Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 75

I was thinking that what is the true Happiness? How can one get the Happiness? But later on I got the answer myself. Actually Happiness is nothing but a feeling or a emotion which comes in us when we get or do the thing which we desire. And its not necessary to do something which is not the part of our ordinary life. Let's take an example. When you get your favorite food then you feel happy and you sleep peacefully. When you play your favorite game then you feel happy. When you are with your favorite people then you are happy. So, in short, you don't have to do anything special or something extra ordinary in your life to get happiness. But all these are the ways to get happiness. And my question is that what is the happiness? This question is there which is always there in my mind and I'm not getting any concrete answer for this. Is it exactly a feeling or an emotion as I think? Or is it something different? I am not able to differentiate. To me, Happiness is just an emotion. But if it's a emotion then it should be like other emotions like pain, stress and others. I have observed that when a person is happy then his energy level increased many times. At that time, a person can do the work more than his or her normal capacity to do any work. But then happiness becomes a mental state and not an emotion. So, how to differentiate between emotion and mental state. And is there someout who can tell me that what is happiness?

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