Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 74

Now again Pakistan is diverting the world attention from itself. Pakistani Prime Minister is saying that the world community is "making too much noise" on the Mumbai strike. Now this is what I called Daring. Inspite of knowing that there are enough evidences against Pakistan, still Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is saying that the world community is taking much interest in the Mumbai attacks. It should look towards the Gaza where Israeli attack taking place. I mean that this Pakistanis are really out of these world. Inspite of taking strict action against the terrorists who are in Pakistan, the Pakistani government is trying to save them. I don't know what is the real intention of Pakistan. Why it is guarding the terrorists in its country? It seems that Gilani is more worried about the innocent people been killed in Palestine by the Israeli attacks. Gilani has said that the world community is silent over the "attrocities" done of the Indian side on the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Now this is really ridiculous. Since 1947, Pakistan is having the aim of having Jammu and Kashmir as a part of Pakistan. But till now, it has remained nothing more than just a dream. So, Pakistan did send terrorists to Kashmir for the killing of innocent people just for the sake of getting bad publicity of Indian Government. Now after killing so many people in Kashmir and after attacking Mumbai, Pakistan is behaving like its innocent. Pakistan has its own hand red with the blood of the innocent people of Kashmir and now just to divert the attention of the world its becoming sympathic to the people of Palestine. Pakistan is just trying to deviate the attention which it is getting right now. India should attack the terrorists camps in Pakistan just like Israel is doing now in Gaza Strip then only this problem will get solve. Because its enough that India has fought diplomatic war with Pakistan. Pakistan has only one strategy for the diplomatic war with India: deny all the charges and evidences which India produces. That's the thing which shouldn't happen any more.

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