Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 226

Sometimes, it becomes tough to write anything because of tussle going on within yourself. Today, I’m in mood to write. But due to the bad health, I’m unable to decide the topic to write. It’s just the cold and the leg swelling with my body. But the pain is under control with the help of medicines. Due to the pain, the brain isn’t concentrating on the writing. Hope so that I’ll recover by this weekend. But the core question still remains the same. What to write now?
The only topic which is coming in my mind is the underperformance of Indian cricket team. Indian cricket team is on the Australian tour. It lost the test series in shame. Now today it lost the first twenty twenty match by 31 runs. Two years ago, India mounted the number one status in test ranking. Last year in April, Indian cricket team won the world cup. But today, they are not the number one in test ranking. India was the first winner of the twenty twenty world cup in 2007. Bad performance, the lack of team spirit, dependency on senior players, which could be the reason out of these three possibilities? Or is there any other reason? Can’t say what is the real reason for the downfall of the team? According to me, the IPL is the cause for the downfall of the players of Indian cricket team. Every member of the cricket team was being playing in all the league teams. The huge money involved in the IPL is one of the causes. Twenty twenty is the shortest form of the game where more action and thrill are there along with the money. I think that’s distracting the attention of the players. BCCI has to do something if it really wants to save its image and the Indian cricket team. 

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Mrinmoy said...

1st of all wish you a speedy recovery..
As far as your post is concern I think that BCCI is the main culprit behind India's poor performance.They just want to make money out of Cricket.They treat this sports as a good business.They don't consider crickets as human beings and treat themselves like machines.They think it does not matter how many tournaments or matches India is going to play.The thing which matters is the MONEY.So they are pushing cricketer to play more and more matches,which makes players exhausted. So they are not able to give their 100% and creating a bad image of Indian cricket team in the world by losing matches one after another.

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