Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 287

I know I didn’t write anything on the blog yesterday in spite of saying that writing has become my habit. Well, yesterday I wasn’t in mood. Actually yesterday I was a bit tired. So I decided to skip the writing. But anyway, this isn’t going to make any impression on anyone. Nobody is reading my blog now so there is no need to give any explanation now.
Today I decided to write upon the reduction in the oil price. The prices have been reduced to Rs 2.46 per litre. But still the prices are above Rs 70. Actually all the news papers and news channels show the oil prices in the four metro cities only. So here I can compare the prices of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. In New Delhi, it’s Rs 70.24 per litre after reducing the price by Rs 2.02. In Mumbai, it’s Rs 73.35 per litre after reducing by Rs 3.10. In Kolkata, it’s Rs 72.74 after reducing Rs 3.07 and in Chennai its Rs 72.74 after reducing Rs 3.07. This indicates that the prices are cut but still the prices are much more. Now its necessity of the people to have petrol in their vehicles. So they are forced to buy the petrol at the price being charged for. But here I’m not going to criticise the government. We all know that the Indian government isn’t an oil producer. Indian government is the oil buyer from the gulf countries.
We all know that the oil is a natural product with limited stock. With the increase of demand and limited stock, it’s natural that the cost of the commodity will go high. Same thing is happening with the petrol. There are many automobiles companies who are having profit year after year. With the increase in the automobiles it’s clear that the demand of the petroleum will go high. It’s obvious that no automobile can run without the petrol. So the emphasis should be on the alternatives. I mean to say that automobile companies have to think about the alternative through which the automobiles will run smoothly.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 286

Sometimes it happens that one decide to create something. A feeling of happiness comes in one’s self. But when one really wants to start something new then his mind looses all the directions and one gets confused what to do next? Suddenly the mental block becomes the barrier of the creativity. Same thing is with me today. I was fully determined to write something different today. But as I sat down to write, I found that I don't have any idea about writing. I don't want to write about the daily routine. I want something different. But thanks to you people, I’m not getting any direction. Now it’s hopeless to say anything to you people about writing comments. I’m not sure whether you people are reading my posts on the blog or not.
This is the disadvantage of technology. If I say that its disadvantage of internet then it would be more appropriate. Through internet, a person can access anything. A person can entertain himself or herself, can be in contact with friends, can access the articles and search any detail of any topic to enhance the knowledge. But there are few disadvantages also. Just take the example of you and me. I write every post on the blog with this thought that you will read my post and give comment to me. But I don't know that whether you are reading it or not. The physical distance isn’t there in reading the things which I write but physical monitoring isn’t there. Absence of your comments is converting my doubt in believe that none of readers is reading my blog now.
I know few people are there who really give comments on the posts. But they are also silent these days. I know that they accessing the internet but have forgotten my blog. Otherwise its not possible that they won’t comment on any of the post or won’t mail be asking about the gap in the posts. Its sure now that I have lost all the readers which I used to have earlier. But still, I’m writing. This has become my habit now. Now I treat my blog as my online diary. I don't write my dairy daily. But I write when I really want to write. But the most painful thing is that I have lost the readership. It’s really a sad thing for me. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 285

I know that for the last two days I haven’t written anything on the blog. Actually I was waiting for the comments from you people. But it’s really sad to say that you people have disappointed me a lot. I was expecting that you people will write something about the topic on which I should write or on my writing style.
Well I was surfing the net. I went to the internet edition of an Indian daily newspaper. The news article was about the extraction of Syed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Zundal from Saudi Arabia to India. Abu Zundal was wanted by the Indian government in Mumbai attack of 26/11. Abu Zundal was arrested on June 21. He has revelled that LeT chief, Hafiz Saeed, was behind the Mumbai attack. Hafiz Saeed has denied his role in the Mumbai attack but now, after Kasab, Zundal’s statement is saying that Hafiz Saeed is involved in the Mumbai attack. Abu Zundal has accepted that he was one of the instructors of the Mumbai attackers and he taught them in Hindi and about the topography of Mumbai. Abu Zundal is an Indian citizen but went to Pakistan and joined Pakistani terrorist organization. Zundal was instructing the attacker on 26/11.
Now every arrest in connection of Mumbai attack and the statement is directly pointing towards the Pakistan and the terror groups it’s sheltering on its soil. Abu Zundal has clearly stated that two officers of Pakistani army were also present with him in the same room when he was instructing the attackers. This clearly says that the Pakistani army and ISI are always behind the terrorists attack in India. I wonder why still the international community isn’t taking any hard actions against Pakistan. Why India isn’t allowed to take military actions against Pakistan as America did for searching and killing of Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden? The only way left to teach Pakistan a proper lesson is the military action taken by India. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 284

