Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 80

Before I write anything let me wish all the Indians a very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY. Now let me start. It’s been a long time that I have written any post on the blog. But what to do? I was not in the mood to bore you people from writing any extempore. Just writing is not my aim. Writing something constructive or useful or something worthy to read is my aim. I am not a professional writer. I don’t have much vocabulary with me. And I often make some grammatical errors also. But in spite of all these shortcomings, I want to write. There are many things on which I want to write but I don’t get the proper idea or I lose the right direction somewhere in the middle. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to start also. The same thing was happening with me. Even today also, it has happened with me. But today, I thought I should write. Write about my short comings and all the errors which I often commit. Because when I started writing on the blog, I thought that I’ll be getting comments on my writing style and the errors which I’m making. But this dream hasn’t turned into reality yet. Never mind. It’s not necessary that you will always get what you desire. The same thing has happened with me. But still, I’m happy. Because I know and I’m having the hope that someday, anyone of you will do this. I don’t know when? But I’m having the hope. You can say that I’m talking like an optimistic. Then let it be in that way. And having a positive thinking is not at all bad. It works. And it’s good to have positive mind set. After all, positive mindset gives a constructive output. And we need to have some constructive work in the present time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 79

Sometimes I wonder that what the human being had achieved. The things which it calls as the technological advancements are making the human being more and lazier. And now the human is inventing more and more things which are not for any construction but for the destruction of the human race. I know that you are not going to agree with me. But there are few things which are there. For example, if you take the case of nuclear power. Now a days, he nuclear power is been treated as the alternative source of energy in every field be it defence, electricity generation, as fuels for the navy ships and many more. But have you ever thought about the other side also. The other side is the nuclear missiles and nuclear weapons. Now every developed country and developing country is spending more and more funds on the development of nuclear missiles. All of them are doing this in the name of self defence. But just imagine the devasting side also. If the nuclear weapons are going to be used in a war then it will not only destroy a single city but at least 100 cities will be destroyed. We have seen the effect of atom bomb during the World War II. So instead of making nuclear bombs can’t we do something to make the agricultural land more fertile? There are so many people in the world who are hungry and hardly get the meal for one time also. So instead of making deadly weapons for the mass killing we should do something for the mass feeding. And there are many deadly diseases also. So why aren’t scientists to make medicines for those diseases? We need more food, more homes, more clothes, better education, more jobs, and more medicines than the more nuclear bombs? That's all I have to say now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 78

Its celebration time! You must be wondering that what has happen to me. Still the recession period is going on. There was bad time in Indian Software Company after the fall out of Satyam Company. And still I’m saying that its celebration time. But believe me, its celebration time. Now you will wonder how? Then let me ask you one question. Do we need any excuse to celebrate? I don’t think so. We have such a beautiful excuse with us. We have our life. Why can’t we make our life a reason to celebrate? It’s not necessary that we need certain day or certain occasion to celebrate. We can make everyday of our life a day to celebrate. And it’s necessary to do that. Well when a human being is in the mood of celebration, then he is very energetic, enthuastic and in positive mind set. And with this positive mindset, a person can do constructive work. And when a person do any constructive work then people around him or her praises the good work done by that person. So to be happy and doing constructive things we need to celebrate each and every day. And it’s not a bad thing to stay happy everyday. It helps in reducing stress. And if you are happy then the people around you will be happy. So to spread happiness and to do constructive work, we have to start from today itself. And celebrating life is not a tough job. We just have to think in the morning that today is happy day. It’s a lucky day for me. Just a small change in thinking can be useful to change the way of looking to others and way of looking to the problems. When you are happy then you want to solve all your problems. Actually it depends on your thinking. If you think that any problem can come and can destroy your happiness then you have to increase your will power. You have to think that there is no problem which can’t be solved. And you have to keep your spirit of happiness high so that the problems don’t even come half mark of that also. If you have the mindset that the problem in front of you is not going to hamper the spirit of happiness in you then just keep that spirit with you. Move forward and solve that problem in such a way that the problem never returns back to you. So start celebrating life from today itself and keep smiling.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 77

Now I understand that why the Pakistan is denying every charge and the proofs which India is presenting. Actually Pakistan is buying the time. It wants to buy the time just to have support from China. By the support, I didn’t mean the diplomatic support but the military support. Actually China is making and supplying many fighter planes for the Pakistani Air Force. China is giving full support to Pakistan in cover of defusing the tension India and Pakistan. China has deployed two warships and a supply ship in the Gulf of Aden. China is showing its presence in the Indian Ocean by this act. And it has told the world community that China is doing these things in the cover to take actions against the international piracy. But the truth is something different. All these things are done to help Pakistan only. And there are many people who think that in 1998, India forced Pakistan to test its nuclear power. But the reality is something different. It was China, who had done the test of nuclear missiles, in May 1990, on its main land. China told the world that these tests were for the peaceful use. But in reality all were nuclear missiles designed for Pakistan. And those missiles were given to Pakistan after the tests. So the nuclear test conducted by India in 1998, were for the self defence. Otherwise just imagine the situation during the Kargil war. What would have been the situation at during that war? Pakistan equipped with nuclear missiles and India doesn’t have any nuclear weapon to defend itself. And in the present situation also, Pakistan is looking towards China for the military aids. Top military officer led a delegation to China when India was giving evidences. China has promised to give many aids for the Pakistani military. So, now its time to act for India. If Pakistan is planning and preparing itself for any military action then India should also do the same. Both, China and Pakistan, are united in the diplomatic war against India. And China is giving full support to Pakistan in this issue. Now our ministers and leaders should be aware that Pakistan can do anything like Kargil to destabilise the peace in our country. So, it’s better to get ready and prepare ourselves before it’s too late.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 76

