Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 225

I know that I’m writing on the topic of elections and politics for the last few days. Today I’ll give a break to that. I know there are many others topics to write. So why to write on the topic again and again? Today I have a fact which is least known. We all are aware of the Kargil war which happened in 1999.
On June 9, 1999, Mr N K Kalia received the dead body of his son – Captain Saurav Kalia – mutilated and disfigured. His ear drums were pierced with hot iron rods, eyeballs carved out with knives, genitals chopped off, every bone broken and splintered. This is the clear cut most brutal of torture by the Pakistani Army violating the Geneva Convention. Still after twelve years, Mr N K Kalia is fighting for the justice. No action has been taken by the Central Government of India yet even after numerous letters to the Central Government.
Even our media and the human right activist are sleeping. Media has forgotten the first martyr of Kargil War, Captain Saurav Kalia. Media’s laziness is proved by the fact that many of Indians aren’t aware about Captain Kalia. Human Right activist are also sleeping. They forgot the torture done to Captain Kalia. I want to ask a question to all the human right activists that isn’t a soldier dying on the border for the country a human? Can’t he get the proper respect if he dies in serving the country?
Our human right activist are more worried for terrorists and traitors. Whenever there is report of interrogation of terrorists and traitors then the human right activists makes a lot of cry to stop the torture. Now where are those human right activists who are still sleeping after twelve years of the Kargil war? Why aren’t they pressurising the central government for the torture done to Captain Saurav Kalia by the Pakistani army.

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