Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 33

Deepawali or Diwali is the festival of lights. All of us are aware of the mythological story related to the festival of Diwali. Well we all are celebrating this festival since our childhood. But its becoming monotonous now. Every year we are celebrating this in the same old fashion style. Decorating the house, then lighting with candles and crackers. Overall its the same thing repeating itself again and again. We wish our relatives and our friends that prosperity and happiness will come in their way. But what about those people who are really are in need of help. There are many people who are not able to enjpy diwali like us. They spending their life below the poverty line. They don't have money to buy candles for their house, they don't have money to buy grocery to make delicious food, they don't have money to buy crackers. Can't we do something for them? Its not necessary to wait for some NGOs to come forward all the time. We can make our own group and can go to spread happiness for the under priviledge people. Goddess Lakshmi resides there were happiness is present all over the place. Is it right to see that one part of the city or the colony is glowing with different types of light, many delicious foods are being cooked and fireworks is there. And at the other part there is darkness, there is nothing to cook and there is not a single lamp is glowing. When will this difference be removed? That day we will have a real happy and prosperous Diwali.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 32

Which relationship you think is the most important one in your life? The relationship with your parents, relationship with your friends, relationshiop with your love, relationship with your love, relationship with your wife, relationship with your colleagues. Which one is the important one? All the above mentioned relations are in the same order in which they comes in our life. In my view all the relations are important ones. Actually, in my view, they are not the relationships. All the above named relations are nothing more than just necessities. It may sound something scrap or something unheard of or unthinkable thought. You may think that what the hell I am talking about. You may also think that how can a relationship becomes necessity? Well don't be so much amazed. Well when you need someone near you to take care of you and your feelings then at that time you have your family members with you. After your family members you have another group of people, who are like minded with of yours. You share your feelings and secrets which you can't do with your family members. You go for hang outs with friends and many times you do many things in friendship. When you are in work then you have collouges with you. They again are your necessisity. You need them to be with you to complete the projects and assingments in the office. Whenever you are not satisfied with your job or you have some differences with your boss then you discuss and complaint about all this things with your collouges only. Generally, people use to meet someone of opposite sex and soon they start to think more and more about that special person. It happens nearly with all of us. Then people began to meet that person more and more. Then taht person becomes very special for you. You share your personal feelings with that person. Then gradually you decide to make that person a special oart of ur life and you want to become a special part of that person's life. And I say that this is again a need, a desire. So you can say that all the important relationships are thee to fulfill your desires and needs. No one can have all the things from one single relationship and neither by breaking any of these relationships. Each and every relationship has its own importance. No one can say that any particular relationship is not important for him or her. Maintaing a perfect balance in all these relations makes a person happy one. And whenever there is an imbalance in between these relations then the person is always restless which leads to tension and happiness. All these relations are there to satisfy your need. If you think that these relations are not your necessisties but really are the strong bond between you and your relative then think once again. That person and you are satisfing some need or desire of each other.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 31

Its really sad to read the newspaper now. The Biharis who have been beaten up in Mumbai are now damaging their home now. Burning rail coches and railway property in Bihar is not the proper way to display the anger. This anger should be directed towards the cause of all these distruptions. The studens who have come back here should have shown this anger at Mumbai itself. If the destroy is to be made then it should be not at your own home. This is not a wise and logical think to damage the goods in your house when you have been beaten up on the road. You should have shown your anger there at the road at that time. If you are damaging the goods in your home to show your anger then you are a fool. You didn't reacted at the time when the wrong was being done to you and now the time has passed you are showing your anger and that too in your home. You are creating problem for your family memebers. Same thing is with the people who have just returned from Mumbai. They should have raised their voice at that time only but they are damaging the things in Bihar itself. This is not a good thing. Infact the Biharis are the loser in this. Many Biharis are coming back to their home in this festive season. Now they are having problem in that. Many trains coming to Bihar from all over the country is now being cancelled due to the ongoing protests. So we have to act wisely now. Instead of damaging your own house, go and damage the property of the person who has done to you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 30

