Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 280

I know that yesterday I haven’t written anything on the blog. Actually I wasn’t in mood to write anything. What should I write now? I know that none of my readers is reading my blogs these days. I have told my readers numerous times that if there is any flaw in the content of the posts or in my writing then give your feedbacks in comments. But you people are not writing the comments anything. This proves that none of you are reading the blogs. You people can skip the reading but I can’t skip writing. Now this has become my habit. Yesterday I wasn’t having any topic to write. I don't want to repeat the same daily routine of mine to bore you people more. Even today I thought to write but still I’m not getting anything in my mind. But today I thought to show my anger on you. My writing needs feedback from you people. This is the only way in which I can improve my writing. May be your feedbacks will give the right direction which I need to give you pleasure in reading my blogs.

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