powerful house in the world.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 37

In the modern time when we are having every means of communication, we are drifting apart from each other. Today we have cell phones in our hands but don't want to call old friends. We have mails but don't said mail to each other. In this very age of growing fast, we are breaking ties with past. Why this is happening? Why are we going away from our own ones? We have made our life just like a train which runs on a single track and in a one way drive. Money has become the driver of our life. All the relations are changing now. Its sad to see that the person with whom you have a true friendship is forgetting you. Your mind says that leave that person who doesn't cares about you but in your heart you really care for that person. So why is it so that we are not in touch with old friends? I have found that the general excuse of not being in contact or in touch with the friends is that "was busy in work." Now I want to ask a question. Are you spending 24 hours in your office? Is your boss stopping you to call your friends? Or is it in any agreement that you don't have to be in touch with your friends after joining a company? Why are we making our lives so much shrikable?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 36

Today is the last day when Saurav Ganguly will be seen on the field playing for India. And this will bring an end to an era. Saurav was a man who was always there to play for the India. His one positive thing which I liked most was the Never-to-say-die spirit. Whatever the situation was there Saurav was there to fight. And under his capataincy, India defeated Australia in the Test series in 2000. And after Kapil Dev, Saurav lead the Indian cricket team to the finals of the World Cup. But unfortunately, we lost that final. He has seen many ups and downs in his cricket career. When Greg Chappel was the coach then it was really a bad time for Saurav. He lost his captaincy during that period as well as the place from the Indian cricket team. After sometime of that Saurav proved that he has the world class cricket left in him and again he came back with much more passion and energy. And how one forget Saurav's reaction in the Natwest series in 2002 at the Lord? He was waiving his shirt after having victory at the Lord's balcony. And in 2001, he made Steve Waugh wait for him to come for the toss. There are many things related to him but now all the things are a thing of past. We will never see him again on the field playing for India. Called as the 'Maharaja' by all his fans and team mates, he really ruled the cricket time while playing.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 35

I am confused about the writing again. Very often, its happening that I am getting no ideas to write anything on the blog. But anyhow I have to write again. Now I don't want this emptyness to become the reason for not writing. Because once the rhythm and the continuity is broken then its very tough to write again. Actually this is the main reason today with me that I am not getting any idea to write today. Today I was watching a clip on YouTube. It was an interview of Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman of Bharti Group. This man has gone up from the roots with no short cut. He started his business carrer by making bicycle cranshaft. And now we all know who is he and what is his position? I must say that he has got this position by dedicated hardwork and luck. There are many people who don't believe in luck but its reality that you need a bit of luck with you in every work. And along with luck you need not only hardwork but dedicated hardwork. There is a lot of difference between hard work and dedicated hard work. To reach a top position you need dedicated hard work. A farmer in the field and a laborour at a construction site or a mill worker working some mill are doing very much hard work but none of them reach to the top position. Because they are doin just the hard work and not the dedicated hard work. Well Sunil Bharti Mittal has talked a lot about the business. How he started his business then what were the obstacles in his ways and what were the turning points of his business career? And the whole interview is worth watching and it generates a sense of new energy in the mind of those who want to start some business of their own. In my view it helps a lot in understanding about the basic rules of the business. The persons sitting at the top of a business house have a lot of experience with them. And whatever they have achieved is by the practical knowledge. This can't be obtained by theoritical knowledge only. And the dedicated hard work is the main thing which we can do. In the starting I have talked about luck and dedicated hard work. But out of these two things we have dedicated hardwork with us. Luck plays a crucial role also. Because some time in spite of having dedicated hard work a man didn't get the desired result. And with the dedicated hard work I mean a proper planning, labour and the tactical knowledge to handle the tough situations which can come in the way. Business is the sector which is highly risky. No body knows that what is going to happen tomorrow. So do the ur job honestly and with dedication and let the luck do its work for you. That was the thing I have noticed in the interview of Sunil Bharti Mittal. And I think this is the case happened with him. He just had to borrow $1500 to start his business and now his company is worth $5 billion. And there are many more examples in front of us. And all of the persons who have reached the top position from the root level has the same thing in them. Dedicated hardwork and luck. And they have reached the stars.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 34

