Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 112

Now all the five phases of the voting are over. All of us are waiting for the 16th May. The final result day. All the political parties are now preparing themselves to make coalition with other regional parties so that they can form the government. The two major political parties are trying to attract the maximum number of parties toward itself. I am talking about the Congress and the BJP. All the news channels are now showing the exit polls results. But all these are just predictions. Actually some of the respondents of these exit polls don’t tell the exact party which they have voted. So there is some twist in the exit polls. We can’t anything clearly till the results are out. And as I have said that the parties are now busy in making some post poll alliances with regional parties so that they can make the government. So we have still to see the post election scenario in the coming days. But the low turnouts of voters in few states like Bihar, is a matter of concern. None of the political parties is ready to accept this that this low turnout of voters is due to the negligence of the politicians who got elected and then forget the promises they made. So its time for the politicians to change now, otherwise it could be their turn that they will not get the vote next time.

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