Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 271

Since morning, I’m trying to write something new. But I couldn’t concentrate. Well I didn’t go to office today. I called my boss and told her that I won’t be able to come to office. After half an hour, the Dean of the university called me and asked me about my health. I think my boss told him about me. He told me that I should have told him. There are few doctors in the university also. I told him that if I’ll need his help then I’ll definitely call him. After talking with him, I called my mother. She told me take precaution to have warm water. So I boiled the water before having it. I tried to sleep after having bread and medicine. But sleep wasn’t in my mind. So I got up and sat on the chair and turned on my laptop. I watched few videos on internet. Had chats with friends who were online on Face Book. Then I got slight headache. I tried to sleep but couldn’t sleep. Again I sat to watch the video. The residence manager of the apartment came to inspect the room. Actually it’s a routine affair here that the residence manager will inspect every apartment here for cleanliness. Ranking will be awarded on that basis. If the ranking is poor then fine will be imposed. After she went I watched the video again. But again headache was there. So I lay for fifteen to twenty minutes. I wasn’t able to sleep again. Then I thought that I should write post for the blog. When I was about to start then the Director came to my apartment. He also enquired about my health. He told me that he will come tomorrow evening so that we can go to Columbia Metropolitan Airport to receive my friend. I said yes. Then he went from here. Now I’m still all alone in the apartment. Waiting for my friend to come tomorrow. 

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