It's ridiculous to see that Raj Thakeray is treating like the whole Maharashtra belongs to him only. He thinks that whatever he says and whatever he do will be the rule in the Maharashtra. Due to his ideology, a innocent man from Bihar was killed when the people from his party went to disturb the ongoing exam of the Railyway Recruitment Board. Does Raj Thakeray thinks that he is above law? Does he thinks that whatever he wants to do on his will then it will be accepted? And just see the courage in this mad person. He is openly challenging the Maharashtra government that if he is arrested then the whole Maharashtra will burn. Now what the hell is this? This is the open challenge to the state government. In my view people like Raj Thackeray should be put in jail and should be awarded life imprisonment. It better the people like him should be hanged till death. Because people like him are are dividing the country on the basis of language, caste, religion and state wise. There are few politicians like Raj Thakeray who are dividing the country for their personal benefits. Raj Thakeray used to say that he is doing all the things for the people of Maharashtra but now he is threathing to burn the whole Maharashtra after being arrested. Now he is taking double standard. At one hand he is sending the north Indians out of Mumbai for the Maharashtrian only. And on the other hand he is threatning to burn the Maharashtra on his arrest. Now he is keeping himself above the state. His men will damage the public and private property of the people of Maharashtra. Any place is made more good by the construction work taken place there not by the destruction. Now Raj Thackeray wants to destroy the Maharashtra for his personal safety. This is very sad to see that a person is keeping himself and his personal interests above a state. People like should be killed in front of the public so that there will be lesson for those who wants to divide the country like this.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 29

Raj Thackeray and his party men are thinking that they are the king of Maharashtra. They are doing whatever they want to do and there is no one is there to stop them. Raj Thackeray is giving statements against the Bachchan family. I don't understand that what are his thinking? These type of people creates imbalance in the country. But beating up north Indians and by creating scenes like this they are thinking that they have done a big thing. But Raj Thackerey is forgetting that he is creating hatred for all the Maharashtrians who are living outside Maharashtra. And what is the use of creating the forces for this hatrate? Does Raj wants to divide the whole country on the basis of language or region? Even his uncle, Bal Thackeray was doing the same thing with the south Indians. All these things are dividing the whole country. Raj is targetting the people of Bihar and UP for having some political gains. He just wants to have the media camera focussed on his face and he can come in limelight always. Then he wants to become popular in the whole country. But one thing he is forgetting that he is also doing the same thing which the cross-border terrorists are doing. The only difference is that the terrorists are doing all these things in hidding and Raj Thakeray and his men are doing these in open. Terrorists are having masks on their faces and Raj Thackeray is doing this in his white collar uniform. I wonder that what the state government of Maharashtra is doing? It is just watching all the drama by sitting silently. Instead of taking any action against them, the Maharashtra government is not even saying a single word. The government is keeping mum. If Raj and his men are not stopped now then they will do some more things which will give the bad name to the whole Maharashtra. Raj and his men are doing for mere their publicity. This is not for the common man of Maharashtra. What was Raj Thackeray and his men were doing when the farmers in Maharashtra were comminting suicide? They were not there. Now all the things are done for publicity and to make strong base in the Maharashtra. Actually I think that Raj Thacekray is doing all this things to become a big leader than his uncle. He wants to have the same position and the same support from the mass which his uncle is having. So for the family fight, he is using this path of regionalism. To drive out the people from other states from Maharashtra and to demand the job for the Maharashtrians in the state government. This is not for the so called son-of-the-soil policy but to become the first political family in the Maharashtra.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 28

In the year 1989, a little star was born in the Indian Cricket. By his shots and playing style very soon he became favorite of all the Indians. Today his image is much bigger than his height. We know him by the name SACHIN TENDULKAR. Tendulkar is the man who has been always a centrestage of attraction for all the Indians whenever he is standing at the pitch. Now he has become the highest scorer in the Test matches. He is already the highest scorer in One Day matches. Tendulkar has been the match winner for India in countless matches. Few people know the fact that Tendulkar is the man who plays not for himself or for making records. He plays for India and his team. He gets hurt very much when India lose any match. It dosen't matter that whether he scored century in that match. He always motivates others to play well. And he is the god, idol, inspirer and whatever you want to name it, for the cricketers in India. Every young cricketer wants to become Sachin Tendulkar. Everyone prays and wish that he stays there at the pitch till the end of the inning when Sachin is batting. And all wants him to knock every ball which he plays beyond the boundary line. And he has played every bowler with ease whether it is fast delivery of Shohaib Akhtar or the delivery of Sharne Warne. Even late Sir Don Bradman once said that he likes the batting style of Sachin Tendulkar very much. After breaking the record of Brian Lara in Test Matches, Tendulkar has showed that still he wants to play more cricket in coming time. I wish that he continues to play like this for a couple of more years. It is hard to believe that he has spend 19 years in cricket. It seems that still a lot of cricket is left in him. May Sachin rocks likes this more in the coming time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 27