Sometimes it’s better to write some abstract things. But that’s not going to work every time. And the present scenario around us is not a pleasant one. The diplomatic war between India and Pakistan. The ongoing drama at the Satyam Company. I think I have written enough about the relationship of India and Pakistan. And about the immediate action which India should take now. The politicians are not in mood to deploy the army at the border. I think that’s the only language which Pakistan understands. How long the politicians will engage themselves on the diplomatic war. The time has come that we should do something for the safety of our country. And this always happens that Pakistan denies every charge and proofs which India present to it and the world community. But every time Pakistan makes any excuse or another or just refuse them as proofs. And instead of being right, our condition becomes like a beggar. How long this is going to continue? If America can attack Iraq in having doubt that Iraq is having weapons of mass destruction, then why can’t we attack Pakistan? We know that it’s Pakistan only which is having the terrorist training camps. But still we are begging and giving proofs and evidences to Pakistan. So to stop all the infiltrations like this, not only we have to make our borders safe and secure but have to destroy the root of that. And the root of all the terrorism in India is the terrorist training camp in Pakistan. Now it’s enough to have fought the diplomatic war. Its time to have military war.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 75

I was thinking that what is the true Happiness? How can one get the Happiness? But later on I got the answer myself. Actually Happiness is nothing but a feeling or a emotion which comes in us when we get or do the thing which we desire. And its not necessary to do something which is not the part of our ordinary life. Let's take an example. When you get your favorite food then you feel happy and you sleep peacefully. When you play your favorite game then you feel happy. When you are with your favorite people then you are happy. So, in short, you don't have to do anything special or something extra ordinary in your life to get happiness. But all these are the ways to get happiness. And my question is that what is the happiness? This question is there which is always there in my mind and I'm not getting any concrete answer for this. Is it exactly a feeling or an emotion as I think? Or is it something different? I am not able to differentiate. To me, Happiness is just an emotion. But if it's a emotion then it should be like other emotions like pain, stress and others. I have observed that when a person is happy then his energy level increased many times. At that time, a person can do the work more than his or her normal capacity to do any work. But then happiness becomes a mental state and not an emotion. So, how to differentiate between emotion and mental state. And is there someout who can tell me that what is happiness?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 74

Now again Pakistan is diverting the world attention from itself. Pakistani Prime Minister is saying that the world community is "making too much noise" on the Mumbai strike. Now this is what I called Daring. Inspite of knowing that there are enough evidences against Pakistan, still Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is saying that the world community is taking much interest in the Mumbai attacks. It should look towards the Gaza where Israeli attack taking place. I mean that this Pakistanis are really out of these world. Inspite of taking strict action against the terrorists who are in Pakistan, the Pakistani government is trying to save them. I don't know what is the real intention of Pakistan. Why it is guarding the terrorists in its country? It seems that Gilani is more worried about the innocent people been killed in Palestine by the Israeli attacks. Gilani has said that the world community is silent over the "attrocities" done of the Indian side on the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Now this is really ridiculous. Since 1947, Pakistan is having the aim of having Jammu and Kashmir as a part of Pakistan. But till now, it has remained nothing more than just a dream. So, Pakistan did send terrorists to Kashmir for the killing of innocent people just for the sake of getting bad publicity of Indian Government. Now after killing so many people in Kashmir and after attacking Mumbai, Pakistan is behaving like its innocent. Pakistan has its own hand red with the blood of the innocent people of Kashmir and now just to divert the attention of the world its becoming sympathic to the people of Palestine. Pakistan is just trying to deviate the attention which it is getting right now. India should attack the terrorists camps in Pakistan just like Israel is doing now in Gaza Strip then only this problem will get solve. Because its enough that India has fought diplomatic war with Pakistan. Pakistan has only one strategy for the diplomatic war with India: deny all the charges and evidences which India produces. That's the thing which shouldn't happen any more.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 73

