Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 108

I know that it’s been four days that I posted my last post. I was having some work. Well again I am here with the same topic. Voting. Well, in India, someone who turns 18 thinks himself or herself to be an adult. A mature person. After turning 18, all of us apply for the driving license for cars, bikes. We apply for passport and everything which an adult get according to the Indian constitution. But we forget about the basic duty and our responsibility which comes to us when we turn 18. Voting rights. It’s not only a right but it’s our duty. Many of youngsters in India do have a driving licence, but they don’t have a voter id card. That’s very shameful. They are not Indians after all. If they think that they are Indians then why they don’t have a voter id card which is identity of their own. The youth wants everything to be given to it but don’t want to vote for the right person for the right government. They just migrate from this basic duty. Actually many Indians have this migratory tendency. They generally say that their vote is not going to make any affect. But I want to say that their vote does matters. I want to tell those people who are not going to vote this time just because their last representative hasn’t done any good work then just vote against him. This will defeat him and then you will get a pleasure of defeating him because he didn’t do any good work in your area. Do you want to lose this opportunity of having this pleasure? If yes, then you are then you’re a morally dead man. So its time to get up and do the duty which comes to us when we turn 18. When you expect to get all the advantages on turning 18 then you should do some basic duties also. And it’s easy to blame the wrong system. Now the time has come to change the system. So just go to the polling booth and vote.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 107

After the second phase of the election, there is not so much encouraging outcome coming out. The turnover of the voters has gone down. This is not a good sign. In many areas people have boycotted the election. This is the thing which is going to hamper our country’s progress again. You might be wondering that how it’s going to hamper. There is a close correlation between this. Staying away from voting means we are not patriots. We don’t care about the country and our future. We don’t want to do our duty. We just want to stay back in our home and want every thing. We are just lazy fellows. We are expert in blaming others only and don’t want to listen our faults. Boycotting the election is making the leaders strong. I know that people are boycotting the elections because they are angry on the leaders. But this boycotting is not going to harm them. The best way to show the anger is to vote against them. Vote against them in maximum number. Because none of the political parties want to loose the election or a particular seat. And with the low percentage of turnover, it will be easy for the leaders to know that who is going to win which seat. And then it becomes to make them manipulations to make the government. And again a coalition government is going to hamper the country’s progress. Because a coalition government is more concerned about their coalition partners than the country. The present UPA coalition partners are now fighting each other now. This happens just because of the low turnover of the voters. So now it’s up to us that what we want. Again want a coalition government and dark future. Or want a one party rule and a bright future. I said one party rule because if there will be a one party rule then there is no question of coalition government. And when there will be no coalition then there will be no friction between coalition allies. Then only we will be on the path of progress.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 106

I wonder that how many are aware that Indians has a right of No Vote. Rule 49 (0) gives this option of not choosing any candidate. Rule 49 (0) of 1961, says that a voter can register his vote, but not vote for any candidate. To do this, a voter has to fill a form that is available with the presiding officer. Your vote will not be counted but it will be taken in voter turnout figure. But this practise is only one drawback. This negative drawback will not have any effect in deciding the winner. But this can show your anger against the candidates from your constituency. And if all the voters practise this rule, then this can be taken seriously. And in my view, this is not a good option. It’s good only when all the candidates are not worthy. But if we will not vote then we will again be at the losing end. If all the voters of a constituency cast negative vote then it will show the anger against the parties. But it is not the solution. Repeatedly I am saying that if you are not satisfied with the last representative of your area then just vote against him. Your vote makes the difference. Because its you who is dissatisfied with him. So show your anger. On the voting day, don’t sit in your home. Go to your polling booth and cast your vote. After all, its you who is going to make your future. So you are getting chance to make it. Don’t let it go wasted.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 105

