Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 196

At last, the Prime Minister has agreed to the demand of Anna Hazare. Indeed it’s a victory of the common man. The Lok Pal Bill will be brought to the Parliament and it will be passed as a law. All the newspapers are filled with the editorial about the bill and Anna Hazare. I’m with Anna Hazare. But I would like to say few things here.
First of all, making the bill alone is not sufficient. It requires the will power from the common man. The common man means the mass. If the mass refuses to pay the bribe or refuses to agree to the illegal demands of the officers, politicians and ministers then obviously the corruption is going to get out of the country. The mass includes the top industrial houses also. Of course, the bill will make the ministers work according to the law instead of against it. But it needs the participation of the public also. Suppose a common man is found to be violating the traffic signal, then instead of paying the bribe to the traffic constable, the common man should pay the fine. I know this may be sounding something abstract but this is the right track. Because to save ourselves from getting a fine receipt, we give some amount to the traffic constable. This is nothing but bribe. This is the cause of corruption.
On news channels and in news papers I have seen many people carrying the placards stating the Anna Hazare, we are with you. You are our leader against corruption. This is a good sign. It shows that now the public is aware and wants to get rid of the corruption. But if the public really wants to get rid of the corruption then it has to say no to bribe or illegal demands of the corrupt people. Because leaders like Anna Hazare isn’t going to come and tell how to say no to corruption.  So we have to do it ourselves.
If we will do it on the small scale then only we can have corruption free India. And due to the small bribes only the corrupt people demand money from other people and hence it grows up. It’s like nuclear reaction. If one person gives bribe then the corrupt person demands money from other people as well and hence this reaction of corruption goes on and on. And everybody thinks that he isn’t alone in giving bribes. Or the mentality becomes like this that okay that person or the businessmen has given bribe, so they are triggering the corruption. But in reality, the common man gives more bribe than the businessmen. Or people often say that how I can stop corruption. I’m just an individual.  I want to say that the community, city or country is made up of individuals only. So be the one of the persons to protest corruption. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 195

Finally the dream of every Indian came true last night. And the world cup is back again to India after 28 years. I must congratulate every Indian and team India for this. Yesterday, the whole India was watching this match. Hope and dream of 121 crore Indians weren’t shattered. The sad part was that Sachin couldn’t make his 100th century. But I must praise Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli for making a good partnership and for not allowing Malinga, Murli & others to put pressure on India. And one good decision by MSD by coming to the centre after dismissal of Kholi after dismissal of Kohli. Means every decision taken by MSD turned to be boom for India and at last bringing the world cup back home. And when Yuvi came to bat after the sad dismissal of Gambhir, the momentum was back. Last 2 over were really worth watching. And at the end, we needed 6 runs in 12 balls. Yuvi took one run and MSD came on the striker end. And then on the next ball of Malinga, MSD made a historic hit of six which came up to expectation of every Indian. In every city, people came out on road. Everyone was screaming and was congratulating each other. The party mood hasn’t ended yet. It’s going on and on. Kudos to everyone related to Indian cricket team.  My heartily congratulation to entire Indian cricket team. JAI HO.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 194

Finally, the most awaited day has come. It’s final of the ICC world cup. India beat its arch rival Pakistan in a nail biting semi final. What a match it was? One of the most memorable matches in the cricket history. Now today, one of the rarest match in the history of cricket world cup. For the first time in history, two big teams of Asia are facing each other in the final. As I have said in the previous blog also, since 1992 one or another big team of Asia is there in the final. Now the main question is that whether its repetition of 1983 or 1996? If I would do analysis then both the teams have balanced side. When they are in pressure then they are really performing well. But from the core of my heart, I want the repetition of 1983 at the Wankhede stadium. I want India to break this taboo that none of the host country has won the world cup except Sri Lanka in 1996. Right now, I’m remembering one of the text messages which I got when India beat Pakistan. It was like this “Team is ours. Stadium is ours. Then the world cup is obviously ours. Cheer for India.” Frankly speaking, I also want to scream “Go INDIA Go”. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...