Last two days have been full of dramatic scenes in the Indian Aviation Industry. Jet Airways led by Mr Naresh Goyal terminated 1900 staffs from the services. He gave reason that the tough time in the economy is the main reason of the termination. And one of the top executive in the management said that due to this termination Jet Airways will save Rs 5 crores per month. But they forgot that this act is going to hit the bad situation of the Indian economy very badly. The economy is still not recovering from the global turn down. Indian banks have suffered loss of Rs 400 crores due to this global economic downfall. And the sacking of 1900 staff from the Jet Airways was going to hit it more badly. Many employess have taken loans to buy flats, cars and many other things. They have taken long term loans on the basis of their salaries. So without earning, they would have become defaulters as they were not been able to pay back the loans. Now this was really going to hit the Indian economy in very bad manner. But yesterday, in a breif press conference, Mr Goyal took back the termination order. I think that he has taken a nice decision. In business, sometimes it happens that the decision of sacking the employess comes to cut down the size of the working staff to save money. But I think its not wise to take decision of such a mass sacking when the whole economy is not good. Now if Mr Goyal hasn't taken back this decision then really there would have more loss. Many people who were ransacked were the freshers also. They got their termination letter before getting the confirmation letter about their job. But now it seems that the new decision must have put a little smile on their faces. But now they are having doubt in their minds that whether their job is really secure or not? But one think I am unable to understand. What was the real motto of Mr Goyal. He takes decision of saking 1900 staffs of various designation out of 13000 staff working in Jet Airways. And the next day he call a press conference to tell that the termination order has been cancelled. Now my question is that what was the use of doing all this things when he was not going to terminate the services of any of his staff? Why he did like that? Now the workers will work with unsurity in their minds that they would sacked anytime. And now this is going to affect the healthy work culture in Jet Airways.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 26

Few time back, I was watching a movie. The name of the movie was "Namaste London". In one scene, in that movie, Akshay Kumar, describes the good qualities of India. He talks about the brain and man power of Inida. But one question is still haunting me. If we are so much self sufficient then why are we still a developing nation. We got our political independence 61 years ago but still we are a developing nation. If we have so much of brain and man power then why aren't we in the front line of the developed nations? If we are having the third largest army in the world then why aren't we able to stop the cross-border infiltration of terrorists in our country? When we got independence, then the King of Kashmir at that time, merged the whole Kashmir in the Union of India. But what is the situation today? One third of the Kashmir has been occupied by China and another One third of Kashmir is occupied by Pakistan. And we are left with the remaining part. If the international borders shown in all the maps shows the whole Kashmir in the Union of India then why are we having just One third of the full area? Why do our army is sitting at the Line of Control from both the side instead of being posted at the real International Border? If we have the whole Kashmir then why can't we have ot through military operation? We are going to have our own land being illegally occupied by others. And if we have so much brain power then why they are settled in abroad? Why aren't they making India much more advance as they are making other countries advance? All the western countries are making so much of development due to Indian scientists, doctors and engineers but it sad to say that these people are not thinking or to say appropriately they are not willing to work in India. In India, they have more work oppurtunity to work in their respective fields. But all the sharp brain people are worried about money. They are not worried to work in those places where they have more oppurtunity to work. In India, still there is more requirement of doctors and engineers but we don't have much of them. Still there are many places where there is no doctor but doctors are interested in going to abroad instead of going to those places where they are needed more. Its so sad to know that our sharp minds are working for different people. Its like our bright and illuminous lamps are giving light to some other houses and our own house is in darkness. What a pity? This is the main reason which is not making us a developed nation. Still we are having a tag of developing country. People who goes to foreign coutries to work praises about the infrastructure and all those things but the engineers are not ready to do that in India itself. Its time to do something unitedly for the country. After all, we have got so much things here. The knowledge on which we are being offered fat salaries and perks, we got that knowlege in India only. Why we are going out then? Just for money? Thats the difference in thought. The people who are giving fat salaries and perks are in return exploting the sharp minds. The bright people are nothing but workers for them. Just workers. Pay them the money and get manifold more from these people. And there are few mad people and blind people who can't see and think about this. They are only seeing the money. What a same? The place where you got your education, where you have learned everything becomes bad for you. This is really disqusting.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 25