Today was fun day for me. Actually after ten minutes of going to office, my madam came and told me that her husband will take me and my friend to Columbia to visit their hotels. My boss came there on his schedule time. Columbia is half an hour drive from Orangeburg. Its about 50 miles from here. So while going to Columbia, we talked a lot with the boss. Then we had the visits of hotels. I and my friend had the photographs there. Then we had chicken salad in the lunch. After that, our boss took us to a shop where we can have the good chicken. Before that we went to Wal Mart to buy few stuffs. After all the shopping, we came back to Orangeburg. Then we went to the house of our boss. He gave few spices from his kitchen. By four in the afternoon, we returned to our apartment. We were tired so we took rest. About half past seven, I made scrambled egg. My friend came to kitchen at that time. He took couple oh hours to prepare the chicken curry. After having the dinner, I decided to write this post for the blog. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 283

Today I don't have much to tell about my daily routine. The only change in today’s routine was that I didn’t have any work to do. With in five minutes of reaching office, my boss came there. He told me and my friend to accompany him to a meeting being held in one of his hotels. Both of them accompanied him. We went to one of his hotels. There we were in the meeting rooms and we were introduced to the eight managers from eight hotels owned by my boss. Actually there were ten people there. One of the remaining persons was the sales head of the company in which I’m doing internship and the other person was the general manager. We had a three hour session there. Surprisingly today the cab came to office without calling. We came back to the apartment. After lunch, I immediately went to meet the Dean of the university. I had the meeting for an hour. After that, I stayed in the apartment. Now I’m writing this post. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 282

I have come back from class just now. Well I didn’t enjoy the work at office. It’s not like that I’m getting bored. I didn’t enjoy my work at home because I didn’t found the required data which I was finding. So I couldn’t concentrate much on work. I came back to my apartment at the usual time. Then had lunch and had a small nap. Don't know why but today I felt sleepy in day time. This is very rare phenomenon. But in evening, I really enjoyed the class. It was fun.
But there is something missing. I’m missing the content for writing. I need something to write. But I’m missing the topics like my older posts where I used to enjoy writing. I really don't know what had happened to me after coming to America. I have simply lost the grip over my writing. Daily I made my mind to write something different or something new. But I end up by writing my daily schedule. That’s why I missed to write the blog this Sunday because ultimately I found that I was writing the daily schedule only. So please help me out. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 281

Today I felt very sad. Instead of repeated asking for the comments of readers, I’m getting none. So disappointing and so ridiculous. Well, today I was busy in my work. I completed the work of data entry and informed my boss that I would like to leave as I was feeling hungry. Since my friend has come, we are preparing the food at the apartment only. At least it’s much better to cook the food at the apartment rather than having the limited American food. I’m not describing the American food as bad but majority of the items are beef and pork. I don't eat beef and pork and the chicken item is very limited. Many things are alien for me. I tried few things but I didn’t found the taste as per the taste of the Indian food. It was about quarter past four in the evening when we sat to have our lunch. After lunch, we had rest of about an hour. Then we went to the class. The class was fine. We came to know about an assignment. We tried a lot but were unable to find the right answers to the questions. We are still searching the internet to find the answers. Otherwise, we have to meet to professor tomorrow to get the extension. I hope he will give the extension. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 280

I know that yesterday I haven’t written anything on the blog. Actually I wasn’t in mood to write anything. What should I write now? I know that none of my readers is reading my blogs these days. I have told my readers numerous times that if there is any flaw in the content of the posts or in my writing then give your feedbacks in comments. But you people are not writing the comments anything. This proves that none of you are reading the blogs. You people can skip the reading but I can’t skip writing. Now this has become my habit. Yesterday I wasn’t having any topic to write. I don't want to repeat the same daily routine of mine to bore you people more. Even today I thought to write but still I’m not getting anything in my mind. But today I thought to show my anger on you. My writing needs feedback from you people. This is the only way in which I can improve my writing. May be your feedbacks will give the right direction which I need to give you pleasure in reading my blogs.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 279

