Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Day 413

I know you haven’t missed me in the last five days. It’s not a comment. It’s the truth which I have accepted. I was busy in my personal as well as professional life. There has been hectic schedule which didn’t allow me to write much because my attention and energy were consumed in other works. Well, that also was necessary. Today, I don’t have much to write. Today, I just want to go down the memory lane.
Yesterday was Teacher’s day. I won’t give lecture about the history about Teacher’s day. But I would like to talk about my educational days and my teachers. School is the second place after home where we gain knowledge. I know that school and colleges are known as educational institutes. But education is just reading books but its teachers who convert the education into knowledge. Everything is written in the text books but its teachers who tell us about the true meaning whatever written in the text books. I think many of us have bunked school and colleges but I haven’t seen any teacher who has bunked their duty. Never. Because a teacher never turns down his or her responsibility of spreading the light of knowledge to the students. Students do change every year but the teacher is same. Students passed out of the school and college but a teacher never retires. Even after completing the term with school or college, a teacher always inspire his or her students.
Luckily, I have got few great teachers in school whom I adore a lot. It has been two decades since I passed out from the school but till date I have been learning new things from those teachers. In this technological era, I’m connected with them through social networking sites. On the social networking site also, I’m getting new things and new thoughts from them. I know that I can’t repay to my teachers. This is the debt which I can’t repay. In college and while doing MBA, I met many teachers but I met selective teachers who are my favourite. But all my school teachers are my favourite.   I would just say that it’s because of my teachers that I’m where I have reached. Simply saying thank you to them won’t pay the debt. But still I would like to say thank you to all my teachers.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 412

Well today, I don’t have anything in my mind. Today again I’m topic less. Sometimes, I feel bore about writing without topic. But today, I think I’m going to enjoy topic less writing. Actually, whenever the situation used to go out of my hand or if my plans didn’t work then I used to get irritated. But today, I have left it on my life. Now I’m at the back seat and life is at the driver seat. Today, in spite of having tension and hectic schedule, I’m not feeling irritated. Surprisingly I’m feeling relaxed. Maybe change of mindset is the reason behind this. Until yesterday, I was on the driver seat and life was in the back seat.
Actually, last night, I was video surfing on my smart phone. Yes, these days phones have become smart phones and humans have become dumb from smart. I know you might feel offended and will curse me about my statement. But it’s a reality. In modern time, we have totally become dependent on our smart phones for everything. Smart phones aren’t just for calling and text messages but a lot of features are being added to it. Now we can have video calling and can watch videos of our choice. Along with that, we have planner on our phones were we are feeding the important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, important meetings etc. That’s why I said that phones have become smarter and humans have become dumb.
Anyway, continuing on my last statement that yesterday night, I was video surfing on my smart phone. There I saw a small video about control on life. The orator has said it very nicely but his message was bold and loud. Human life is based on expectations which we call us our planning. But if we don’t get the desired result based on our planning then we gets irritated and frustrated. Then we begin to look in to the past. Our previous works or actions come in our mind when we get success. So, in this confusion, life comes to stand still or life ends. The orator illustrated example also. If a person wants to climb a mountain then he makes a plan about how to climb the mountain. But does he climb the mountain peak with the same plan? Obviously not. The plan made at the base of the mountain takes turns while climbing the mountain. The main thing which matters is the final destination and that’s climbing the mountain.
After watch this video for few minutes, I realised that this message has a deep meaning. Maybe due to this I have changed my mind set. But in reality, I’m really feeling happy. If I talk about the message, then this is reality of human being. Everyone is trapped in his or her ambitions, goals and desire. To achieve those goals, we are ignoring the basic things in our lives. Let’s take example of our lives. How tension free we were in our childhood? We used to get everything which we desired. Our parents fulfilled all those things. We didn’t bother that how they managed to got those things. It’s true that we are doing the same for our next generation also. But there is so much difference. The commodities are same but the prices have shoot up.
Then in our school days, pressure was on us to excel in academics so that we will have better life. In college, that pressure was intensified. But we managed that also. Due to that we are at our current position. But are we really satisfied with that? No, we aren’t. We want more. I’m not saying that achieving the goal is a bad thing. It’s a good thing. What I’m saying is not to get trapped in the goal chasing. Sometimes it’s good to follow our heart instead of mind. Then we get internal peace and happiness. That’s the thing which matter most.
Even I’m facing the same professional pressure as you are. Working extra hours, fulfilling every task, waiting for appraisal and increment, getting scolding from seniors just like you. In the last ten days, these all things were happing with me. That’s why I was more tensed because I was giving my best but due to team work or some other external factors I was at the receiving end of anger of my seniors. But today, I just changed my mindset and did the same things with ease. The positive energy inside me is driving me to balance professional and personal life.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 411