This is really sad to know that still there is no comments for my posts. Its very heart breaking thing. Many friends of mine are visiting the blog but they also are not commenting now. Its really sad. Until and unless i get some feedback then its very tough to know that how its going and what improvement should I make in writing the posts? Well I know that there are many things to write upon but I just wanted to know the reaction so that I could proceed further. But I have disappointed by all the people. If you have any negative thing to tell then I want to know that. It will be helpful for me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 24

Sometimes, I just think about the various stages of human life. When a baby is born, then the baby becomes the centre stage of attraction for everyone. Till the age of 4 to 5 years the baby is the source of amusement and entertainment. All the elders shower their love and affection to the child. The innocence and cuteness on their faces is just creates a smile on our face. We forget all our tensions and worries when we have small children playing with us. Their smile makes us relax and gives a reason to forget all our tensions. And when they speak in their unclear and stammering voices then we are bound to smile at them. Their actions are more than their words. And we really enjoy their naughty actions. As a matter of fact, we are just searching our childhood in them. But the childhood is the best part of human life. No worries and free from tensions. Then the next stage is the teen age, the adolscence. An age where we have some revolting nature. Revolting from everything. Not ready to accept all the rules just like that. Then comes the time to join some graduation course. We make new friends and then we make plans to win the world. Then after graduation, we get into jobs. Now responsibilities comes on our shoulders. Till yesterday, we were enjoying life. Wasn't having much pressure on us. But now the life changes and we are thinking about life. Then we get married one day. A new life comes into our life to stay there with us. A new relation takes place. Gradually we move on in life as well our age. Then our children are there. We remember our time when we were kids like them. Then we realise that how was the life at that time and now as parents how our life is. Gradually we move on to old age. We don't have active life anymore. Just stay in the home. Generally, the old age is said to be the evening of the life. We began to think that what we did in our whole life. We only have memories with us. Sweet and bad both. I don't know what's happening to me? I am just getting sentimental sometimes. Not getting any feed back yet. So feeling a bit low. That's why writing whatever is coming to my mind.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 23

I wasn't able to write anything yesterday. I have tried a lot but wasn't getting any words to express my thoughts. Well I was thinking about the changing relationship and the changing defination of the relationship. As we are going ahead the definations of the realtionship is also changing. Whether it is friendship, official relationship with others. Same is true in the marraige also. Previously, having extra martial affair was something different. It was considered as a sin and it was one of the strong reasons for divorce also. But now, it is not so. Having extra martial relationship has become a social activity for some people in high socities or in the working class of our society, who are working in metro cities. Few people are there who are advocating that to get rid of the monotonus of the marraige life, they are having this type of affairs. Few people are having threesome affairs and few are having exchange of partners for having sexual satisfaction. Now here comes a question in my mind. And the question is that why we are having migratory mentality? Instead of solving the differences between a husband and a wife, why the hell they are going out to have sexual pleasure? And the husband is allowing wife to have that and wife is allowing her husband to have sexual relationship with other women. Is this right? If this has to be done, then what is the use of marraige? Anyone can have this type of relationship with anyone. There is no need of doing all the formalities of marrying someone and enjoying with someone else. Instead of solving their personal differences which is creating monotonus lives of husband and wife, both of them are searching for someone else for threesome or group relationship. Personally I don't approve these types of relationships. If you have any problem in your house then its not logical to migrate from that problem instead of solving that. And I don't think that its advisable also. If you have any problem with your near and dear ones then solve it instead of searching the same love in some one from outside? This is not the way to get relaxation. Having problem in the house and searching peace outside. This is nothing else than escapism. When you don't have the capacity to solve the problem then rush to some where else. And these type of relationships which is growing in our society is not a healthy one. This is what I beleive. This might be common in foreign countries but its really very uncommon and still unthikable in small towns of India. I am not going to say same old think of tradition and all the things because many people who are having these type of affairs are themselves techies and are good professionals. Is this type of relationship going to help our society or is it going to corrupt our society? I don't think this type of relationship is going to do something better for us. If this relationship is better then what is the use to marry? We can have this type of emotional and sexual relatioship like that also. Because there are still many people who don't approve this relationship at all. And this type of relationship is a common thing in western countries. But it is not necessary that it is good for us also. Sometimes a thing is good for someone then its not necessary that it will be good for someone else also.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 22