Well, today I’m very much worried about what to write. I don't have anything special to write about. I haven’t done anything at all. I woke late today. Then did nothing for next couple of hours except chatting on internet. Then suddenly got the temptation to drink. I went to the wine shop and bought vodka for myself. Then I made scrambled egg for myself. I was having my drinks very slowly. Then my friend prepared a nice lunch. But don't know why but the due to drinks I wasn’t having any headache neither I had any such feelings which I used to have in India. I was pretty fine. In evening, I went to have walk. Even then I was walking normally. There must be some affect of the climate or the alcoholic drinks in America are a bit more diluted than in India. Whatever the case may be but the main thing is that I didn’t enjoy it much. Actually I’m used to have wine with my friends and here I’m having it without friends. So may be due to this reason, I’m not getting affected by the wine. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 278

Its time for me to write my blog. Actually today I wasn’t in mood to write the blog. But suddenly I realised that I don't have any reason to skip in writing the blog. Why should I skip this? In the last month, I have skipped a lot. Even after coming to America, I have skipped once. But it would be good if I keep at skipped once only. That’s my target and intention. But I’m forced to remember one proverb that “Man proposes and God disposes.” Here my intention is not to blame God for any further skip. There may be some incidences in future where I couldn’t write anything in spite of being in mood to write.
Anyway, coming to the point, I was free in afternoon after coming from office. My friend, Tausif and I were making plans to go to Wall Mart to buy grocery items as our stock was going to be out of stock. My plan was to call the Dean of the university so that he could take us to some Indian grocery shop in Columbia as I know that there is no Indian grocery store in Orangeburg. But the Dean called me in the morning and he told me that he will be here in Orangeburg on Monday. Then in afternoon, I called the Director. He got ready and in evening he came to my apartment to take us to the Wall Mart. He came at the scheduled time. We went to Wall Mart and bought the necessary items. Then we went to a bar. There we had drinks and came back to my apartment. But its not like I’m drank. I think the climatic condition of America is totally different from India because still after having the drinks I’m quite normal. When I used to drink in India then my condition used to be of totally drunk. But in America, I’m quite normal. In India, I couldn’t have written the post for my blog but here in America, I’m writing all these things with full concentration. Anyway, I’m not arguing about the drinks and its side effects. I’m just comparing the difference. I think tomorrow I can write another post on this. I think I have got another topic to write for tomorrow.
I know that someone is reading my posts. I just need feedback from him. I know I’m writing about my daily routine. But I need feedback about the error in my writing style. I would really appreciate the feedback on my writing style.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 277

Today was a type of fun day for me. When I went to office, I was told that there is a technical error in the desktop. So, until the error was rectified, I wasn’t supposed to do any work in the office. As my work is totally based on the desktop for data entry and internet so I got a relief of an hour or so. Then my friend and I went out for some change. We went to Burger King and KFC. We all know about KFC as it’s a world renowned outlet for chicken items. But Burger King is an outlet which isn’t famous in India. Burger King is an outlet which specialises itself in different types of burgers. Really I like the burgers of Burger King. They are indeed very delicious. Well, that’s not the main part. We returned back after a break of half an hour. When we were back in office, we were told that the error was fixed and we were supposed to do the work. I was still in good mood as my work contained about collecting the data of the competitor companies from the internet. I have finished about one Competitor Company yesterday itself. So I was supposed to target another one. But the instructor came and told me that we need the modification in the work which I did last week. She explained me the new format. I accepted to work in the new format. She told me to edit the last work but I still preferred to start fresh. Or rather say in American terms, starting from the scratch. I got agreed to work from starting because my work contained from various sheets and editing those work is tougher than starting afresh. So I started afresh. After working for three hours, I came back to my apartment. Then I took rest and after rest, roamed here and there. Then after returning, we took rest of an hour or so. Then my friend went for cooking and I sat to write the post for the blog. I was thinking about the topic. Then at last, as usual I wrote my daily routine. I hope you people are not getting bored with my stuffs. If you are getting bored, then I have always welcomed your comments as feedback.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 276

