Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 284

Today was fun day for me. Actually after ten minutes of going to office, my madam came and told me that her husband will take me and my friend to Columbia to visit their hotels. My boss came there on his schedule time. Columbia is half an hour drive from Orangeburg. Its about 50 miles from here. So while going to Columbia, we talked a lot with the boss. Then we had the visits of hotels. I and my friend had the photographs there. Then we had chicken salad in the lunch. After that, our boss took us to a shop where we can have the good chicken. Before that we went to Wal Mart to buy few stuffs. After all the shopping, we came back to Orangeburg. Then we went to the house of our boss. He gave few spices from his kitchen. By four in the afternoon, we returned to our apartment. We were tired so we took rest. About half past seven, I made scrambled egg. My friend came to kitchen at that time. He took couple oh hours to prepare the chicken curry. After having the dinner, I decided to write this post for the blog. 

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