Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 87

Yesterday, stand-in Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, has made an announcement of deducting 2% taxes in service tax, custom duty and excise duty on all the items. Now this announcement is going to be a loss of Rs 29,000 crore for exchequer. This announcement has come in the time when all the parties are gearing up their resources for the Lok Sabha elections. So, is it right to make this type of decisions at the election time? Already the country is recovering from the global economic slowdown and this decision has put another load on it. Although this decision is going to save people’s money but this decision has been taken for the sake votes. I think that this is just politics and nothing more than that. The government is trying to attract the voters to vote it again in the office. This tax deduction is not going to help common man very much. Reduction of the service tax, excise duty and custom duty will make the things cheaper but that too very marginally. If we go in the FMCG section, then the effect is that if you are buying 4 soaps then you are saving Re 1 only on the 4 soaps. In construction sector, the steel bars are cheaper now by Rs 500-600 per tonne. That means it’s cheap by Re 0.50-0.60 per kg. A cement bag of 50 kg will be cheaper by Rs 2-3 only. In other consumer goods like TV, an LCD TV of say RS 32,000 will be cheaper by Rs 650 only. So this is the thing if we go in terms of amount which will save. Here I want to ask few questions. Why wasn’t this announcement made by the stand-in Finance Minister when he was presenting the interim Budget last week? Why did he take one week to make this announcement? Is this announcement to attract voters only? According to me, this is just a political propaganda to attract voters. If the Congress party led UPA doesn’t comes in power then the next government will try to make up the gap of the loss of this Rs 29,000 crore. So what is the real use of making this announcement? Is it really to make people comfortable? Is it to give some relief to the common man or is it to get more votes for clear majority? Only the post-election scenario will give the answer.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 86

I know that I am not so much regular in writing the posts as I used to be. And I have promised also to be regular now. But every time I am able to fulfil my promise. I really want to write at least one post per day but some circumstances are there due to which I am not able to do. Sometimes, the old reason is there that I don’t have any idea what to write. I know you might be thinking that every time I am giving you the excuse. But this is a truth. Another reason of being not been regular is that sometimes I have a topic to write upon but I don’t get any words to write upon. I have the theme but don’t have proper words to explain that. So these two are the main reasons for been irregular on the post writing. And it seems that you people are also not missing me so much. That’s why you are not writing any comments also. Since starting I’m telling you people to post your comments. That’s the thing which I’m missing. Sometimes, no comment from your side makes me feel bad. I think that what the use of writing today is. No one is there to read out my posts and to write comments on it. And seriously speaking, that making my writing going down and down. And this is the third factor of been irregular on the blog. You can’t do anything in the first two reasons but the third one is in your own hands. Write something as comments. I need to know your thoughts about the topics I write, the way in which I write. At least, you can lead me out of depression which I get after seeing no comments on the posts when I think to write something. Let me tell you the truth that no comment coming from your side is making me to write less and less.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 85

Sometimes writing on anything becomes very easy. But it’s very tough when you don’t have any topic to write. It’s tough when you want to write but you don’t have any topic to write. You always keep trying to write something. Same thing happens to me very often. Without aim you can’t write anything. Well, I think that without aim you can’t do anything. You got to have some aim for any work. To live also you need an aim. Without you can’t move a single step in your life? So an aim is an important thing in your life. It’s my thinking that everyone has some aim in their lives. I also have an aim in my life. I want to become famous. I want to be rich. I want to be a good writer. So this is the aim which I’m having. And I want to achieve this. And to get this I have to work. My aim has now become a motivation for me. So, there is some aim in your life also. Something which you want to have in your life, for which you really work hard. And sooner or later, you achieve your aim. At that time, you feel happy. At least, you have achieved something. And that happiness is beyond explanation in words. Few things are there which are beyond explanation in words. But life doesn’t come to a stand still. After achieving the aim, you should have another aim. You shouldn’t make your life aimless. Because it’s the aim which makes your life engaged.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 84