Today was another day with workload. As usual, I went to my office and worked there for four hours. Then came back to my apartment. Had lunch and after that suddenly my mood was off. I don't know the reason but I wasn’t in a good mood. Suddenly it was looking that nothing is there left interesting. Then one of my friends sent me a funny message. It was around half past one in night back in India. I called him back. We talked about forty five minutes. By his tone, I deduced that even he wasn’t happy. He was saying that the life has become stagnant. There is nothing called excitement left in the life. He was unhappy because his closed friends were ahead of him. It’s not like my friend isn’t doing anything. He has a handsome job in a government department. But when he compared himself with his friends then his annual pay were about half of his friends working in the software industry. Then we talked about our old live. The mistakes we made and the consequences we faced. After talking to him, I felt that everyone has got problems in life. But the way to deal with it is different as everyone’s problem is different. No two problems are identical. After talking to my friend, I went to the university to attend my class. There I had the class and I did the class exercise with my group. After the class, I came back to my apartment. But still, something is there which is making me unhappy. I don't know the reason. May be I’m missing something but I’m unaware of that. Hope so that tomorrow, I won’t be in the same mood.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 275

I know I’m a bit late today in writing today’s blog. Well I was busy in office during the day and had a class in the evening. After the class, I’m in my apartment but today I need something different to write for the blog. Daily I’m writing about the daily routine. But today I need something different. This is the thing I’m thinking for the past half an hour. Being in America really makes a lot of difference. These days, I’m not getting any Indian news papers. The news channels which I can see broadcast all the things about the American stuffs. Then I logged on to the internet version of one of the leading Indian newspapers. Two articles got my attention. One was regarding the recommendation to increase the excise duty on the diesel cars by none other than the Union Petroleum Minister himself and another news article was about the Khap community in Haryana.
Right now, I don't want to say anything about what the Union Petroleum Minister has said. I think there is no logic behind that. The whole country is facing the price hike in petrol and diesel in India. If the government accepts whatever Mr Jaipal Reddy has said then the price of small diesel cars will go high by Rs 1.7 lakh per unit and medium to large guzzler will go high by Rs 2.55 lakh per unit. I don't see any logic in this. As far as I remember then the price of the diesel cars are roughly Rs 1 lakh more than the petrol cars. Then what’s the use of increasing the price of the diesel cars? This is really ridiculous. If we exclude the small cars and the SUVs then the rest remaining things will be the tractors and the trucks. Majority of the tractors are being used in Agricultural activities. Is Mr Reddy advocating increasing the price of tractors so that it will add the additional cost to farmers? What exactly is this? And the trucks are being used to transport both commercial and non commercial things. I’m unable to try to figure out what exactly Mr Reddy is trying to say? Because increase in the excise duty in tractors and trucks will ultimately effect the agricultural and non agricultural things. It will make the agricultural products more costlier and non agricultural services more costly. What exactly he wants to say is vague to me. I hope he clarifies it very soon. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 274

Today was the first day when I was really busy. I think it was the first day since I came to America that I had been so much busy. I reached office with my friend, Tausif. Different works were allotted to us. A new type of work was given to me in whom I have to search for the different hotels of the competitive companies of the company in which I’m doing internship. I got busy in my work. I searched few different companies which have posted their advertisements on the internet about their hotels. I made a list of them. Around half past one in the afternoon, I left the company. But my cab came at quarter past two to pick me up. From the office, I directly went to the Dean’s office in the university in connection to Tausif. I formally introduced them. Then I went with Tausif in connection to get his photograph done by the university photographer. By the time, we returned, the Dean was about to leave the office due to his pre planned meeting. Then we went to Wal Mart with the Director of MBA Programme to buy grocery for us. We bought many things and came back. Tausif began to cook after change and I went out for my shopping. Soon I came back. Till then Tausif prepared the rice with vegetable in that. Then he made scrambled egg. After eating the home made Indian food, we had a glass of coke. Now I’m writing this post while having the coke. Tomorrow again, it’s going to be a tough day as I have hectic work at office and class in evening. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 273

Well, I know I missed to write the post on the blog. Actually, I was a bit lazy yesterday. Lazy in writing anything for the blog. I was just watching movies on the laptop. Don't know why but I wasn’t in mood to write at all. Even today also, the same thing was happening. But suddenly I remembered that I haven’t written anything today. I must write because the more and more delay will again make me absent for a long time. I didn’t want to have break in the writing. Gap in the writing breaks the rhythm of writing. Another reason for not writing yesterday was that I was busy in helping my friend in his shopping. Actually he is getting problem in setting here. From tomorrow, he will start all his work. He came on Friday night and weekends are off in America. So officially his work and interaction with everyone in the university and the company is going to start from tomorrow. My new schedule will also start tomorrow. May be totally new work. I don't know much. Even though, I have been informed about the type of the work but as a fresher I’m totally unaware of the work. But don't worry. Whatever will be the work or the work type, I’m going to write about that in the next blog. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 272

