Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 352

I know I have been quiet when I have to write. But I was expecting something more to come. Anyway, I’m talking about the drama of Arvind Kejriwal. He resigned from his post in just 49 days. Actually, his aim is partially fulfilled. He thought that he has got the public’s sympathy and he can do anything by going out of the order also. One thing is bothering me now. Before forming the government, he did his drama for almost a week to seek the opinion of Delhi’s public by asking them to form the government. Then why didn’t he seek the poll opinion from the same public about his resignation. He tried to pass the Lokpal bill in the Delhi legislative assembly but he didn’t have success. Then in evening he sent his resignation to the Lt Governor of Delhi. Then why didn’t he went to the Delhi’s public with the question that whether he should resign or not?
Well, he can deceive Delhi’s people with ease but he can’t deceive whole country. His intention wasn’t to govern for the full term. He wanted to have maximum publicity in minimum time, which he got. But if we talk about the ground work then Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t done much as he promised to do. All his works turned out to be fiasco. He promised to make the Delhi government’s offices free from corruption. He opened the telephone lines for the public where the public could call and can lodge complaints against the corrupt officers. About 150 or 160 complaint calls were made and about 56 or 57 cases were lodged. But action wasn’t taken till date on any complaints. He tried to have Janta Darbar at the Delhi Secretariat without proper planning and arrangement to tackle the crowd. He has to cancel his plan of holding Janta Darbar. Again he opened a helpline number for that also. It seems that he was running a call centre government where everything was done by the helpline numbers.

I think with the unexpected success in the Delhi legislative assembly, Arvind Kejriwal began to think that he can do anything, even if he has to go out of way to get his work done. But now, I think his aim was something else. He was keeping eye on the Lok Sabha instead of Lokpal Bill. Delhi’s voters gave a chance to Arvind Kejriwal to keep his promises and to bring the change from the continues Congress rule, which had been labelled with the corruption and scams. But Arvind Kejriwal is now focusing on his personal political agenda. That’s why he resigned so early just to fulfil his ambition. With two days, he released the list of candidates who will be contesting in the up coming Lok Sabha elections. This is the clear indication that his intentions were something else and he had showed something else to the general public to gain their confidence. But I don’t think that he will get his desires fulfilled. 

Day 433

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