What is happening these days? Suddenly I am feeling that I am running out of ideas. Till now, writing on the blog has become an one sided affair. Only I am going on writing and getting no comments. I mean that comments are the sort of feedback for me. If I will not get any feedback then how I'll come to know about that what improvement or modification I have to make. I have posted some important issues also but still no one cares for that. I don't even know that how many people has read that. And if someone has read that but still no body cares to write a couple of lines. The comments are important to know about my performance. It will help me to know about my drawbacks and it will help me to improve my writting style. Without having any feed back, I am losing the interest to write also. Its like you have prepared something but there is no one who can give you a pat on the back, or give you few suggestions, or will say that there are few drawbacks which should be taken out to make your presentation more interesting and attractive. Same thing is there with me. I am very much eager to know about your view. What you think about the posts which I am writing daily? The topics on which I am writing? Anythink which you want to comment on. Or rather if you want to critisize it then also I am interested to know that. I am curious to know about your thoughts. So now on wards write your comments also. It will be a helping jand for me which I need to go ahead. Without your support I don't think that I can move forward.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 21

Today is Vijay Dashmi. So Happy Dushharra from my side to you all. Today is the day when the Lord Rama killed the demon king Ravana. Today is the day when we celebrate the victory of good on the evil. Today is the symbolic day of that. But still there are many evils in our society and our country. And I pray to Maa Durga to give strength to all of us to fight all these evils. We have to get united against the social evils like dowry system, less female population in the country, corruption and list goes on and on. This things are affecting our lifes on the one hand or the another. And we have to fight against the terrorism, which is getting increasing daily in our country. Today I am not in mood to write anything more. I just came to greet you and I wish that all will be peaceful everywhere in the world. And I wanted all of us to get united to fight against the evils which are there in our country and our society.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 20

Well, today I was thinking about the deisre. Desire of a human being. And I don't think that this is having any end. Its like the universe in which we are living. No boundaries and not sure about the origin. But sure about that its there. Desire is a motivational force. Sometimes it leads to constructive side and sometimes on the destructive side. But one thing is wondering me. Actually its a question about desire. Is desire a feeling? Or is it something else? If this is a feeling then why we get so much motivated by this that we began to do some work? If it is something else then what exactly it is? A story is flashing in my memory. Its from the Ramayana. Ravana was keeping Sita at the Ashoka Vatika after kidnapping her. Every day, he use to go and persue Sita to forget Rama and marry him. But he got refusal everyday. Ravana's loyal wife, Mandodari, was also not likeing this. But she was a loyal wife of Ravana. She even didn't liked that Ravana has kidnapped Sita. Mandodari was displeased to know this that everyday Ravana was going to look Sita and to propose her. But Mandodari wasn't able to say something to Ravana. Then one day, she told Ravana about a boon which Ravana was having from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has given Ravana a boon that he can disquise himself in any form he wanted. Mandodari advised Ravana that why isn't he disquising himself as Rama and going in front of Sita. Ravana replied that he has tried that also but whenever he disquise himself as Rama, then all the desires leaves him. This is the affect of desire which changes the person from others. So I was thinking that what exactly is a desire? Sometimes we desire that we would be the most powerful man in the world? I would be known to each and everyone in this world. Sometimes our desire changes according to what we see in the movies. We also desire to do the good things which we have seen in the last movie. Few people are there who desire to do the bad things also. And this list will go on and on as there is no end to the desire so there is no end to this list also. If desire is a feeling then why is it so strong that we get so much motivated? What's the difference between desire and other feelings? Getting thirsty or hungry is also a feeling but sometimes we ignore this feeling. So why can't this happen with desire also? Why can't we supress our desire every time? Most of the time it happens that we can't supress our desires. Is there any one who can help me understand what desire is?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 19

