Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 225

I know that I’m writing on the topic of elections and politics for the last few days. Today I’ll give a break to that. I know there are many others topics to write. So why to write on the topic again and again? Today I have a fact which is least known. We all are aware of the Kargil war which happened in 1999.
On June 9, 1999, Mr N K Kalia received the dead body of his son – Captain Saurav Kalia – mutilated and disfigured. His ear drums were pierced with hot iron rods, eyeballs carved out with knives, genitals chopped off, every bone broken and splintered. This is the clear cut most brutal of torture by the Pakistani Army violating the Geneva Convention. Still after twelve years, Mr N K Kalia is fighting for the justice. No action has been taken by the Central Government of India yet even after numerous letters to the Central Government.
Even our media and the human right activist are sleeping. Media has forgotten the first martyr of Kargil War, Captain Saurav Kalia. Media’s laziness is proved by the fact that many of Indians aren’t aware about Captain Kalia. Human Right activist are also sleeping. They forgot the torture done to Captain Kalia. I want to ask a question to all the human right activists that isn’t a soldier dying on the border for the country a human? Can’t he get the proper respect if he dies in serving the country?
Our human right activist are more worried for terrorists and traitors. Whenever there is report of interrogation of terrorists and traitors then the human right activists makes a lot of cry to stop the torture. Now where are those human right activists who are still sleeping after twelve years of the Kargil war? Why aren’t they pressurising the central government for the torture done to Captain Saurav Kalia by the Pakistani army.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 224

Sorry for not writing yesterday. Well, I’m still feeling unwell but yesterday my condition was much worse yesterday. Well, I thought to write today just for the sake of writing. I know if I’ll take a break of couple of days to recover till then my writing habit will go away. That’s the thing I don’t want. At least, this time I’m serious about my promise. I’m not a politician.
Well, I remembered my last blog and the comment on that. Today my idea is to write about that only. Well I have the probable solution for my friend’s question. It’s true that in Indian politics, the election time is most crucial time for all political parties. All the major parties wants to form their own government so they play the caste, language, religion and various other cards to attract the voters. It’s true that voters cast their vote to those who made big promises but the voter has to think about the development also. Many constituencies are there in India which is considered as fixed for the political heavyweights. Actually every person is being affected by the negligence of the elected representatives. So little percentage of the voters didn’t turn up to polling stations. They think that it’s their way of rejection. But they forget one thing that others are casting their votes. And democracy is the game of numbers. The candidate getting the maximum votes makes his or her way to the Lok Sabha or the state assembly.
I think there should be few change in the election process as well as Indian constitution. The Indian constitution gives the right to choose to the Indian citizens in elections. Now the provision or the law should be made about the right to reject. If the voter is not pleased with any of the candidates in the given names of candidates, then he must have the right to reject all of them. I think that is the way through which the Indian politicians will learn that the elections can’t be won just on the promises. They have to work hard if they want to win the election. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 223

Mrinmoy, my friend, I agree with you on your comment on my last post. Actually that’s the catch with the Indian politics. Indian politicians are least concerned about the development of the country. They always talk about uniting the country but when the election time comes then do politics based on the caste, language and region. All the major political parties will say that India will develop only when we will leave caste and regionalism at one side. But in every election, whether it’s the general election or the state assembly election, they have put the candidates based on the caste scenario of the constituency. Big promises are being made at every rally but all are being forgotten as soon as the leaders leaves the constituency in their charted choppers. If the politicians are really worried about the development  of the country then why the millions of villages are without electricity, water, road, proper hospitals and education? Politicians will blame each others in the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies for the negligence. But when they will come to the power they will do the same thing. The time has changed to show that the public can’t be bluffed any more.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 222

