Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 118

It’s very sad to see the Indian students been beaten up in Australia. This is racial discrimination happening there. Few Australian people are using violence for those who are not of their colour. One student is still in critical condition in hospital. Another student of Indian origin was attacked by petrol bomb. He sustained 30 per cent burns. Why is this all happening? And this is clear indication that now the students will think about to go to Australia for higher studies. Around there are about 4 lacs students of foreign origin in Australia. The Australian police are saying that this is not racial discrimination but an opportunist activity. I think they are trying to cover up the matter. They arrested four teenagers who have attacked the Indian students but later on they were realised by the police. Is this the protection given by the Australian police? Did the attackers left the Indian students? No, they didn’t. They were attacked by screwdrivers and were brutally beaten them. Who is responsible for that? Is the law in Australia so lenient that it releases the culprits after they attack innocent people? What if these types of crimes would have been done with Australian citizens? Then also, the Australian police would have left the attackers after questioning? If the attackers will be released after interrogation then it will have wrong effect on the foreigner. No one would like to go to Australia. And this is not the first time that Indian students have been assaulted. There are many incidences that Indian students have been attacked several times. They are constant target of racial abuses and some times they are beaten up for no fault of them. And the students who have gone there are narrating horrible stories about the things that are happening in Australia with them. By their incidences, it’s clear that Indian students are the constant target of this racial discrimination. Nothing happens to other Asian students. Many Indian students are not complaining against all these things and they are suffering quietly. And if the Indian student does something violent to stop the attack on him then he is either killed or is beaten up more brutally. And then the police will harsh him more. So in the end of the day, it’s the Indian student or the Indian community who is at the receiving end of the racial hatred. Now, its time to wake up and do something for those who are stucked there in Australia. The Indian government should call all the Indians staying in Australia back to India.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 117

I know that I have not been writing very frequently. I have promised also to write frequently. But I didn’t turn up according to my promise also. But the main thing is that I am not getting any idea to write. The election was a good issue to write. But it seems that no one actually read my posts at that time. That’s why I didn’t get any comments on my posts. Really, this is very bad. Sometimes, it really disheartens me that what is the use of writing when there is no one to read. This really disappoints me. But some how I want to continue writing. This is now become a way to express my views. And frankly speaking, this really keeps me engaged for some time. And my concept about writing a post is that I should put my views in front of you people. The people who are really reading my posts. And in return, I should get your opinions as feed back. This will indicate towards my weakness. But that dream is still a dream. I think that whoever reads my post really doesn’t bother to write few lines my blog has become a one sided affair now. Only I’m writing continuously. I really don’t know that how many people read my posts during the election time and how many of them were influenced by that. At least, I should know that how many people think like me and how many differ from my thoughts. But one thing I have observed that many of us doesn’t want to discuss about the politics. They think that its waste of time and energy to discuss politics. But they are forgetting that its politics only which affects us in our everyday life.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 116

In the recently concluded election, Indian voters have done two good things. One it has given clear majority to Congress and its allies. This means that now the Congress don’t have to make coalition with many small parties to have the majority. All of us are now tired of the coalition governments. Personally, I don’t like coalition governments. In the coalition government, the smaller parties are the real decision makers. If there is any differences, then the major party has to bow down in front of the smaller parties. And frankly speaking, this hampers the progress of the country.
The second good thing which the voters did was to turn the thumbs down to those people who were having criminal records. Just like in Bihar, Sahabbudin lost from Siwan constituency. So now, it’s very easy to prosecute the criminals. It wasn’t easy as they were enjoying certain privileges as been the elected representatives of the people.
So in the election, people have voted very intelligently. No one knew that in which direction the wind will flow. And the result was like a silent storm. The result was totally unpredictable. Any way, it’s good that this time, we are having more or less a stable government.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 115

I forget to write about one topic when it was voting period. It just slipped from my mind. But it’s never late for good things. Well, in the recently concluded the total turn out of voters was approximately 55%. I don’t know the exact figure so I have used the word approximately. So this low turnout is due to the politicians only. They remember the people of their constituency only during the elections. They made a long list of promises during their election rallies and blame the opposition parties. But once they are elected then they forget everything. The people of their constituencies, the promises made by the politicians and the problems from which the people are suffering daily. I want to ask a question to the politicians. When you don’t remember your promises then how do you expect the voters to vote for you? Do you expect the voters of your constituency to get cheated by you again? If you really wanted to get elected then just do some progressive work. Don’t you feel the tough life of the people in your constituency without basic amenities like road, electricity and water when you are in power? Still there are many places in our country where people are suffering from these things. Still there are many places which don’t have a primary health centres. People are still suffering from many things. But the leaders are not worried about them. Only God knows when these leaders will wake up? I’m just praying that soon the leaders will think about these things. One day, the leaders will think beyond the vote politics.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 114

The recently concluded election has showed that the voters are now very much aware of the current things. In this election, many heavy weight ministers and leaders have lost from few places. For example, if we take the case of Lalu Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan in Bihar and Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu. Lalu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan thought that they are the king maker. Whether it is in Bihar or at centre, no one can make government without their support. But their over confidence was broken by the voters in Bihar. Now they are shown the right way and their correct position. Ram Vilas Paswan has lost his seat. Lalu Yadav contested from two seats but retained only one. Same thing happened with Jayalalitha. She thought that she will sweep the majority of seats in Tamil Nadu but the scene was different from her expectations. There are few leaders like that who think that they are the supreme authority. They think that whatever they will say will be the verdict for the people of some particular region. But they are forgetting that this doesn’t happen in democracy. Actually they are thinking that they can do whatever they want. But the thing is different from what they think. When these leaders got the power and authority then began to think that they are above all. There is no one who can say anything against them. And they think that the people of their constituency will choose them again. But all those leaders who think like this are now having examples of Ram Vilas Paswan and Lalu Yadav. So its time for them to think now.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 113