There is a nice idea about generating electricity from the human wastes. And it's a nice idea to discuss about. Now let me discuss the idea of generating electricity from the human wastes with you. With the increasing population of the world, the demand for electricity is also increasing. And we are looking for alternative sources of fuels to generate electricity as we know that the fossi fuels are not going to last long. Although gobar gas plant in the rural part of India is been promoted with huge subsidies from the government is not a great success due to the unwillingness of the Indian workers to maintain that properly. But in America and few other countries uses the pig litters to generate electricity. According to the article, the world's seven billion population produces 140 million tonnes of faeces every day and 25 per cent of this has the potential power to produce roughly 100,000 MW of energy. Just think about the amount of energy if the 100 per cent of the total faeces is been used. According to the article, in India, which has one seventh of the world's population, can generate over 12,000 MW or it can add almost 12 per cent of its sluggish power generation capacity. Now that's a big deal. In this project, the process is very simple and similar to the gobar gas plant. The process is that the waste is first collected and fed into a silo from where it is pumped into a large closed tank where it is simply stirred with electric paddles with a little water and air. Methane gas is produced due to the enzymes, acids and other things and then it leaves an almost odourless slurry which can be used as rich fertiliser. Methane gas can be used as fuel but still large quantities are difficult to store like electricity. This was all written in the article with few more examples of foreign countries were this type of practise is been used to generate electricity. Now come to the point, which I want to discuss. We can use this process to genreate electricity. Electricity is the one of the basic thing which we need very desperately. Still in the majority of the villages and small towns, we don't have the regular supply of electricity. And in this project, the investment cost very low. The fuel cost is negligible. And the sale of this type of power is much more profitable than that of the fossil fuels. But in India, there is a big question. Will the state electricity boards buy this type of power? Although this will be a good deal for them also. What we need is the active participations of the wanna be enterpreneurs and the workers, who will work in these type of projects. If we can generate the electricity from this then we can give a very good and cheap alternative to the electricity boards who are having shortage of the power for the distribution. But we need to find out the right workers to do the work and the right place to construct the public toilets designed to efficiently collect the waste. But the important thing to keep in mind is that the Entrepreneurs and workers should not make the whole project like the gobar gas plant. And there must be some encouragement from the government side also like they have shown in the gobar gas plant. We are not going to have shortage of fuel in this. What we need is the proper management, proper maintainance and proper support from the government. Then we can have additional production of electricity from the wastes. After all, we have to look beyond fossil fuels, solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy and nuclear energy. I think that this project is very cheap with respect to all above mentioned energies. So its time for the people, who want to become Entrepreneurs, to take interest in this project. This project can give more returns than the investements. So the margin of profit is also high. So in my view, this is a good deal. A nice project to start where we can earn more money with less input. And we can remove the peoblem of electricity to some extent also.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 18

Yesterday, I tried a lot to write something but couldn't succeed. I don't know why? I made attempts to write also but wasn't getting any idea. What's going on? I was thinking about the various forms of Maa Durga. During the Navratri festival, we worship about the 9 various forms of Maa Durga. And on the ninth day, we worship 9 small girls below 10 years as the form of Maa Durga. But one thing is disturbing me a lot. Still in our country we have low female population. In many states we don't have much female population. This is a sad thing and shame for us. And its going to have a very bad effect on us socially. In the coming future, this shortage of girl's population will have such a negative impact that many of the boys will remain unmarried because the number of girls will be less than the number of boys. Actually this difference of sex population is man made problem. At one side, we worship Maa Durga, a female and on the other hand we are not so much happy when a female child is born. We feel proud on Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and many more female singers but few people don't want girls to be born in their families. Why? Just because their family line will stop if girls will be there. They need a male child to continue their family line. What a sad thought? A thought that will be a curse for the male child itself. Just imagine the scenario in the country when there will be no girl to marry a boy. Then how the family line will continue? Its so pity that we worship female in the form of Maa Durga on one side and feel sad when a girl is born in the family on the other side. How long will this backward thought continue? Its time now to do some thing to change this thought. Its time to bring some awareness amongst us, in our colony and in our society. Then only this change can happen. If we will sit and think that if someone starts then we will join then its not good thing. We have to take the initiative and do this work. We have to make people realise the importance of female childs. After all, its a female only who can give birth to a child. A male can't do that. The thought of having male childs only is not a good thought. We have to attack on this thought then only we can do something good for the whole society. We have to fight against this social evil. Just like Maa Durga fought against the evils for the welfare of humans. We have to remove this social evil for the welfare of the society, country and for the coming generation. So its time to do some action.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 17