Its nice to write again after a long time. My last posting was on October 28. And its nice to do work which you like most. Just like writing post on the blog is one of my favorite work. Hope so that this work coninues without break now. Now a days, in every newspaper I am reading about the newly elected President of United States of America. Everywhere only Barack Obama is there. His new policies is going to affect the whole world as the slowdown in the US economy has effected the economy of the whole world. Really now it seems that America is driving the whole world at its pleasure. All the people across the globe are talking about the relationship of Barack Obama and his policies. But one thing I have observed in his speech after he got elected. I was watching a news channel and was really impressed by the manner in which he spoked. He has proved that the world is changing and its time to have a new era of everything. He has proved that a black man can be the president of a country where the black people were nothing more than slaves and they were not even treated as human beings. And while giving speech, he really stressed on the word 'United' whenever he spoked United States of America. His election to the post of the president is the sign that if the country is really united then they can make the impossible thing possible. No one in the entire world would have dreamt that a black person will be the president of America. But there are few people who thing just reverse of Barack Obama. In India, there is a man who is giving stress on the word 'Divided'. Yes, the name of that person is Raj Thackeray, president of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. Both are the presidents but there work is totally different. One is showing that a man facing difficulties through out his life has achieved the top most position and another one is showing that how a person can divide the country on the basis of language. Raj Thackeray is a mad person. There is not much difference between Raj Thackeray and a terrorist. A terrorist is doing all the killing by hiding and Raj Thackeray is doing all these openly and the saddest thing is that the government is not doing anything to stop him. He creating all the stir as if there is no one to stop him. He is more dangerous than a terrorist and the terrorist should be killed in police encounter. At least the country will not be divided on the basis of language, culture, caste and creed. Its time for the state government to act now. State government of Maharashtra should arrest Raj Thackeray and confine him in a solitary cell or should be killed in an encounter like a criminal. He should be stopped from spreading hatred amongst Indians. This will be an example before all those who think that they are above the law and are thinking to create imbalance in the peace of this country, that no one is above the law and what should be their result if they want to divide the country for the selfish political objectives.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 33

Deepawali or Diwali is the festival of lights. All of us are aware of the mythological story related to the festival of Diwali. Well we all are celebrating this festival since our childhood. But its becoming monotonous now. Every year we are celebrating this in the same old fashion style. Decorating the house, then lighting with candles and crackers. Overall its the same thing repeating itself again and again. We wish our relatives and our friends that prosperity and happiness will come in their way. But what about those people who are really are in need of help. There are many people who are not able to enjpy diwali like us. They spending their life below the poverty line. They don't have money to buy candles for their house, they don't have money to buy grocery to make delicious food, they don't have money to buy crackers. Can't we do something for them? Its not necessary to wait for some NGOs to come forward all the time. We can make our own group and can go to spread happiness for the under priviledge people. Goddess Lakshmi resides there were happiness is present all over the place. Is it right to see that one part of the city or the colony is glowing with different types of light, many delicious foods are being cooked and fireworks is there. And at the other part there is darkness, there is nothing to cook and there is not a single lamp is glowing. When will this difference be removed? That day we will have a real happy and prosperous Diwali.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 32

Which relationship you think is the most important one in your life? The relationship with your parents, relationship with your friends, relationshiop with your love, relationship with your love, relationship with your wife, relationship with your colleagues. Which one is the important one? All the above mentioned relations are in the same order in which they comes in our life. In my view all the relations are important ones. Actually, in my view, they are not the relationships. All the above named relations are nothing more than just necessities. It may sound something scrap or something unheard of or unthinkable thought. You may think that what the hell I am talking about. You may also think that how can a relationship becomes necessity? Well don't be so much amazed. Well when you need someone near you to take care of you and your feelings then at that time you have your family members with you. After your family members you have another group of people, who are like minded with of yours. You share your feelings and secrets which you can't do with your family members. You go for hang outs with friends and many times you do many things in friendship. When you are in work then you have collouges with you. They again are your necessisity. You need them to be with you to complete the projects and assingments in the office. Whenever you are not satisfied with your job or you have some differences with your boss then you discuss and complaint about all this things with your collouges only. Generally, people use to meet someone of opposite sex and soon they start to think more and more about that special person. It happens nearly with all of us. Then people began to meet that person more and more. Then taht person becomes very special for you. You share your personal feelings with that person. Then gradually you decide to make that person a special oart of ur life and you want to become a special part of that person's life. And I say that this is again a need, a desire. So you can say that all the important relationships are thee to fulfill your desires and needs. No one can have all the things from one single relationship and neither by breaking any of these relationships. Each and every relationship has its own importance. No one can say that any particular relationship is not important for him or her. Maintaing a perfect balance in all these relations makes a person happy one. And whenever there is an imbalance in between these relations then the person is always restless which leads to tension and happiness. All these relations are there to satisfy your need. If you think that these relations are not your necessisties but really are the strong bond between you and your relative then think once again. That person and you are satisfing some need or desire of each other.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 31

Its really sad to read the newspaper now. The Biharis who have been beaten up in Mumbai are now damaging their home now. Burning rail coches and railway property in Bihar is not the proper way to display the anger. This anger should be directed towards the cause of all these distruptions. The studens who have come back here should have shown this anger at Mumbai itself. If the destroy is to be made then it should be not at your own home. This is not a wise and logical think to damage the goods in your house when you have been beaten up on the road. You should have shown your anger there at the road at that time. If you are damaging the goods in your home to show your anger then you are a fool. You didn't reacted at the time when the wrong was being done to you and now the time has passed you are showing your anger and that too in your home. You are creating problem for your family memebers. Same thing is with the people who have just returned from Mumbai. They should have raised their voice at that time only but they are damaging the things in Bihar itself. This is not a good thing. Infact the Biharis are the loser in this. Many Biharis are coming back to their home in this festive season. Now they are having problem in that. Many trains coming to Bihar from all over the country is now being cancelled due to the ongoing protests. So we have to act wisely now. Instead of damaging your own house, go and damage the property of the person who has done to you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 30

