Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 134

Relationship. This word has different meanings according to the need of human being. But why is it necessary to make relationship? What’s the importance of relationship in our life? After thinking a lot, I have got few answers to these questions. Well, you can say that I took so much time in searching and thinking about these two questions. You might think that I’m a bit crazy. But you ask the same question to yourself also. I think you will get some answer. Well, I’m going to discuss the answers which I got with you people.

Well any type of relationship is necessary for a human being. A human being can’t stay alone. A human needs company to share his emotions with other human being. According to me, relationship makes life beautiful, comfortable, peaceful and happy. It might sound something abstract to you. But this is the fact which I have observed. We get comfort, peace and happiness when we are with friends, family members and with someone who is dear to us. And if someone is getting all these things then his or her life automatically becomes beautiful. Just test it for few days like I did. You will feel the same as I did.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 133

Today is Deepawali. I would like to wish a Prosperous and Happy Deepawali to all my readers.
May this Deepawali brings peace, harmony and prosperity in everyone's life. Once again HAPPY DEEPAWALI to all of you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 132

Sometimes, it really hurts to see the happening around you. I know that for the last fortnight, I was silent. But I was preparing myself. Actually, I was in dilema that whether should I write it or not? Finally, I decided to share this with you people. Well, I'm talking about the corrupt practice of the government employees. Well, I was reeading newspaper couple of weeks back. I was shocked to read an article in which the corrupt practice was reported by the government officials. Those government officials were attached were attached to NREGS. They took the money of the labourers into their own pocket. This is something which is really disgusting. This is the level of honesty in the government employees. They are getting handsome salary from the government. They are well off to take care of their needs and the needs of their families. But still they are taking money of those who are below the poverty line. The people who hardly manage to get two square meals in a day, are been cheated by these corrupt people. There is another case of corruption in another public sector unit. An officer at the post of Engineer in a public sector unit. That person is doing corrupt practice in spite of drawing handsoe salary from the government. Some labourers were called to do some work in an office of a public sector unit. The minimum fixed wage per day for that work is Rs 300. But at the time of payment, that officer gave only Rs 250 to those illiterate labourers. It really provokes the anger that these corrupt practices by those people who are financially strong.
And to some extend, they are been guarded by the departmental proceedings also. They can only be suspended if they are caught. If they are caught. Otherwise they are free to do their corrupt practices. And if they are suspended, then also they are eligible to withdraw half of their salaries. And once they are inducted again then they will get the half salary of their suspension tenure as arrears. What the hell is this? The ministers and leaders only give long speeches to eradicate corruption form our country. But they are not taking any action to eradicate it. Now its time to change the law also. Instead of suspending the corrupt officers when they are caught, they should be terminated from the service and should be put behind the bars. There should be no bail granted to them on any condition. Time has come to take some harsh steps and decisions. Otherwise, the system is not going to change by mere speeches and assurances. It's the time for some action.

Day 430

Today, final counting of votes is going on in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. At both the states, the fight is tight between Congress and BJ...