Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 330

I know I was absent for a long time. But previously I was busy in the final term examinations of my PGDM course. A month has passed since it got over. But still, I was inactive in writing the blogs. Well, there wasn’t any particular reason except one that I was doing various works at home. Being at home, always gives pleasure to one. Actually, some renovation work is going on at my home. So, it kept me engaged for this one month. The work is still going on. I thought to spend few minutes for my blog. Even I wasn’t feeling happy that I wasn’t writing any blog in spite of being free from all the academic works.
Well, today is the first anniversary of my American trip. One year ago, I was on my way to America. But due to different time zones, I was enjoying the mid afternoon time although it was night in India. But that’s the part of international travelling. Jet lag and time zone differences are always there when you are travelling a long distance. My entire one way trip to America took around thirty hours in total. It included the flight time as well as waiting time for the connecting flights. But due to different time zones, it appeared as just twenty one hours to complete my journey. Anyway, that happens.
But one year down the memory lane, today, I’m missing those moments. While going to America, I was feeling lonely. When I reached Heathrow airport in London, then I was feeling alone. I was on international travel and that too alone. There was no one to talk with. There were many faces but all of them were strangers for me. I was going to a place where I knew no one. I wasn’t even having the contact number of the concerned persons who were supposed to be contacted in case of emergency or need. I didn’t know that who will come to receive me. But still I was on my trip. Being far from home and loneliness was making my mood down on a one hand and going to an unknown place and getting experience personally was on the other hand. Finally when I reached Columbia in South Carolina in America it was half past eleven according to their local time but it was 24th May and it was nine in the morning according to Indian Standard Time.
But today, I can say that I learned while enjoying when I was in America. I got nice support and I came to know a lot of things about their culture and their way of living. It’s not as it’s shown in the Hollywood movies. It’s totally different from that. Every city or state has its own culture and living standard. There are a lot experiences which I’m now with me. Along with that I’m having sweet memories which bring a smile on my face. 

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