Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 269

Today I was busy in my work at office. Time passed very smoothly while working. In words I can say that I enjoyed my work today. The work load was same as earlier but really it was enjoyable. Today I didn’t had the breakfast and lunch. In evening I went to college. I went to meet one of the professors who are teaching me. I spend about half an hour with him. Then I went to Dean’s office. I was talking to two lady staffs there along with the Dean. We were having light moments. Even the Director also came there and joined us. We were talking about the difference between American and Indian cultures. Like we started about the dressing of an American wedding and Indian wedding. The two lady staffs were astonished to know that significance of white dress is totally different in Indian context. They knew that white gown is the bridal dress in America but they were shocked to know that white dress is the widow’s dress in India. Then we started talking about the marriage possessions and the cremation rituals. After spending about an hour there I went to have my dinner. After that I came back to my apartment. Today I was in mood to meet my new friends. They are having more classes than me. I went to university again. But they weren’t in the class. I think they have bunked the class. It was half past eight. I went to Taco Bell to have the chicken brunnito for dinner. I know my friends in India aren’t aware of chicken brunnito. Actually it’s like a chicken roll which is really delicious. I came back to my apartment from Taco Bell. I tried to write something new. I wasted half an hour in that. But ultimately I wrote today’s activities of mine. I hope my readers are not getting bored. Sometimes I doubt that they are reading my posts or not. The reason for my doubt is absence of the comments. 

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