Today my friend is coming from India. We were supposed to come together. But his visa was put on hold due to some reasons. The reason was not disclosed to us at American consulate. Anyhow last week, he called me and told me his visa has been cleared. And today he will be landing here in another two and half hours. The Director will come to my apartment and we will go to receive him. Now I’ll not be alone. Being alone is something a sort of punishment for me. Now the tenure of my punishment has come to its end.
Well I have made my posts as my daily routine. Whatever I do in the whole day, I just write it down. So today morning, I was feeling better. I had a comfortable sleep without any shivering. After getting ready, I made my own breakfast. I made omelette along with the bread. My cab came at its scheduled time and dropped me at my office. I finished my work in just two hours. After that I got leave for the day. Now I have weekends to enjoy. From Monday, my new schedule will start. Hoping that I’ll be having some new things to learn while doing it. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 271

Since morning, I’m trying to write something new. But I couldn’t concentrate. Well I didn’t go to office today. I called my boss and told her that I won’t be able to come to office. After half an hour, the Dean of the university called me and asked me about my health. I think my boss told him about me. He told me that I should have told him. There are few doctors in the university also. I told him that if I’ll need his help then I’ll definitely call him. After talking with him, I called my mother. She told me take precaution to have warm water. So I boiled the water before having it. I tried to sleep after having bread and medicine. But sleep wasn’t in my mind. So I got up and sat on the chair and turned on my laptop. I watched few videos on internet. Had chats with friends who were online on Face Book. Then I got slight headache. I tried to sleep but couldn’t sleep. Again I sat to watch the video. The residence manager of the apartment came to inspect the room. Actually it’s a routine affair here that the residence manager will inspect every apartment here for cleanliness. Ranking will be awarded on that basis. If the ranking is poor then fine will be imposed. After she went I watched the video again. But again headache was there. So I lay for fifteen to twenty minutes. I wasn’t able to sleep again. Then I thought that I should write post for the blog. When I was about to start then the Director came to my apartment. He also enquired about my health. He told me that he will come tomorrow evening so that we can go to Columbia Metropolitan Airport to receive my friend. I said yes. Then he went from here. Now I’m still all alone in the apartment. Waiting for my friend to come tomorrow. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 270

I know yesterday I missed to write the post on the blog. Actually yesterday I was feeling cold. It was raining here in America and I got a bit wet. I was okay till evening. But when I decided to write then I started shivering. I ordered my food from Domino’s and had the food. Then I slept. When I wake up today morning, then I was more shivering. I took the blanket and lay on the bed for an hour. After an hour, I vomited four to five times and only water was coming out. Somehow I got ready and took the bath. Then I went to the office. The problem was that I wasn’t able to rotate my head because of the pain in the neck. I worked there till quarter past one and came back to room. After taking rest for couple of hours, I went to buy few grocery and medicine for myself. I know that medicines show their side effect if it’s taken empty stomach. For the first time I cooked at my apartment here. After that, I slept for an hour. Even now, I’m feeling unwell but better than before. So I thought to write the post for my blog. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 269

Today I was busy in my work at office. Time passed very smoothly while working. In words I can say that I enjoyed my work today. The work load was same as earlier but really it was enjoyable. Today I didn’t had the breakfast and lunch. In evening I went to college. I went to meet one of the professors who are teaching me. I spend about half an hour with him. Then I went to Dean’s office. I was talking to two lady staffs there along with the Dean. We were having light moments. Even the Director also came there and joined us. We were talking about the difference between American and Indian cultures. Like we started about the dressing of an American wedding and Indian wedding. The two lady staffs were astonished to know that significance of white dress is totally different in Indian context. They knew that white gown is the bridal dress in America but they were shocked to know that white dress is the widow’s dress in India. Then we started talking about the marriage possessions and the cremation rituals. After spending about an hour there I went to have my dinner. After that I came back to my apartment. Today I was in mood to meet my new friends. They are having more classes than me. I went to university again. But they weren’t in the class. I think they have bunked the class. It was half past eight. I went to Taco Bell to have the chicken brunnito for dinner. I know my friends in India aren’t aware of chicken brunnito. Actually it’s like a chicken roll which is really delicious. I came back to my apartment from Taco Bell. I tried to write something new. I wasted half an hour in that. But ultimately I wrote today’s activities of mine. I hope my readers are not getting bored. Sometimes I doubt that they are reading my posts or not. The reason for my doubt is absence of the comments. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 268

