Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 245

I’m confused today. Not regarding the topic but regarding how to write. I have couple of topics to write upon. My confusion is which one to write. Should I write only one topic today? Should I write both the topics? If I write both the topics then which one to start from. A lot of confusion. Okay, let’s have it in the order in which I came to know about it.
First one is about yesterday’s cricket match between India and Sri Lanka. The end part was really awesome. It would not be wrong if I say that it was power packed. The whole stadium was thrilled with the adventure. Virat Kohli did an applauding job in the last overs. The different strokes which he played eventually lead to a victory which India needed desperately.  All the stroked which he played were aggressive. I think that was need of the hour. Mallinga, who used to be the one of the most efficient and effective bowlers of Sri Lanka, was literally smashed by Virat Kohli. But the match was worth watching. There were many people across the country who had watched the match on television. I think they were equally thrilled at the end like me.
Second topic is related to the misbehaviour of the nephew of West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee. Her nephew, Akash Banerjee, slapped a traffic constable on duty. His car was coming from the wrong direction. The traffic constable stopped him and booked him for breaking the traffic rules. At this Akash Banerjee assaulted the traffic constable. The public came in rescue of the traffic constable. Akash Banerjee was taken to the nearest police station but few other men came and took him from the police station. The senior police officers were silent. If we consider the statement of the victim police constable, then he has logged his complaint in the same police station. But the senior police officers are denying that they have received the complaint or have heard about the incidence.
This is the clear case of hiding the truth and making the culprit escape. Although, the report is that Akash Banerjee has forcefully entered the Shibpur botanical garden a week ago. Mamta Banerjee has intervened and Akash Banerjee has been arrested. But one question is arising here that is it tolerable that any person whose relatives are at high post can misbehave like this? Why isn’t the police officers are becoming strong enough to resist to any pressure from the senior officers or from the guilty politicians? Mamta Banerjee has laid the perfect example of zero tolerance in breaking any rules and regulations. Why can’t other politicians become like this? Now its time for the public to develop the habit of stopping the rule breakers and to ask questions from the politicians and police officials who try to save the rule breakers. 

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