After writing my last post, I was thinking about internet. The medium through which I’m in contact with you. Internet has really made the world shrink on the computer screen. Now the physical distance is not a barrier for people in coming in contact with each other. Previously people use to be in contact through postal mails. Then comes the internet. Now people are in contact through e-mails. Along with this, there are numerous social networks available on the internet through which people make friendship with another person away from him or her. Internet had helped people to be in contact with their family members who are far from them through e-mails, video chat, voice chat and other means. Now sending videos, text and voices messages over the net have become a very common thing. And the credit for this technological revolution hoes to Mr Tim Berners-Lee. He developed this concept at Conseil European de la Recherche Nucleaire (CERN), the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. He is the person responsible for changing the world in a nice and constructive manner. If Mr Tim Berners-Lee couldn’t have thought about developing web pages and internet then it was not possible for us to be in contact with each other like this. I’m writing at one place and you are reading my posts sitting at some another place. You might be wondering that what has happened to me. Why am I writing about internet and its advantages? Nothing much to worry. Well a thought to praise god people for good things came in my mind. And in the modern age, everyone is dependent on net. We should praise good things. It’s not necessary that you should agree with me. I’m just appreciating the good work done by Mr Berners-Lee. He has made the communication much easier and simple in the modern age. Hats off to such genius minds of modern time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 83

I know that it’s a long time that I have written. Actually this is the common phenomenon now. This time, the issue wasn’t about what to write? The issue was whether to write or not? I took three days to decide over it and now I’m here to write it. Actually I was about to write on 14th Feb., itself. The whole world is now celebrating Valentine’s Day on 14th Feb. but I don’t see this day as a day of love. For me, this day has become a day of international consumer day. Yes, Consumer Day. People around the globe are just crazy to give some gifts for those whom they love. Now I want to ask few questions to them. Is it necessary to give gift on a particular day to your loved ones just to show your love and affection to them? Why can’t you do this everyday? And is it compulsory to give gifts to your loved ones? According to me, the answer is no. I’m not protesting against Valentine’s Day as some cheap political parties are doing just to have some publicity. As an individual, I’m asking these questions. I don’t think so that we have to copy everything that’s happening in the western countries. I’m advocating that why can’t we celebrate love daily in our life? Why can’t we love our loved ones daily as we do on Valentine’s Day? Actually, these things has been marketed by the companies based in western countries so that people will buy cards, soft toys or any gift item for each other so that they can make money out of that. This is pure marketing and sales of emotions. And I’m against the marketing and sales of Love. Love is an emotion which can’t be bought in any market. It is the thing which is felt between two individuals. Can you put a price tag on the smile on the face of your loved ones? No, you can’t. So instead of celebrating love for a single day, celebrate it for your entire life. Instead of making one day in a year Valentine’s Day make everyday of your life Valentine’s Day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 82

Why do we feel sad when we don’t get what we desire? Why there is a pain our heart when things are not getting good in spite of doing well from our side? Why do we loose someone close to our heart? Why it happens that we don’t get the company of someone who becomes special to us? Why is it so that we are left to be sad and depressed? Why? Does someone have the answers for this? If someone is there then, please let me know

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 81

It’s good to be back again. A place where I feel free to express my views or anything which comes into my mind. Sorry, for been absent for so many days. I know that my last posting was on 26th January. Well, I was busy in preparation of my exams. That’s why I wasn’t getting time to come on net and write anything. Now the exams are over. So I’m back. But one thing hasn’t happened as per my expectations. I was thinking that I’ll have some comments on the previous posts but getting nothing like that. I’m disappointed a bit. But never mind. I know that that’s not going to happen. That’s a thing which I always think to get in return. But I’m happy that few readers are there who are really following my posts and they are enjoying reading whatever I write. I have just one thing to tell them “THANK YOU”. Well, right now, I’m a bit running out of ideas. So give me 24 hours to think something then I’ll write on the topic which will strike my mind.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...