Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 204

It would be very tough to write aimlessly. But writing is also important. Doing a constructive work is better than sitting idle. As the saying goes “Empty mind is devil’s workshop.” Today I’m writing just for the sake of writing. No grievances for not getting comments. No promises. Just writing. Although, I’m not a professional writer but I want to write. There is a gap between me and professional writer. I’m just an amateur. But they are very talented. They write fiction stories after going deep in the imaginative world and they pick their characters and weave their stories around those characters. There are many talented writers whose fictions characters become immortal. Sherlock Holmes is one of the classic examples of genius creation. Whenever I think of any detective character then Sherlock Holmes is the only character which comes to my mind instantly.
Anyway, today I’m feeling that I should continue writing daily. I know I have said this many times. But this time, I have to make it a good effort from my side. Actually I was going through the review of my blog. I have found that since the inception of my blog writing, there is a gradual decline in the number of posts in my blog. This shows the lack of commitment and laziness from my side. I just want to remove my laziness. And frankly speaking, I’m not expecting any feedbacks. Actually feedback is an important of my writing. It helps me in improving my writing style. Sometimes it may happen that any post of mine may require your comment for improvement or the content of the post is something on which you want to comment. Then don’t hesitate in writing me the comment. I’m waiting for that. 

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