Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 29

Raj Thackeray and his party men are thinking that they are the king of Maharashtra. They are doing whatever they want to do and there is no one is there to stop them. Raj Thackeray is giving statements against the Bachchan family. I don't understand that what are his thinking? These type of people creates imbalance in the country. But beating up north Indians and by creating scenes like this they are thinking that they have done a big thing. But Raj Thackerey is forgetting that he is creating hatred for all the Maharashtrians who are living outside Maharashtra. And what is the use of creating the forces for this hatrate? Does Raj wants to divide the whole country on the basis of language or region? Even his uncle, Bal Thackeray was doing the same thing with the south Indians. All these things are dividing the whole country. Raj is targetting the people of Bihar and UP for having some political gains. He just wants to have the media camera focussed on his face and he can come in limelight always. Then he wants to become popular in the whole country. But one thing he is forgetting that he is also doing the same thing which the cross-border terrorists are doing. The only difference is that the terrorists are doing all these things in hidding and Raj Thakeray and his men are doing these in open. Terrorists are having masks on their faces and Raj Thackeray is doing this in his white collar uniform. I wonder that what the state government of Maharashtra is doing? It is just watching all the drama by sitting silently. Instead of taking any action against them, the Maharashtra government is not even saying a single word. The government is keeping mum. If Raj and his men are not stopped now then they will do some more things which will give the bad name to the whole Maharashtra. Raj and his men are doing for mere their publicity. This is not for the common man of Maharashtra. What was Raj Thackeray and his men were doing when the farmers in Maharashtra were comminting suicide? They were not there. Now all the things are done for publicity and to make strong base in the Maharashtra. Actually I think that Raj Thacekray is doing all this things to become a big leader than his uncle. He wants to have the same position and the same support from the mass which his uncle is having. So for the family fight, he is using this path of regionalism. To drive out the people from other states from Maharashtra and to demand the job for the Maharashtrians in the state government. This is not for the so called son-of-the-soil policy but to become the first political family in the Maharashtra.

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