Its very tough to write sometimes. There are a lot of things happening around us but still I can't write upon those issues. There are certain things which I want to say but don't know how to express them. In short, I'm struggling to write again. The recent turnmoil of Satyam Software has created a shocking wave across the country. The ex-chairman of Satyam Software, R Raju, has accepted the irregularity of Rs 7000 crores. Now that's a big amount. And I was wondering that how he showed the 3% growth to the growth beyond 20% growth in a quarter. Now the Registrar of Companies in Hydrabad is investigating in all the bank records and the finanicial statements of Satyam. I want to know that why wasn't it scrutnised earlier? Why wasn't all these things been checked earlier by the authorities? Why it always happens that the government officials wake up after these frauds and scams takes place? And most importantly the shares of Satyam is been transfered but no one knows that who is the buyer of those shares? Approximately 30 crore shares have been traded but still every one is clueless about the owner of these shares. Is it starting of any other scam? Is something bigger happening behind the scene? All these has to be watched now before its too late. I think we are not ready to have one more economic scandal when the economy is going upwards with snail's pace after the world economic downfall.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 72

I was busy so I wasn't able to write anything on the blog. I tried to write anything despite being busy but didn't get any idea to write anything. Even right now, I don't have anything in my mind. But finally I have decided to write anything. Anything which comes in the mind. Actually I was written many things on the current issues but it seems that my comments didn't created much awarness as I was expecting. Maybe there was some drawbacks in my writing. I think there wasn't more attractivness or punches in that. But I wrote those comments in the simple manner. Next time, I'll have this in mind. Because I am sure that the politicians of our country will give some reasons to speak against them. I have full faith on them regarding this issue. But sometimes I wonder that why we become so much weak while dealing with Pakistan? We have the evidences about the Mumbai attack. We all know that it was master minded by Pakistan but still we are having talks with the Pakistani government. They are saying that all the evidences are fabricated by the Indian authorities. The situation is like that a thief has come in our home and is being caught. Now we are begging the thief to accept the fact that he entered our home and the thief is refusing that. I think this is really ridiculous. Instead of taking some strict actions like attacking the terrorists camps in Pakistan, we are just giving Pakistan more time to hide all the terrorists at some other places. We have been hearing the same answer from our leaders that we believe in non violence. But to defend to defend the country we have to get violent. And now the world is believing the evidences which we have given to Pakistan. Instead of attacking Pakistan we are just sitting. Israel attacked on Gaza strip when it came to know that Hamas terrorists are there in the area controlled by Palestine. We all know that majority of the terrorists camps are located in Pakistan occupied Kashmir then why aren't we are attacking those camps. When Pakistan can send the terrorists to destroy India, can't we destroy the camps which are there making more and more terrorists to attack us. Indian Army should do something to stop all this because the Indian politicians are not going to do anything.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 71

Today I am not going to write anything on a specific topic. Today again I am in mood to write the thoughts coming in my mind. Actually I was thinking about life and death. Exactly what do you think about death. Is it the the end point of the life? Or is it a phase of interval between two lives? What is it? Well, I think that it's a phase of interval between two lives. Many people will not accept my thinking to be the suitable thought. But I think in that way. According to me, when a soul leaves a body then that body is dead. We do the last rituals of that body according to the religion we are following. But no body thinks about the soul. In every holy book it's said that the soul never dies. But no body thinks about the soul. All things that the soul will go to heaven or will get the suitable reward by the God for the acts it did when it was in the body. But I differ from others at this point. I think that death is a interval time for the soul. It takes rest before going into another body. So, I think that death is not the end of the life. It's the beginning of another life. The soul will come back in another form. We are not aware of that. My theory can be looking like a complicated or complex thinking or philosophy. But this is what the way I see the life and death. It's not necessary that you have to agree with me but this can be one of the possibilities about the soul? Many times, I have thought that what happens to the soul after the death? Does it really goes to the heaven or the hell, according to the acts it did when it was in a body? I didn't get answer for that but I get this concept that death is not the end of the life. It's a interval or break for the soul to start new journey in a new body. Because none of us has seen the soul and none of us knows that what happens to soul after it leaves the body. And after leaving a body, it goes in some another body. And there had been many cases of reincarnation. Many people do remember about their previous life. They know that what they were in their previous life. I am not talking about the reincarnation. It's just a point to explain my thought. If the soul goes to the heaven or hell, then how do those people do remember everything about their past lives? And whatever they have told or use to tell, are the true facts. So, it can be said that the death is not the end of life. We use to say that the death is the end of the life because the body with which we are attached is not going to work anymore. We have some sentimental attachment with that body that's why we think like that. But it can be seen in another context also. Death comes to a body and the soul leave it to start a new journey.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 70

Happy New Year to all of the readers of my blog. Last few days, I was unable to write anything. And yesterday I was busy in party. Any way my main aim to write today is to wish you all the good wishes of the new year. Let's pray that this year will be good for all of us. Let's pray that there will be no more bomb blasts, no more terrorists attacks on our country. And this year our country and the countrymen prosper in all fields. Let's pray for the world peace. When there will be peace everywhere then only we can move forward towards progress, prosperity and will be more developed than we are now. Actually, in my view, we don't need any more nuclear bombs or weapons. We need to develop more peace and love amongst us. Then only we will develope with others.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...