Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 234

I know that I have been writing about politicians for the last couple of posts. But today, I have decided not to write anything about politics. But I don’t have any topic to write upon. Don’t know what has happened to me today? I don’t know the reason of having my mood off. May be lack of topic is one of the reasons. There are a lot of things happening around the globe on which something can be written. But don’t know why I’m unable to concentrate on a single incidence to write? This is happening for the first time since I have started writing regularly. Actually I have decided to write everyday on the blog. No matter how tired I am. But I forgot one thing that without any topic I can’t write properly. I never expected that I’ll be without topic for a single day. But unfortunately I’m without any idea or topic. Something is there which I’m not getting. Something is creating hurdle today. May be the reason is that lack of feedbacks.
Actually feedbacks are important for me to write constructively. But with the lack of any feedback I can’t write anything. Today I’m not going to say again to write the feed back. Several times in the past, I have written that to have any feedback. But I know that absence of feedback is the sign of absence of reading from your side. Because I know that many of you are reading the posts on the blog but none of you are bothered to write any feedback on the content of the post or the writing style of mine. Really this is very sad thing to happen. 

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