Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 194

Finally, the most awaited day has come. It’s final of the ICC world cup. India beat its arch rival Pakistan in a nail biting semi final. What a match it was? One of the most memorable matches in the cricket history. Now today, one of the rarest match in the history of cricket world cup. For the first time in history, two big teams of Asia are facing each other in the final. As I have said in the previous blog also, since 1992 one or another big team of Asia is there in the final. Now the main question is that whether its repetition of 1983 or 1996? If I would do analysis then both the teams have balanced side. When they are in pressure then they are really performing well. But from the core of my heart, I want the repetition of 1983 at the Wankhede stadium. I want India to break this taboo that none of the host country has won the world cup except Sri Lanka in 1996. Right now, I’m remembering one of the text messages which I got when India beat Pakistan. It was like this “Team is ours. Stadium is ours. Then the world cup is obviously ours. Cheer for India.” Frankly speaking, I also want to scream “Go INDIA Go”. 

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