Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 276

Today was another day with workload. As usual, I went to my office and worked there for four hours. Then came back to my apartment. Had lunch and after that suddenly my mood was off. I don't know the reason but I wasn’t in a good mood. Suddenly it was looking that nothing is there left interesting. Then one of my friends sent me a funny message. It was around half past one in night back in India. I called him back. We talked about forty five minutes. By his tone, I deduced that even he wasn’t happy. He was saying that the life has become stagnant. There is nothing called excitement left in the life. He was unhappy because his closed friends were ahead of him. It’s not like my friend isn’t doing anything. He has a handsome job in a government department. But when he compared himself with his friends then his annual pay were about half of his friends working in the software industry. Then we talked about our old live. The mistakes we made and the consequences we faced. After talking to him, I felt that everyone has got problems in life. But the way to deal with it is different as everyone’s problem is different. No two problems are identical. After talking to my friend, I went to the university to attend my class. There I had the class and I did the class exercise with my group. After the class, I came back to my apartment. But still, something is there which is making me unhappy. I don't know the reason. May be I’m missing something but I’m unaware of that. Hope so that tomorrow, I won’t be in the same mood.

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