Its clear now that Congress led UPA is again forming the government at the centre. Dr Manmohan Singh is going to be sworn in as the Prime Minister for the consecutive second time. But there are many ministers in the last government who have revolted against the leadership of Congress. Its time for them to pay back. Only time will tell that how they are going to get it. This time it was expectation that BJP led NDA will come to the power but it’s not the case. Still UPA needs 20+ MPs to prove its majority to form the government. Now, the small regional parties and independents MPs will play the crucial role in the formation of next government. It’s too early to predict that which party will go to which side, which parties will go out of UPA and which parties will come in it. In the next couple of days, the picture will be clearer. And then the tug of war will go on the division of the ministries. And one surprising thing happened in this election, the Left parties got restricted to just 25 seats. And that’s a good thing. These Left parties have always exploited the governments to whom it had supported. They were thinking themselves to be the king makers. Now they have been shown their correct position by the voters. Anyway, it’s clear now that Congress is going to make the government now. As I said, in couple of days, the picture will be clearer. Let’s wait and watch now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 112

Now all the five phases of the voting are over. All of us are waiting for the 16th May. The final result day. All the political parties are now preparing themselves to make coalition with other regional parties so that they can form the government. The two major political parties are trying to attract the maximum number of parties toward itself. I am talking about the Congress and the BJP. All the news channels are now showing the exit polls results. But all these are just predictions. Actually some of the respondents of these exit polls don’t tell the exact party which they have voted. So there is some twist in the exit polls. We can’t anything clearly till the results are out. And as I have said that the parties are now busy in making some post poll alliances with regional parties so that they can make the government. So we have still to see the post election scenario in the coming days. But the low turnouts of voters in few states like Bihar, is a matter of concern. None of the political parties is ready to accept this that this low turnout of voters is due to the negligence of the politicians who got elected and then forget the promises they made. So its time for the politicians to change now, otherwise it could be their turn that they will not get the vote next time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 111

It’s very sad to know about the decreasing percentage of voters. There was just 37 per cent voting turnout in Patna. This is really shameful. Voting is not just your fundamental duty but it’s your right. I have been saying this repeatedly that no casting your vote is not the proper way to show your anger towards the past government. And being absent from voting you have committed a blunder. I can prove my point. For example take the case of voter turnout in Patna. Just 37 per cent people went to vote. 63 per cent people didn’t come to vote. Now whoever gets elected by this 37 per cent will be the representative of the whole constituency. And those 63 per cent people will affected by the every decision taken by that representative in the Lok Sabha. This might not suit them but still then have to accept it. And they don’t have any right to blame also because they didn’t go for the voting. And the people of India are always lazy in doing their duty. They expect so many things but still don’t want to do their own duty. Whenever a person turns 18, he or she applies for driving license and many other things which are given by the Indian constitution to them. But those people forget about the right to vote. A duty given to them by the same Indian constitution. So for the next, just vote in the election. Whether it’s your city municipal election, your state assembly election or the Lok Sabha election. Because no one else than you, thinks better for the betterment of your self. So, to have better things and infrastructure, just go and vote next time. Your absence from voting will make the things more intolerable for you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 110

Today I went to cast my vote. I’m feeling happy now. Feeling happy that I have done my duty, feeling happy because I have taken active participation in the formation of the government. Now I can blame the government for the wrong decisions. I am feeling satisfied that I have done something. Voting is not only duty but it’s our right also. And doing something creative always gives pleasure to me. In my view, every Indian should vote for the betterment of the country. The black ink mark on my index finger is giving me a satisfaction that at least I am not sleeping like many others who didn’t went to vote. The people who didn’t go to vote are showing their anger in the wrong way. At the end, they will be at the losing end. I have been saying this repeatedly that if you are not satisfied with the last government then just vote against them. Vote for them who can form a new government which you think can run the country in a better way. So always give vote. It will give you the satisfaction that you have voted against the last government which gave you dissatisfaction.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 109

On Thursday, the third phase of the voting got over. I must say that the decreasing turnout of voters is really a matter to worry. But one good happened. In Mumbai, Shah Rukh Khan came to vote from South Africa. He left his schedule in South Africa and fly back to Mumbai just to vote. This indicates that despite of his busy schedule, Shah Rukh can come back to vote then why can’t the common man? If you are not pleased with the last representative then just vote against him. I am saying this again and again. Just sitting in your home on the voting day is not the right way to show your anger. If you are angry then just vote him out of the power. What is the use of such persons who don’t bother about the people who have voted for him? If the people will sit ideally in the house on the voting day then this is not going to help you. It’s not going to work. The thing which is going to work is that you, yourself, wake up. Otherwise again the bad government will be formed and we will have high rate of inflation every where. So, just wake up and go for voting. If you think that the system and the government is bad, then its you only who will change it. No one from any foreign country will come to change the system on your behalf? Its you who has to change the system.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...