Tata Motors is now rolling out of Singur now. And Mr Ratan Tata has blamed Ms Mamata Banerjee for this. She was doing all the protests from the starting for the return of the lands to the farmers. It was farmlands which was taken by the West Bengal government. But she forgot that in starting of this year ie on Jan 18, 2008 Calcutta High Court said the land acquisition in the Singur was legal. Now when the High Court has given its verdict then why was Mamata Banerjee creating so much drama. Did she moved to the Supreme Court against this order? I don't remember that she has done anything like that. Then she was going against the law. Since the January 2007, there are few incidences of violance at the factory of Tata Motors. What is this now? If the taking of farmland for industrial use was wrong then why did Calcutta High Court said that it was legal? This means that Mamata Banerjee was using this project as a political stage to regain her lost political image and publicity. If it is not like that then why didn't she went to the Supreme Court for the rightful return of the land to the farmers? I think that would have helped her a lot in every term. She would have got more publicity and popularity what she is getting now and in the positive sense too. Right now, she has become a villian for the investors thinking to invest in West Bengal. Ratan Tata is moving from Singur will all the vendors of Nano. And this is a very costly decision. In terms of money and everything. This means that Tata has to make new factory somewhere else and has to keep all his vendors near his plant to cut cost of distribution to keep the cost in control. And Tata has to settle the families of his vendors to a new place. If this is going to happen everywhere then what will be the impact on the business? We should make a middle path for the co existence for both. Indutries and agriculture. We can't progress on any one of them. We need both of them. And due to the increasing population, we are having load on agriculture to meet the requirement of the food. And without industrial growth and progress we can't have much money to do anything. But this politicians will look for their political benefits instead of thinking about the problems like this. They are more worried about their political affairs and gains than they are worried about the progress of the country and welfare of the people.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 16

Why it happens that the you don't get the first love of your life? I mean to say when you love some one more than you love yourself. You want to make her a part of your life and want to become a part of her life. Then where does things goes wrong? At which point, this relationship breaks and you get pain? I think that happens due to mismatch of time. This is not the only reason of the break up but surely it is one of the reasons. Many times break up happens due to differences of thoughts. This is the major reason. But once the break up is there then starts the game of blame. But I am not thinking about post break up. I am thinking about the reasons of break up. Why it happens? But one thing is sure that this is the most paining thing in any relationship. The point of time after which you are not going to meet that person. You just miss that person. And life sometimes becomes very tough. The memories of the broken relationship or the person who has left you haunts you everytime. Then sad mood and depression gets around you and makes you feel more lonely. Few people are there who get out of all this things very soon but most of them can't. They need support of something or someone else. Love and trust are the two relations which are based on faith. And when this faith is not there then the relationship also gets vanished in the thin air. And its more in the case of Love. You try your best to convince the person you loved to come back in your life. You ask for forgiveness and promise to change yourself. But once the faith is gone, its very tough to believe also. And sometimes when you are right also then also you leave all your ego and bow down because you love that person. In some corner of your heart the love for that person is still there. And when you get to know that the person is not interested then you get more pain and you decide that you will not talk to that person again. But why this happens? Why we get so much of pain? Why we think that we don't have any motive left? Why we feel so much depressed? These are the questions which needs answer and I'm unable to answer these questions. It doesn't matter that how many times I have tried to get the answer but still I am searching for the answer. May be this is called Life. I know that my thoughts might sound like something philosophical but I think that this is the way in which our life goes on. Being seperated from someone and getting close to someone else. That's a part of our life. Pain and pleasure are the two sides of the same coin. Sometimes its very difficult to understand own's emotions. After all, a human being is nothing more than a bundle of emotions.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