Now there is new trend taking shape. Now the voters are coming to cast their votes without any fear of terrorists and naxalites. Last year it happened during the state assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir. Now in Bihar, also people in the naxalite area are coming to the polling booths to cast their votes. This has proved that the people are now fed up of all these things. They want peace and progress in their areas. Now the time is changing. Now the demand of the time is that we have to change. Still many people are there who are not doing anything except blaming the system. I want to tell them that now its there time to change the system. You just have to vote now. To change the system, you have to change the person who is going to run the affairs of the country for the next five years. If you are not satisfied with the last representative of your area then you can vote against him. No one is going to see whom you are voting. If you will not vote then you don’t have any right to speak that the representative of your area is not good. He is not working properly. You will loose your right because you didn’t vote against him. If you really want your area to be developed then chose the right person. A person who does the development work more than the lengthy speeches. So to change your area, you have to change first.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 104

Election Commission has barred the media, both print and electronic, from telecasting anything to the people of an area where voting will take place. Election Commission has clearly stated that there will be no telecast of any type of news which will influence the people about a particular candidate. There will be no telecast about anyone 48 hours ahead of the voting. This is a step which I don’t appreciate much. We have seen the case of Abu Azmi. Money was distributed when he went to file his nomination. This was telecast by the electronic media. The media has done a good job. Now does the Election Commission want the people to be unaware of the candidates like Abu Azmi? They want us to be in the dark till we vote. I think this is not a logical decision taken by the Election Commission. This is going to help the leaders only not the common people, who will decide the next representative of their area. Is this decision of the Election Commission politically motivated?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 103

Indian politics is the place there is no retirement age also. If we look for the top leaders contesting the Lok Sabha elections then we will luminous list of people. Just think now. Our PM, Manmohan Singh is 76 years old. Sonia Gandhi is 62. L K Advani is 81.and there are many other leaders who are above 55 but still they are active. And everyone aspires to become an MP or even get a ministry of his or her choice, if the party makes the government. And it’s very common to see a lot of changing pictures during pre poll agreements and alliances. Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan were against each other. But now they are united. But after elections, again the blame game will start. Actually, there is no more option left in front of these leaders. All these leaders just want maximum number of seats in Lok Sabha and the legislative assemblies just to form the government. There is nothing much than that. And after that, instead of paying more attention to the welfare of the public, they pay more attention on the welfare of their own and their party. These politicians always make excuses that opposition parties will make hue and cry if the government do development work in their constituencies only. Actually all the politicians in India are master of making people fool. They know the art of making empty promises. And if the leader is been elected then he will not fulfil his promises. The leader will give excuses that their hands were tied due to some out of this world reasons, sometimes they will say that they couldn’t complete the development work due to un allotment of funds and a hell of other excuses. I was thinking that how long this is going to continue. Can’t these elected representatives be made accountable and responsible for all the deeds done by them? Will these things will remain promise only? Is there any law which makes these elected leaders accountable? If the law is there then why isn’t it implemented?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 102

Jarnail Singh has become current hot topic in Indian politics. He threw his show on P Chidambaram, Union Home Minister, while a press conference. He was angry on the recommendation of CBI, which has given clean chit to Jagdish Tytler, in the anti-Sikh riots of 1984. But many questions has rise from this issue. Is it correct to show your anger in the form as Jarnail Singh has done? Well, to an extend I approve this and to an extent I don’t. I don’t approve it because P Chidambaram was not the right person on whom the anger should be shown. CBI is an autonomous body which doesn’t come under the Union Home Ministry. So he was not responsible for whatever CBI has done. And I approve this because in India, the politicians have always treated themselves above the people. Politicians have always thought that they can guide the people to any direction they want. In every elections, they make a long list of promises but after getting elected they indulge themselves in their political fights with other leaders. They don’t care about their promises and the people. That’s the reason that still after 60 years of political independence, India is still a developing country. Indians who migrated to foreign countries are doing well but India is still a developing country. Still many villages in India don’t have road, electricity and water. Still many villages don’t have any primary school and dispensaries. Instead of paying attention to these things, the leaders make themselves busy in fighting in Lok Sabha and they do walk outs also. So now the people have to wake up and now the people should start asking the leaders that about every thing. People should ask for development. People should ask for good infrastructure. The elected representatives should be made accountable to the people of their constituency for every action and every thing they do.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 101