I know that I’m late today. But I think it’s manageable. Actually I become a bit lazy when I’m at home. It’s not like that I have the privilege to wake up late in the morning. I was talking about being writing posts on my blog. Well I was going through the news. My attention was caught by the manifesto of BJP for the UP assembly elections. It said that the BJP will construct the Ram temple if they are voted to power. I think they are making themselves away from being coming in to power. The Ram temple and Babri mosque issue is a 20 years old affair. Majority of the voting population is the generation which was born during that time or was born after that. They are least bother whether the temple is being constructed or not. I agree that Lord Ram is associated with every Hindu in the country. But when the country and the state are not in the good shape, then what’s the use of this manifesto. The generation which has seen the whole scenario 20 years ago, is now completely least bothered about this. In my view, the BJP should focus on the job creation as they have stated in the manifesto. They should have mentioned to improve the state where it’s lagging. It’s not only with the UP, but the thing is with the entire country. When the entire country and UP is in the grip of corruption, BJP should do some positive work to drive the corruption out of the country. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 221

Heartiest congratulations and well wishes to all my readers on the occasion of 63rd Republic Day of Indian Republic. 62 years ago, on 26th January, 1950, India became republic and hence that was the 1st Republic Day, India celebrated. As the parade of the Republic Day is going on the Raj path right now, I decided to say Happy Republic Day to all of you.
Indeed today is a day to celebrate on the large scale. But we need to improve our defence system. We need to have more advance armed forces. I’m not just talking about the army. I’m talking about navy and air force also. We need every wing equipped with more arms. Today’s warfare is much different from the traditional ones. Today the war is not fought where the armies are standing face to face to each other. With the development in science and technology, the scenario of the battle field has also changed. Today we have unmanned planes, unmanned submarines. The missiles and rockets have the attacking range from 3000 kms and more. Today’s battle has become technological battle. And we still have problems with the fighter planes like MiG-21s. The cost of per MiG-21 plane is about Rs 14 Crores. But there have been several incidences of technical problems due to which the planes have crashed more than anywhere in the world. Few years back, Mig-21s were termed as the flying coffins in the Indian Air Force. It’s not only in the terms of money, but the losses of the young pilots are something irreversible. We can make another fighter plane but the loss of the young pilots can not be recovered. All the pilots who flew the Migs were the flight lietunients, which means the young men of 23 or 24 years of age.
So the time has come for the defence ministry to improve the quality of the defence materials and to have innovative war fares in all the three wings of Indian armed forces. We are having lack of aircraft carriers in the Indian Navy. The costal border of India is about 7,500 kms wide. Most of the Indian naval ships are being designed and developed by the Indian Navy itself but still we need to have many more things in our fleet. In the past 2-3 years, Indian Navy has fought bravely against the pirates and has rescued ships.
So let’s salute all those brave soldiers of Indian armed forces who have sacrificed their lives in serving a great nation called India. Today is not just an occasion to display the artilleries but also an occasion to pay our homage to the brave and immortal soldiers of Indian armed forces. JAI HIND.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 220

Right now, I’m on the way back to my house. The train is on schedule and I’m just feeling lonely so I thought to write something. Well, I was going through the comments of previous posts. I read the comment by my friend, Mr KK. KK, I’m really disappointed by your view. Although its true that you are my most valuable and most charming friend but I know that it’s not your view. Someone else has feed this in your mind. Never mind. I’m directly coming to the point. Well, I don’t think that corruption and efficiency goes hand in hand. If your hypothetical theory is right then my dear friend, India must be the number one country in the world in matter of efficiency. Because the amount of bribe which is being deposited in Swiss bank by corrupt politicians, government officials and businessmen are sufficient enough to run the country without any taxes for 25 years. Now how is that? But what we have in reality? India is at the bottom line in the Human Resource Index, amongst the last 5 out of 187 countries. 2.3 million People are going to bed having their stomach empty everyday. Malnutrition and untimely death of mothers and children at the time of delivery is a major concern.
So if I agree with your hypothetical theory then we must bribe to get rid of all this problems. Because until and unless these problems are solved our country can’t be an efficient one. According to a recent survey, India is at the 9th position amongst the corrupt nations. And about which efficiency you are talking about? You haven’t cited any example or gave any fact to support your theory. So I strongly reject your hypothetical theory. Efficiency is determined on the basis of hard work and right direction. So I would like to say that discard your hypothetical theory. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 219