It's ridiculous to see that Raj Thakeray is treating like the whole Maharashtra belongs to him only. He thinks that whatever he says and whatever he do will be the rule in the Maharashtra. Due to his ideology, a innocent man from Bihar was killed when the people from his party went to disturb the ongoing exam of the Railyway Recruitment Board. Does Raj Thakeray thinks that he is above law? Does he thinks that whatever he wants to do on his will then it will be accepted? And just see the courage in this mad person. He is openly challenging the Maharashtra government that if he is arrested then the whole Maharashtra will burn. Now what the hell is this? This is the open challenge to the state government. In my view people like Raj Thackeray should be put in jail and should be awarded life imprisonment. It better the people like him should be hanged till death. Because people like him are are dividing the country on the basis of language, caste, religion and state wise. There are few politicians like Raj Thakeray who are dividing the country for their personal benefits. Raj Thakeray used to say that he is doing all the things for the people of Maharashtra but now he is threathing to burn the whole Maharashtra after being arrested. Now he is taking double standard. At one hand he is sending the north Indians out of Mumbai for the Maharashtrian only. And on the other hand he is threatning to burn the Maharashtra on his arrest. Now he is keeping himself above the state. His men will damage the public and private property of the people of Maharashtra. Any place is made more good by the construction work taken place there not by the destruction. Now Raj Thackeray wants to destroy the Maharashtra for his personal safety. This is very sad to see that a person is keeping himself and his personal interests above a state. People like should be killed in front of the public so that there will be lesson for those who wants to divide the country like this.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 29

Raj Thackeray and his party men are thinking that they are the king of Maharashtra. They are doing whatever they want to do and there is no one is there to stop them. Raj Thackeray is giving statements against the Bachchan family. I don't understand that what are his thinking? These type of people creates imbalance in the country. But beating up north Indians and by creating scenes like this they are thinking that they have done a big thing. But Raj Thackerey is forgetting that he is creating hatred for all the Maharashtrians who are living outside Maharashtra. And what is the use of creating the forces for this hatrate? Does Raj wants to divide the whole country on the basis of language or region? Even his uncle, Bal Thackeray was doing the same thing with the south Indians. All these things are dividing the whole country. Raj is targetting the people of Bihar and UP for having some political gains. He just wants to have the media camera focussed on his face and he can come in limelight always. Then he wants to become popular in the whole country. But one thing he is forgetting that he is also doing the same thing which the cross-border terrorists are doing. The only difference is that the terrorists are doing all these things in hidding and Raj Thakeray and his men are doing these in open. Terrorists are having masks on their faces and Raj Thackeray is doing this in his white collar uniform. I wonder that what the state government of Maharashtra is doing? It is just watching all the drama by sitting silently. Instead of taking any action against them, the Maharashtra government is not even saying a single word. The government is keeping mum. If Raj and his men are not stopped now then they will do some more things which will give the bad name to the whole Maharashtra. Raj and his men are doing for mere their publicity. This is not for the common man of Maharashtra. What was Raj Thackeray and his men were doing when the farmers in Maharashtra were comminting suicide? They were not there. Now all the things are done for publicity and to make strong base in the Maharashtra. Actually I think that Raj Thacekray is doing all this things to become a big leader than his uncle. He wants to have the same position and the same support from the mass which his uncle is having. So for the family fight, he is using this path of regionalism. To drive out the people from other states from Maharashtra and to demand the job for the Maharashtrians in the state government. This is not for the so called son-of-the-soil policy but to become the first political family in the Maharashtra.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 28

In the year 1989, a little star was born in the Indian Cricket. By his shots and playing style very soon he became favorite of all the Indians. Today his image is much bigger than his height. We know him by the name SACHIN TENDULKAR. Tendulkar is the man who has been always a centrestage of attraction for all the Indians whenever he is standing at the pitch. Now he has become the highest scorer in the Test matches. He is already the highest scorer in One Day matches. Tendulkar has been the match winner for India in countless matches. Few people know the fact that Tendulkar is the man who plays not for himself or for making records. He plays for India and his team. He gets hurt very much when India lose any match. It dosen't matter that whether he scored century in that match. He always motivates others to play well. And he is the god, idol, inspirer and whatever you want to name it, for the cricketers in India. Every young cricketer wants to become Sachin Tendulkar. Everyone prays and wish that he stays there at the pitch till the end of the inning when Sachin is batting. And all wants him to knock every ball which he plays beyond the boundary line. And he has played every bowler with ease whether it is fast delivery of Shohaib Akhtar or the delivery of Sharne Warne. Even late Sir Don Bradman once said that he likes the batting style of Sachin Tendulkar very much. After breaking the record of Brian Lara in Test Matches, Tendulkar has showed that still he wants to play more cricket in coming time. I wish that he continues to play like this for a couple of more years. It is hard to believe that he has spend 19 years in cricket. It seems that still a lot of cricket is left in him. May Sachin rocks likes this more in the coming time.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...