The monsoon has turned the daily life totally disturbed in Mumbai. Media loves to show the pictures of strangled people at railway stations, on roads and the level of water being logged at various parts of Mumbai. One thing is out of my reasonable mind that why media is so much biased? Flood was there in Bihar and West Bengal but there wasn’t much coverage in the media. Second thing which is disturbing me is that why Mumbai becomes hell after every five to six years when there is heavy monsoon? The municipal corporation of Mumbai is the richest municipal corporation in the country. Then also this is the situation in the economic capital of the country.
In 2005, the situation was worse in Mumbai. This is due to inadequate drainage system there. But Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or simply BMC is sleeping. I don’t know where the revenue is going if BMC isn’t able to provide the adequate facilities to the city regarding drainage system and all. Well, rain doesn’t affect the local trains or road transportation; it affects airport and other things also. In my view, the matter should be seriously looked by the Maharashtra government for the smooth functioning of the BMC.
Second thing happening is at Doklam. Although China has said that it will call its army from the Doklam but it’s not so much easy to trust them. Well, both countries have agreed to withdraw their army but I think there must be some trick of Chinese government. Well in the NSA level meeting on July 27 in Beijing, there were cross communications between both the countries. It was initiated by Chinese government when they dared to ask Indian NSA Mr Ajit Doval that whether Doklam is Indian Territory? Why Indian army was deputed there? The answer given by Mr Doval was truly nice when he counter asked whether the disputed territory becomes Chinese territory by default. There was no direct answer at that time. But there were provoking press release by the Chinese government in Chinese media.
Well, internally, its being said that it’s diplomatic victory of Mr Narendra Modi over Chinese aggression and threats. It’s due to Mr Narendra Modi’s diplomatic move which has made Chinese government to eat its words and has to retreat from the area. Well, the opposition will cry on its failure that they didn’t get any chance to attack Modi government after the calling back of Chinese army and Indian army in a peaceful manner. I won’t comment on that because that’s the part of Indian politics that if the government wins then also opposition cries and if the government wins then opposition makes proceeding of the parliament at stand still.
If we take example of riots in Haryana and Punjab last week after the conviction of Gurmeet Ram Rahim in rape case then media highlighted the riots and killings in Haryana only.  It’s not the case with media only. Even the opposition is making hell in Haryana only. But both, the media and the opposition, are silent over the killing and riots in Punjab. That’s because Congress party is in the government in Punjab. Actually, it’s not new for me. I have seen that in the states where BJP government aren’t in power then BJP and Mr Modi are responsible for every mishappening in those states. But if there is any mishappening in those states where BJP isn’t in power then media as well as Congress party are silent. In those states, peace prevails. Actually, Congress party is scared to sit in the opposition and it’s desperate to taint BJP for electoral benefits. It’s not the case that I’m supporter of BJP and Mr Modi. But I have said what I have observed.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Day 410