1. जब हम पास ना होंगे तो हमे याद करोगे।
जब आँखे होंगी नम तो उन्हें पोछने के लिए हम ना होंगे।
2. हम ना होंगे तो हमारी यादे होंगी।
जब चले जायेंगे तेरी महफिल से तो हमारी ही बाते होंगी।
3. मेरे बिना होंगी तेरी महफिल सुनी सुनी सी तब तुम्हे याद आयेंगे हम।
तब शायद तेरे बुलावे पे ना आयेंगे हम।
4. तेरी यादो के सहारे कट जायेगी यह जिन्दगी हमारी अब।
याद करोगी तुम भी हमे लेकिन तुम्हारे पास न होंगे हम तब।

Day 15

What's happening in our country? Everywhere blasts and blasts. Now the bomb blasts are taking place in North East also. What's this? Why these bomb blasts are taking place during festive seasons? What is the intention of these terrorists who are doing all these things? And the intelligence agencies are warning the police of every state now about the possible terrorists attacks and the poosible bomb blasts. But still the police and other agencies are waitng for the blasts to happen and innocent people getting killed. Till when this type of late reaction of police will continue? Till when innocent people will loose their lives for the negligence of the government and the police? Its really sad to read newspapers now a days. Every paper is having the coverage of blasts and stampedes only. Why a human is killing another human? What is the gain in this? I just pray that those who are deviated to these terrorists activities, may they surrender soon and began to lead a normal life. There is no use of killing another human being. There is no gain in that. I pray that may peace last long on this earth. Its very sad to see so many people dieing everywhere.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 14

Yesterday the festival of Navratri began. Nine days of worshipping 9 different forms of Maa Durga. And the 10th day as a remark of victory of Lord Rama on the demon king Ravana. It is also treated as the victory of good over the evil forces. The sweet aroma of hawans makes the atmosphere very nice. These is the festival which is celebrated all over the India. The Durga Puja in the West Bengal is really worth watching. But there is a sad news also. A tragedy which has cast its sad effect on the spirit of the Puja. I am talking about the stampede at the Chamunda Devi temple in Jodhpur. More than 150 people has died in the stampede there. It was a crowd of over 10,000 devotees went to offer their prayer to the Chaminda Devi Temple on the first day of the Navratri. But it turned out to be a tragedy over there. The stampede was created after the rumuor of bomb spread there and then the whole crowd was uncontrolable. The people went there to worship but it turned out to be their graveyard. Until when this type of stampede will continue? It kills more people than the communal rights and bomb blasts. And it points out to the poor management of the authorities also. They don't care about the human lives. They can't make small batches of devotees and then allow them to go for the prayers. Its a time consuming practise but its much safer when it is compared with the human lives. Why can't people wait for few hours to have their turn? Is it necessary to go for prayer and worship at the risk of their lives? I don't approve this practise. Every month, a huge number of devotees use to go to Vaishno Devi and Tirupati. But these type of sad news is not coming from these places. Because the authorities at these places has a nice system of makig small batches to go for the worship. When the authority at the Chamunda Devi Temple was aware of the huge crowd to come for the worship then why didn't it make these type of arrangements? The barricade which they made for the security was broken when the stampede started. Was these type of security sufficient? When will the authorities of these places will wake up and learn something from the mistakes? Till when the people will die like this? Its really sad to know that in 2008, till yet, 361 people have died in stampedes only. Where as 157 people have died in the bomb blasts. Now just think about it. Which is more unsafe? I think that the anti social elements and anti India forces finds it very easy to create a situation of panic in the places of worship when there is a huge crowd. They just has to spread the rumour and then comes the tragedy. Killing more and more people. Its really sad to know about the mass killing on the very first day of Navratri. I just pray that these type of stampedes doesn't happens again in our country. Not any more. We need some more security and more arrangements during the festive season.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...