Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 270

I know yesterday I missed to write the post on the blog. Actually yesterday I was feeling cold. It was raining here in America and I got a bit wet. I was okay till evening. But when I decided to write then I started shivering. I ordered my food from Domino’s and had the food. Then I slept. When I wake up today morning, then I was more shivering. I took the blanket and lay on the bed for an hour. After an hour, I vomited four to five times and only water was coming out. Somehow I got ready and took the bath. Then I went to the office. The problem was that I wasn’t able to rotate my head because of the pain in the neck. I worked there till quarter past one and came back to room. After taking rest for couple of hours, I went to buy few grocery and medicine for myself. I know that medicines show their side effect if it’s taken empty stomach. For the first time I cooked at my apartment here. After that, I slept for an hour. Even now, I’m feeling unwell but better than before. So I thought to write the post for my blog. 

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