Internet has made our life easier. I know that everyone would say numerous things about the advantages and disadvantages about internet. But this is only one side. Internet has one dark side also. The dark side is cyber crime. The crime done on internet is known as cyber crime. The most commonly or the most notorious name of cyber crime is Hacking. The hackers are hacking anything and everything available on the internet. Their style of working is different. All of them do this for money or some other destructive work. Fortnight ago, I was watching a Hollywood movie. In that movie, it was shown that the hackers have invaded every government organisation. One of the hackers was arrested by the police then other hackers hacked the traffic control system of the city to create the chaos. Although it was shown in the movie but just imagine what would happen if such things happens in reality.
But in reality, the hackers are hacking the servers of defence departments of the governments around the globe. Many countries are interested in getting the information about the defence secrets of the enemy countries. Hackers are not only attacking the server of the defence department only. Their targets are other major departments also. Most of the hackers are interested in attacking individuals for their bank account details. Some fraudsters send lucrative mails to individuals asking for the bank account details. After getting the information the fraudsters do financial frauds and the innocent person is trapped.
It’s not like that the government isn’t doing anything to stop all this things. New cyber laws are being framed. But all the laws are made within a country. And hacker shouldn’t belong to the same country. Sometimes it becomes to tough to trace the origin of the tracer that it become tough to put the hand on the hacker. Internet is a thing which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So in my view, international cyber laws should be made and the governments should work in efficient coordination to prevent the cyber crimes. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 218

According to me, music is the superb stress buster. Just now, I wasn’t getting any idea about what to write today. I was downsizing the topic from various topics which were in my mind. My room partner, Ambica was doing something on his laptop. I was unsuccessful in deciding the topic so I lay down on my bed. Ambica suddenly started playing piano on his laptop. He has a software stall in his laptop through which he plays piano sometimes. He was just playing that. He is an amateur player because he doesn’t know how to play the piano. But whatever he was playing, I found that to be very soothing for my ears. Ambica played for about ten minutes. And I got distressed completely. And finally I decided to write this post. Sometimes, something absurd leads to creativity. Same thing happened to me just now.
Actually one of my professors also says that whatever sounds absurd today may be a successful thing in future. My professor is teaching us a subject on innovations. Well, my professor is very experienced teacher which I have got. His teaching style is so good that I always feel motivated in his class. He motivates us in very positive manner. His name is Dr Sanjay Saxena. He has got a lot of experience and academic knowledge under his belt. He is very soft spoken and is very kind. Well in today’s class itself, he told us that many of the successful things which had happened in this world were absurd in the starting. I really admire my teacher.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 217

