Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 265

Today in the morning, I went to the company to have my summer training. Actually today was my second day as trainee there. But in American terms I’m an intern there who is doing his summer internship there. Well, the work was similar to yesterday. The only difference was that I was to do a bit more work than yesterday. I was fine with today’s work. Actually the company in which I’m having my summer training is having two hotels in the vicinity. My work is to give the codes to their accounts in their main system. My boss was also there. She gave me the new set of codes. I finish my work by quarter past two. Then I came back to my apartment. Around four in the afternoon, my new friend, Saurav came to my apartment. I went to university with him. I did my work and he went to his class. Around half past eight in night, he came to my apartment and took me out. We went to a bar. We spent couple of hours there. I just have 2 draught beers, one large peg of whiskey and a tequila shot. After that I came back to my apartment and I’m writing this blog. 

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