Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 200

Today, I’m writing the 200th post of the blog. But I’m a bit disappointed. I’m disappointed because I’m reaching this milestone very late. When I started writing the blog then I thought that I’ll be reaching this milestone within four months. But unfortunately this didn’t happen. But still I have reached this milestone. Delay for this was the inaccessibility of internet and busy schedule of my life in last one and half months can be stated as the top reasons for this. And many times I was really confused about what to write. All of you were aware of the recent activities in the political and social scenario in India. But still I would like to say something about Anna Hazzare and his efforts. Mere passing the Lokpal Bill in the parliament and making it a law isn’t the final result. As I have already written in my last blog that it requires strong will power of all Indians to say to the bribe demanded by the corrupt leaders and government officials. Without that all the efforts of Anna Hazzare will be wasted. So now its you to think. Do you want to make Anna Hazzare’s effort successful or do you want to turn it down? Ask this question before acting.

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