The election phase in Uttar Pradesh has begun. With the voting day coming near, the report of CAG is exposing a lot of new scandals. The latest one is in the health department. I was watching the television last night while having the dinner. During the channel surfing, I came across a news channel. The news was shown about the alleged scandal of Rs 21000 Crores in the health department. The CAG report has included the present Chief Minister Ms Mayawati as well the former Chief Minister Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav. Today morning, I was reading the newspaper. It was full of the election news along with the scandal news on the front page. It stated that for the constructions of health centres like community hospitals and for the purchase of medicines and medical equipments, Rs 944 Crores were spent. But at the present moment, all those community hospitals and mini clinics are being used for the storage of potatoes, cattle fodder and other things. Many community hospitals have been claimed as earthquake resistant but in reality the scene is something different. There are cramps in the roof and tiles are being coming out from the floor.
I was thinking that where all the money has gone? This is the condition of the functioning of the government for the betterment of the people. A simple machine for measuring blood pressure which would cost Rs 550 in the general market where bought for Rs 2500. It means at the cost of 5 BP machines only 1 BP machine was purchased. Where has the rest of the money gone? It’s obvious that the money has gone in the pocket of the medical superintendent, middle man and the ministers and politicians involved in this. But no one is there is resist all these corrupt practises.
The problem behind all these corrupt practises is the lack of awareness amongst the mass. The public doesn’t know about the wastage of their money which they give in the form direct and indirect taxes. And the lack of some strict laws is one of the other reasons due to which these corrupt people are free to do all the corrupt practises. Take for example, the fodder scam in Bihar. It was unearthed in 1996. But the court gave its verdict in 2012. A long gap of 16 years. And only 61 out 72 were convicted. Out of 11 accused, 3 were dead in the course of trial. And the maximum sentence awarded was maximum of 5 years. In my view, some strict laws should be made in light of giving a good message to others that the corrupt practises will not be tolerated. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 216

One more day passed by. A night is passing slowly to make the way for another day to come. You people might be thinking that I have become a bit poetic. But I’m not a poet. I’m a simple man with few tastes. I do like to read poems but that’s a rare phenomenon. Usually, I like to read books. If I say that I like to read novels then it’s not a lie. I like fiction novels. But I have found very little books that attract me towards them. I have read approximately more than three quarters novels of Mr Sidney Sheldon. There were few novels whose name I have forgotten. And of course, I could forget Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A perfect and immortal writer and his immortal character, Sherlock Holmes.
Don’t get confused. I know that for the last couple of days I’m writing about corruption and other things. And now, I’m talking about literature. Actually, today I thought to write about my reading taste. So, I’m writing it now. I have read one novel of Mr Jeffrey Archer. The name of that novel was Kane and Able. I liked that novel very much. There are few books which I’m tired of reading again and again. The Godfather written by Mr Mario Puzzo is one of them. The Godfather is number one in my favourite list. Actually, accidently I started reading that book. I tried to borrow that book from one of my friends. But he refused. A thrust to complete that novel came in my mind. Soon, I purchased that book and finished it in three days. After that, I have read it six times. But every time, I feel that I’m reading for the first time.
It’s not like I have read novels of foreign writers. I have read many short stories of Mr Ruskin Bond. Mr Bond has got a very simple and interesting style of writing. I have read couple of novels by Mr Chetan Bhagat. Actually, whenever I read the novels of above mentioned writers, then I got myself transformed in to a world where all the things are passing in front my eyes. Still I’m my thirst of reading good books isn’t over. I need suggestions from your side regarding the good books. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 215

I was reading the newspaper today. I was reading the news article about the age scam of army chief Gen V K Singh. I used to think that the armed forces were free from the corrupt practices. My illusion is broken now. I was wondering that what was the use of doing such things in the armed forces. Just to have the promotion. I know that the post of the head of any wing in the armed forces is a prestigious post. But that doesn’t mean that a person should tamper the certificate of his age like this to get the out of term promotion. The army is still trying to clean its image due to the scandals done by the army men in Jammu & Kashmir and in the north east. A forum of retired brigadiers has filed a PIL in the Supreme Court against Gen Singh. Gen Singh is going to retire on 31 May, 2012. The government is now searching for his successor. I don’t know what decision Supreme Court is going to take but I would suggest to government that for searching the successor of Gen Singh, the government should find someone appropriate with a clean record. Although, there must be some lobbying for the post. But the government should be independent in selection. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 214

There are many things to write. But on which topic to write? I have written about politics, corruption, poor administration, sports, and even few poems in Hindi. Now what next? Well, I’m not a professional writer. I’m just an amateur blogger. So I need feedback on the next topic. What should I write next? Few days back, I got a feedback. In that feedback I was compared to Mr Chetan Bhagat. I think I’m not like Mr Bhagat. He is a professional writer and he is master of words. I was glad that I was compared with him. But he is very good in writing because he is having grip over the subject on which he is about to write or on the topic he has written. I lack that creativity. It’s not like I lay like a lazy person. But I’m not creative like him. I need feedback regarding the next topic. And I’m eagerly waiting for that. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 213

