Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 76

Sometimes it’s better to write some abstract things. But that’s not going to work every time. And the present scenario around us is not a pleasant one. The diplomatic war between India and Pakistan. The ongoing drama at the Satyam Company. I think I have written enough about the relationship of India and Pakistan. And about the immediate action which India should take now. The politicians are not in mood to deploy the army at the border. I think that’s the only language which Pakistan understands. How long the politicians will engage themselves on the diplomatic war. The time has come that we should do something for the safety of our country. And this always happens that Pakistan denies every charge and proofs which India present to it and the world community. But every time Pakistan makes any excuse or another or just refuse them as proofs. And instead of being right, our condition becomes like a beggar. How long this is going to continue? If America can attack Iraq in having doubt that Iraq is having weapons of mass destruction, then why can’t we attack Pakistan? We know that it’s Pakistan only which is having the terrorist training camps. But still we are begging and giving proofs and evidences to Pakistan. So to stop all the infiltrations like this, not only we have to make our borders safe and secure but have to destroy the root of that. And the root of all the terrorism in India is the terrorist training camp in Pakistan. Now it’s enough to have fought the diplomatic war. Its time to have military war.

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