Today is Sunday. Like last weekend, this weekend, also, I stayed in my apartment. Actually I spent my time watching videos on YouTube. Today morning, I woke up a bit late. But my head was banging with pain. After couple of hours, the pain became low. I took bath. After bath, the headache was gone. I went to the cafeteria of the university to have brunch. After brunch, I came back to my apartment. I was feeling a bit cold. I took rest for forty five minutes. After that I talked to one of my friends for one and half hours. Then I went to have dinner at the cafeteria. Actually the dinner time at the cafeteria of the university is 4.30 pm to 6 pm. I know its something unusual in Indian context. In India, 6 pm is the time to have snacks. But the rules are different in America and India. After dinner, I went to the shop owned by the Gujarati. We had chat for ten minutes. I asked him about the places where I can go on next weekend. He told me that one, being single, can’t enjoy the places. You need to have a companion. After that he got busy with his customers. I bought couple of stuffs for me and came back to my apartment. I was thinking what to write in today’s post. Finally I thought that I should write about today’s activities. Actually these days I’m not thinking on new ideas to write. But may be from tomorrow, I’ll write on some new things other than my daily routine. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 267

According to me, living alone is the biggest punishment one can get. I’m getting the same punishment. It’s not like that I haven’t made any friend in America. I do have friends. But they are living in their own houses. Cell phone is the only medium through which I can be in touch with them. But I have no one to live with me in my apartment here. That’s making my life hell. Basically weekends are off in America. So there was no official work or class for me today. It’s true that I wake up late in the morning. Turned on my laptop and logged in the social networking site called Facebook. I spend couple of hours there before getting ready. After getting ready, I went to the cafeteria of the university to have my brunch. Then I went to the same shop which is owned by another Indian. I had informal chat with him while buying beers and snacks from his store.  Then I came back to my apartment. I called my friends back in India. That time I felt really good. Talking to friends after three weeks. That was really nice. Then I talked to couple of friends more. After that, I watched various videos of YouTube. It was just to kill the time. No companion to talk with makes life a hell. Due to the time difference, when it was early evening then it was late night in India. I couldn’t call any of my friends in spite of being in mood to call them. So to get rid of the boredom I went to that shop again and bought beers again. Then I remembered that today I haven’t written anything on the blog. So I’m writing my blog along with having a can of beer with me. But I’m really disappointed to see no comments on the previous posts of my blog. Sometimes it really gets me angry on those who were regular in writing comments. But I hope that they have read this and I’m sure that they will write the comment very soon. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 266

Today, I went to my company to work. I finished my work by half past one in the afternoon. I had my lunch there in the company. From there I came back to my apartment. I took rest and in evening I went to do some shopping. I went to a shop other than the one in which I used to go. I saw an Indian at the second shop. I felt good to see another Indian in America. I bought few stuffs like fried peanut and soft drinks for me. When I was at the cash counter, I asked the owner about his origin. Indeed the owner was from India. He was from Gujarat. We had an informal chat for another five minutes. After that I came back to my room. But unfortunately, I feel lonely. I don't have any room partner and new friend with whom I can talk. So the internet is the only thing I have got to amuse myself.
Life becomes very dull and boring when you don't have any companion with you. I just know few people in America. But all of them have formal relation with me. After the working hours, I’m all alone in my apartment. And the time zone difference between India and America makes a considerable time gap. When I feel alone, I can’t call any way back in India because it’s late night in India and when its day time there then its my sleeping time in America. So the difficulty of being connected to my family and friends is a bit difficult. Now I’m living in different time zone as compared to them. What to do is the main problem here? I’m waiting for the suggestions.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 265

Today in the morning, I went to the company to have my summer training. Actually today was my second day as trainee there. But in American terms I’m an intern there who is doing his summer internship there. Well, the work was similar to yesterday. The only difference was that I was to do a bit more work than yesterday. I was fine with today’s work. Actually the company in which I’m having my summer training is having two hotels in the vicinity. My work is to give the codes to their accounts in their main system. My boss was also there. She gave me the new set of codes. I finish my work by quarter past two. Then I came back to my apartment. Around four in the afternoon, my new friend, Saurav came to my apartment. I went to university with him. I did my work and he went to his class. Around half past eight in night, he came to my apartment and took me out. We went to a bar. We spent couple of hours there. I just have 2 draught beers, one large peg of whiskey and a tequila shot. After that I came back to my apartment and I’m writing this blog. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...