Today, I thought to write on the basis of the feedback I got on the post titled Day 211. But I got stuck in that. Somewhere I was lost in writing. Actually, the problem with us, Indians is that we know to blame others for all the drawbacks. Corruption is the main source of hurdle in developing. Everyone gives bribe to the government officials and politicians to get their work done. But instead of stopping bribery, we start to blame the system. Bribe giver gives the argument that bribe takers are the culprit and vice versa. Everyone support Anna Hazzare in his campaign against corruption. But my question is that why we forget these things that we need our will power to end this evil by its root. We have to uproot all the social evils. Nobody has thought that even after 64 years of independence, why our county is still a developing country in spite of having potential of being a developed country? I think nobody has thought about that. And if someone has ever thought about that he or she must have blames the system only. No doubt, all the policy making and policy implementing power lies with the government. But a common man vote a candidate to make a government during elections. So somehow the blame is coming back to us only. So to change the system, one has to change oneself. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 212

Today morning, I was reading newspaper. There was an article in the middle page which caught my attention. The starting of the article was about the comparison between the chief ministers of two neighbouring states. Ironically both of them were union railway minsters in two different governments. I’m talking about Mr Nitish Kumar and Ms Mamata Banerjee. Both of them have done miracle in Bihar and West Bengal respectively. Mr Nitish Kumar has changed the very image of Bihar everywhere. Now the investors from all over the world are interested in investing in Bihar. Now Bihar is on verge of becoming one of the leading states in India. But Mr Kumar has to go a long way. Still there are many good works which he has to do in the state. Although, his critics and the opposition parties are attacking Mr Kumar’s working style but the people are looking towards him as an honest and working chief minister. He has a mass appeal in him and he has got the support of the mass which is a positive sign for him.  Mr Kumar took the rein when the state was in very bad shape. The state was divided in two parts. All the minerals and industries went to Jharkhand. All was left in Bihar was only the Ganga plane. The law and order wasn’t good. The image of Bihar wasn’t good for other states. But in his first tenure, he changed the bad image a lot. That’s why people voted for him for the second consecutive time.
Like wise Ms Mamata Banerjee has uprooted the Left rule in West Bengal. Left party was ruling the state for more than three decades. It’s only the charisma of Ms Banerjee that she took the rein from them and she is trying to bring the state on the track of change. She needs time to change it. There are many problems in West Bengal also. For example the demand of autonomous body of Gorkhaland, infiltration of Bangladeshis in India. These are only couple of examples she is facing now. It will be very early for me to say anything. But I hope that her charisma will work to change the state like Mr Nitish Kumar did in Bihar. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 211

Today morning, I was reading the headlines of the newspaper. One news article caught my attention. It was about the mismanagement of the food in India. According to the news article, around 230 million Indians are going to bed hungry. That’s approximately 18.4% of the total Indian population. How can we call ourselves as the emerging economic superpower when 230 million Indians are not having access to the food? Food is the essential item of any human being. The entire world is acknowledging India’s economic growth. We proudly say that Indians are the best in every field whether it is engineers, doctors, scientists or any other field. But still many people in India are starving because of the inability to have the food. And we are behind our neighbour, Pakistan in the hunger management index, in this respect. Many small countries are better than us in that.
That’s the thing which really keeps me astonished that many countries smaller in size in comparison to India are much ahead of in many terms like Human Resource Index, Per Capita Income, maintained of Law and Order, Cleanliness and many other areas. Whenever I ask this question to myself or whenever I do some mind storming for the answer then I get only one answer. It’s the failure of entire governmental policies and lack of will power of us, the Indians. Whenever these things are brought up for the discussion then we began to blame the system. Everyone wants the system to be clean but no body wants to clean the system. Until we change the things within us, we can’t change anything.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 210

