Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 285

I know that for the last two days I haven’t written anything on the blog. Actually I was waiting for the comments from you people. But it’s really sad to say that you people have disappointed me a lot. I was expecting that you people will write something about the topic on which I should write or on my writing style.
Well I was surfing the net. I went to the internet edition of an Indian daily newspaper. The news article was about the extraction of Syed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Zundal from Saudi Arabia to India. Abu Zundal was wanted by the Indian government in Mumbai attack of 26/11. Abu Zundal was arrested on June 21. He has revelled that LeT chief, Hafiz Saeed, was behind the Mumbai attack. Hafiz Saeed has denied his role in the Mumbai attack but now, after Kasab, Zundal’s statement is saying that Hafiz Saeed is involved in the Mumbai attack. Abu Zundal has accepted that he was one of the instructors of the Mumbai attackers and he taught them in Hindi and about the topography of Mumbai. Abu Zundal is an Indian citizen but went to Pakistan and joined Pakistani terrorist organization. Zundal was instructing the attacker on 26/11.
Now every arrest in connection of Mumbai attack and the statement is directly pointing towards the Pakistan and the terror groups it’s sheltering on its soil. Abu Zundal has clearly stated that two officers of Pakistani army were also present with him in the same room when he was instructing the attackers. This clearly says that the Pakistani army and ISI are always behind the terrorists attack in India. I wonder why still the international community isn’t taking any hard actions against Pakistan. Why India isn’t allowed to take military actions against Pakistan as America did for searching and killing of Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden? The only way left to teach Pakistan a proper lesson is the military action taken by India. 

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