Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 202

A lot of things had happened since I wrote my last blog. Allegations of involvement of P Chidambaram in 2G scandal, death of Mansur Ali Pataudi, tussle between Pranab Mukharjee and P Chidambaram are few of the list. I’m confused from where to start. It really makes the things complicated when you want to move on but don’t know from where to start.
Okay, let’s pay tribute to Mansur Ali Pataudi. A lot of things has been said and telecasted about Pataudi’s life and his cricket playing years. Indeed, he was the youngest captain of the Indian cricket team. Leading the national cricket team at the age of 21 isn’t a piece of cake. But he handled that very nicely. He was the first captain, under whom; Indian cricket team won any test series outside India. He was a good motivational person, both on field and off field. Kapil Dev, has said this in his tribute statement to Pataudi. Indeed, the ‘Tiger’ is silent now. Pataudi earned the title of ‘Tiger’ due to his aggressive playing. I think that he was truly a tiger. He lived like a tiger only. He was full of positive energy and positive attitude. The nation is really mourning on his death. Like others, I, also pray that may he rest in peace.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 201

The whole nation is shocked by the bomb blast at the gate of Delhi High Court. Delhi and Mumbai has become hot spot for all the terrorist attacks. The attack at Delhi High Court has opened a new channel of discussion. Previously it was the banned outfit of Bangladesh, Harkat-ul-Jehadi-Islami and now its Indian Mujahideen taking the clame of the attack. I think it’s a conspiracy to mislead the Indian intelligence agencies. But still the National Investigation Agency is investigating into the probe from both angels. The National Investigation Agency is saying that it is investigating that whether the mail send by the Indian Mujahideen is genuine or is it a mischief? But the people behind the bomb blast have chosen Wednesday by a proper planning. Wednesday is the busiest day at the Delhi High Court. Delhi High Court hears all the Public Interest Litigation on Wednesday. So it’s obvious to have public gathering there. Till now 12 people have died and more than 70 people have been injured.

But it’s clear of one thing. Whoever has done the bomb blast is doing this to get Afzal Guru’s death sentenced to get terminated. I don’t understand one thing. Why a terrorist been kept alive when the court has passed the death sentence for him. To get one man free, we are sacrificing so many innocent people. Afzal Guru isn’t an innocent person. He is a hard core terrorist. And it’s not the matter of Afzal Guru only. The list of the criminals, who has been awarded the death sentence, is very long. And they are logged in various prisons for more than seven years or long. Keeping them alive isn’t only just a financial burden on us but we have to pay the price as the death of innocent people. I think now the time has come for the law makers to decide whether they want to keep the plea of the criminals of converting the death sentence pending or they want to pay the price as the death of innocent people? The time has come to think seriously. No politics should be done on such pleas as it is been done in the case of Nandini, the killer of Rajiv Gandhi in Tamil Nadu. In my view, the criminals should be hanged within a limited time frame, say about two months. This is the only way to stop bomb blasts and killing of innocent peoples. The militant groups pressurise the government by bomb blast or hijacking the plane. So to stop all these things we need to have some strong steps taken in advance.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 200

Today, I’m writing the 200th post of the blog. But I’m a bit disappointed. I’m disappointed because I’m reaching this milestone very late. When I started writing the blog then I thought that I’ll be reaching this milestone within four months. But unfortunately this didn’t happen. But still I have reached this milestone. Delay for this was the inaccessibility of internet and busy schedule of my life in last one and half months can be stated as the top reasons for this. And many times I was really confused about what to write. All of you were aware of the recent activities in the political and social scenario in India. But still I would like to say something about Anna Hazzare and his efforts. Mere passing the Lokpal Bill in the parliament and making it a law isn’t the final result. As I have already written in my last blog that it requires strong will power of all Indians to say to the bribe demanded by the corrupt leaders and government officials. Without that all the efforts of Anna Hazzare will be wasted. So now its you to think. Do you want to make Anna Hazzare’s effort successful or do you want to turn it down? Ask this question before acting.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 199

Hi friends. I’m back. I know it has been aeon since I wrote my last blog. There were few incidences which have kept me on the run. Inability to access internet was one of them. But now it gives me a pleasure to interact with you once again. Well today’s topic is Anna effect in India. The way in which Anna Hazaare has created a political stir in India is something which I really appreciate. This is just the initiative to curb the corruption in India. Passing the Lokpal bill is just a constitutional thing. Any law can’t be enforced in any country until and unless the citizens of that country pledge to follow that law to the word. The fast of Anna Hazaare was followed by candle lit march and procession across the country by the people. Now all the Indians have to take a pledge that they won’t give bribe to any one. Then only the fast and the agitation of Anna Hazaare will bear the fruit. Taking out the possession or the candle lit march isn’t a solution. The solution is to stop giving bribe to all the government official and politicians for having the personal gain.  So if you really want to make Anna’s effort worthy then stop giving bribe.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...