Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 266

Today, I went to my company to work. I finished my work by half past one in the afternoon. I had my lunch there in the company. From there I came back to my apartment. I took rest and in evening I went to do some shopping. I went to a shop other than the one in which I used to go. I saw an Indian at the second shop. I felt good to see another Indian in America. I bought few stuffs like fried peanut and soft drinks for me. When I was at the cash counter, I asked the owner about his origin. Indeed the owner was from India. He was from Gujarat. We had an informal chat for another five minutes. After that I came back to my room. But unfortunately, I feel lonely. I don't have any room partner and new friend with whom I can talk. So the internet is the only thing I have got to amuse myself.
Life becomes very dull and boring when you don't have any companion with you. I just know few people in America. But all of them have formal relation with me. After the working hours, I’m all alone in my apartment. And the time zone difference between India and America makes a considerable time gap. When I feel alone, I can’t call any way back in India because it’s late night in India and when its day time there then its my sleeping time in America. So the difficulty of being connected to my family and friends is a bit difficult. Now I’m living in different time zone as compared to them. What to do is the main problem here? I’m waiting for the suggestions.

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