I know I’m late today in writing this post. But what to do? Sunday is the laziest day for me in the week. My Sunday starts at 9 in the morning. Then skipping the breakfast is the usual phenomenon. Surfing the net, reading the newspaper and sending text messages on my cell are the various activities in which I indulge myself to stay connected. Usually lunch is the first meal for me on Sunday. Today, I was busy in watching movie. I watched two movies today. In evening, I went out with my friends to have tea. After tea, I was sitting with friends and we were daydreaming about our futures. All of us have the dream of been successful and rich. This is the obvious choice of everyone on the earth. After spending a considerable time with friends, I came back to my room and make myself busy in thinking about the content of the post. After brainstorming, after half an hour, I thought to write about today itself. I know that you must be scolding me that what I have written. But you can excuse me on Sundays. Laziness kills the creativity also. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 209

Happy Makar Sankranti to all my readers. Seasonal greetings to all of you with the wishes of prosperity in the world. Well, I would like to appreciate the effort of my friend, Mrinmoy, whose constant reviews and feedbacks are forcing me to write posts everyday. Sometimes, when I’m not in mood to write then Mrinmoy comes to me and simply asks me about the next post. At least, someone is there who is really taking pain in reading all my stuffs.
Well, yesterday evening, when I was writing my last post, I was thinking something else. I wasn’t sure what to write. I wasn’t sure that you people will like the content of my post or not. But somehow I wrote all that. This happens because of the conflict between an urge to write and no material to write. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 208

Today I’m remembering the dialogue of Madhawan from his movie, 3 Idiots. He said that if a friend fails then you are hurt a little. But if your friend scores better than you than it hurts more. I’m saying this because today my result of the PGDM was announced. Although I scored well but my good friends scored better than me. But don’t think that I got more hurt. It’s not like that. I’m happy of what I got. Actually I’m satisfied. You must be confused with my satisfaction and the opening line. I just wanted to know the thing. I’m satisfied because I got fairly good marks. Although, it was less than my expectation but its good.  And satisfaction is the key to the happiness. If a person is satisfied with what he has got, then he leads a happy life. This is what I feel. Obviously, many of my readers will not agree with me on this thought. They may be thinking that satisfaction kills the competition. It’s true that when satisfaction is there then you won’t have competition with anyone. And if you are in competition then you are not satisfied. It’s all the vice versa. Ah! Don’t get confused. You may be thinking that I’m talking something abstract. I think we can have a discussion on this in my coming posts. So if anyone of you want to say anything then do write it in the comment box. But do write your name so that I should know the person to whom I’m addressing. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 207

Well today, I have got a beautiful experience to share with you people. It happened with me on December 26, 2011. It was one of the most memorable days of life. I’m not going to forget what had happened that day.  I spend a quality of good time with someone special of my life. We were in a shopping mall. We had a plan of watching a movie. I bought the ticket for the time which suited her most. Then we had a cup of coffee. To kill the time we did some window shopping. Suddenly, I got the idea of buying a teddy bear for her. I took her to the store where I remembered the collection of teddy bears was kept. I told her thrice to choose a teddy bear. I just told her that she has to put her hand on the teddy bear she like most and that teddy bear will be hers. She kept her hand on me and said that she wants me. The smile on her face told that she needed me. The light of her eyes were so attractive that I found myself lost in her eyes. We went to have our lunch. I felt very happy when I feed her the first bite from her plate. Actually it gave me immense pleasure. I think its tough to explain in word. The feeling and the joy. After lunch, we went to watch the movie as the show time was there. While watching the movie, I held her hand. Ah! That was something awesome. Holding the hand the love of my life and watching the movie. Well, I’m not feeling guilty in accepting that my attention was more on her face rather than on the screen. I was having the side look of her face. She was enjoying the movie and I was enjoying the smile of her face. On few occasions she laughed and my heart skipped the beat. Its not wrong that I’m not finding the appropriate words to describe those feelings. Of course, some feelings are not to be meant to be described in words. Those feelings are meant to be felt. And after the movie, she has to rush to her home. The way she said bye was just awesome. I really loved that. But it was less than I love her.  But one thing is sure. My heart wants to meet her again and again. Hope so that I meet her soon. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 206