These politicians are thinking that they are above the law of India. They can do whatever they want. There is no one to stop them. They are breaking all the laws and they are thinking that they will get elected. Is it right to elect a law breaker to become a law maker? I don’t think so. If those leaders are thinking that the people of their constituency are fool then they are wrong. Yes, I am talking about Abu Azmi. He is a contestant from Mumbai North West constituency from BSP. He is treating and considering himself above the law. While he was filing his nomination to the area returning officer, his brother was distributing money among people. This is clearly violation of the code of conduct. And when the Director General of Police of Maharashtra summoned him to explain this then the statement given by Abu Azmi was that he will not go to meet the DGP and then he said that even if the father of DGP will call him then also he will not go. Now this is the standard of these politicians. First of all, they will break the rule and then they will treat that they are above the law. And with this mentality and attitude he wants to get elected to the Lok Sabha. He is so shameless person that in spite of apologising he is challenging the police. This type of politicians should be arrested and then their nomination should be cancelled with immediate effect. I just wonder that how is he walking freely? And suppose that he contest the election, and then definitely he is going to lose the election. The voters are now aware. They know what is right and what is wrong.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 100

Today, I’m writing my 100th post. I know that I am not writing continuously. The frequency is going down but still completing a milestone always gives happiness. And that too on the auspicious day of RAM Navami, the birthday of Lord RAM. So it’s a cause of double happiness. So let me wish all of you a happy Ram Navami. Today I was in mood to write something about the elections and your voting rights. Actually we, the people, are taking double standards. Yes, we do it. When it comes to the sector of food, clothes, homes, films, grocery, schools, colleges, careers to pursue, we choose the best. We want the best things for us. We don’t want any compromise on these things. But when it comes to the question of our country, then we simply sit at the home. We show false patriotism. I know that you might not agree with me. And some of you might be getting angry on you. But it’s true. If you all are true patriotic then what you do on the voting day? How many of you go to cast your vote on Election Day? If you want best school, college, best job for your self then why don’t the best government for yourself? It’s not necessary that you should vote a person who was your representative in the last Lok Sabha. If he or she hasn’t done anything good then don’t vote for him or her. We, Indians, feel proud of our self that we are emerging a super power and a strong economy in the country. Then we have to choose good government for our self. And one vote can make the difference. So, just come out of the mentality that one vote of yours is not going to change the system. The system is not going to get changed by itself. We have to change it. You and I. And for that, we have to remove our laziness and come out together. So don’t let your voting right get wasted this time. Its our country. We have to change it. If we will not do it then do we expect someone else to come from America or England to change it? Just think about it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 99

Shiv Sena is helping the terrorists who are attacking India. Shiv Sena workers attacked the house of Mrs Anjali Baghmare. As its result, she has taken the decision of taking her name out of the Kasab case. Shiv Sena is not a patriotic political organisation as it claims. If it is a patriotic political organisation, then why did it do like that? It simply means that the Shiv Sena doesn’t wants to have Kasab any punishment from the court. And indirectly it is helping the terrorist’s organisations who are working against India. I am not a legal expert but I know that there can’t be any trial in any court in India. And if an accused is unable to hire a lawyer for the defence then the court arrange a lawyer for him. The same thing has happened in the case of Kasab. But instead of seeing Kasab getting punishment in the court, Shiv Sena is helping him in this manner which it did with Mrs Anjali Baghmare. Most of the people think that Shiv Sena has done this for the publicity but this is not for the publicity. It is something else. Why Shiv Sena is attacking on the house of the lawyers who are going to defend Kasab? Why Shiv Sena doesn’t want to have any trial in his case? What are the real intentions of Shiv Sena regarding Kasab? And most importantly, why Shiv Sena is trying to save Kasab?

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...