My dear friend, Mrinmoy, thank you for your valuable comment. When I saw your comment I couldn’t express my happiness in words. It’s a feeling which is beyond the power of words. You made my evening. Thank you dude. Now I’ll try to be on the track which you have shown me. I really appreciate this.
My dear readers let me introduce one of my dear friends, Mr Mrinmoy Roy. Mrinmoy is a very decent guy with no bad habits. Mrinmoy is a very person who always has a cute and energetic smile on face. I have never seen him to be depressed and he doesn’t get worried by the problems. He has the ability to face the problems and a good spirit to fight them. He is always ready to help his friends. There are several good qualities in Mrinmoy, which can make anyone his friend. I haven’t met anyone who has said anything negative about Mrinmoy. If I say that Mrinmoy is a gem then it’s not wrong. Although he speaks very less but his thoughts are crystal clear.
I have tried my best to describe Mrinmoy in words. But I do have some limitations with words so I’m unable to describe him accurately. Mrinmoy, don’t think that I’m lauding you. No way, dude. You deserve praises and good wishes from your friends and those who are in contact with you. And those who aren’t in touch with you, they really miss you. I’m telling you on my personal experience. This had happened to me after we went to our homes after the semester exam. You really rocks, dude. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 205

I’m not surprised to see no comments on my last blog. But I’m disappointed to know that nobody wants me to improve my writing skills. Many friends of mine have promised me that they will give comments on my blog. Many of them have praised me for my efforts to write. But I think they have forgotten all their promises or they might be making me a fool. I’m very much hurt now. But never mind, I should not let my spirit of writing to go down like this. My irregularity in writing was hampered by many reasons. Having low spirit to write is one of them. But in this year, I have to change this habit of mine. Then only I’ll be a constant writer.
These days I’m thinking about on which topic I have to write on. For this, I have to do many things. But my main concern is that on which topic to write. Basically the problem is that high content of any reading article or constantly writing of different articles on the same topic or same category makes reading a hell. Readers always get distracted. I don’t want that to happen to my readers. So if you people have any suggestions then do write comments. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 204

It would be very tough to write aimlessly. But writing is also important. Doing a constructive work is better than sitting idle. As the saying goes “Empty mind is devil’s workshop.” Today I’m writing just for the sake of writing. No grievances for not getting comments. No promises. Just writing. Although, I’m not a professional writer but I want to write. There is a gap between me and professional writer. I’m just an amateur. But they are very talented. They write fiction stories after going deep in the imaginative world and they pick their characters and weave their stories around those characters. There are many talented writers whose fictions characters become immortal. Sherlock Holmes is one of the classic examples of genius creation. Whenever I think of any detective character then Sherlock Holmes is the only character which comes to my mind instantly.
Anyway, today I’m feeling that I should continue writing daily. I know I have said this many times. But this time, I have to make it a good effort from my side. Actually I was going through the review of my blog. I have found that since the inception of my blog writing, there is a gradual decline in the number of posts in my blog. This shows the lack of commitment and laziness from my side. I just want to remove my laziness. And frankly speaking, I’m not expecting any feedbacks. Actually feedback is an important of my writing. It helps me in improving my writing style. Sometimes it may happen that any post of mine may require your comment for improvement or the content of the post is something on which you want to comment. Then don’t hesitate in writing me the comment. I’m waiting for that. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...