There are various things happening currently. Both at international level and national level. Good news is that China got ready to retreat from Doklam which shows that normalcy will be restore in the area after two and half months. But I doubt Chinese intention. Like Chinese items, Chinese intention is hard to believe and it will expire soon. But one thing I must say that in spite of all the tensions, Chinese media has always criticised India. Now the Chinese government has said that it will call its army from the border, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson is saying that India is slapping itself on its face. But in reality, it’s China who is slapping itself on its face.
Secondly the ongoing drama over Gurmeet Ram Rahim is going to make situation more worse. He has been sentenced for ten years for rape allegations against him. He is pleading not guilty and is doing drama that he won’t go to barracks. Actually, this is the sad part in any religion. The so called spiritual leaders who disguise themselves as preachers and they fool the masses very easily. This isn’t with Hindu religion only. All religions have so called religious and spiritual preachers. But their main motive is to fool people and to have huge properties and bank balance. Not to mention about lavish life style and large number of devotees and disciples to serve. A lucrative business where even income tax is exempted. Added advantage is political connection along with connection with business class. Actually, these people takes law of the country as granted. But now, a nice lesson is being given out by the court that no one is above the law.
In my view, the court verdict is very much right and appraisable. But the nuisance created by the followers of Ram Rahim is highly condemnable. The way the nuisance creators were dealt is right. Time has come to give some free hand to treat these people with power. But one thing is beyond my reasoning power. If the rape convict isn’t caught or is not convicted in absence of proofs then candle march is taken across the country. Then why riot happens when a rape convict is sentenced to imprisonment?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 408

I know I was absent for the six days from writing my post. As usual, I was busy in my personal and professional work.  These days, the work load has increased tremendously at both fronts. But I’m enjoying both. It’s true that sometimes it becomes tough to balance both and due to both I’m becoming more absent on writing on my blog. But I’m helpless. Well, I have to balance all the things somehow.
In the last week, I tried to concentrate to write. Actually, there were many things going on in my mind. But I wasn’t able to concentrate on any one. In the last week, Lt Col Shrikant Purohit was released from the jail after nine years in the Malegaon bomb blast case. Although, the court has given him bail but army has put him on suspension. Let’s see what happens in army’s enquiry and when Lt Col Purohit is sanctioned to his unit? But till then one thing is clear that an army man will always be an army man. After his release, Lt Col Purohit said that he is eager to don his army uniform as soon as possible. This shows his unbroken spirit.
But unfortunately, there are few people who think that India isn’t a safe place and minorities are in danger. I sometimes took pity on them. Yes, I’m indicating towards Ex Vice President, Mr Hamid Ansari. After spending ten years of service in one of the highest executive posts in India, Mr Hamid Ansari still thinks that Muslims aren’t safe in India. If this would have been the case then it was impossible for him to become Vice President of India and that too for two consecutive terms. Well, I’m not going to make any remark on that. That’s because he might have understood that his farewell speech was technically wrong. If he hasn’t understood that then he won’t understand that now.
Well, you may be in surprise that I’m not writing about the current issue in the country. I don’t think that I can write about the loss of lives at Panchkula in Haryana. Report is that 31 people have died due to the violence erupted over the court verdict in Gurmeet Ram Rahim case. For the first time, I have seen that court has issued direct orders to maintain law and order in the city. For the first time, I have seen that court has said that the compensatition will be given by the trust run by Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Now this unique order is historic and will be issued in future also if such damage is done by the followers of any religious pontiff. I must say that till now only tear gas, water cannons and lathis were being used to disrupt the protesters but this is first time when court has said that police can use weapons if needed to control the protestors. Actually, the religious pontiffs think that they are above the law of the country. In reality, they aren’t above the law of the country. Nobody is above that.
But the religious pontiffs think themselves to be demi god and enjoy their status amongst their followers. Well in case of Gurmeet Ram Rahim, he has got political connection as well as business connection with him. With power and money, he thought that he will get bail easily but he forgot that law will do its work. It’s good that he has been sent to the jail and his ashram is being raided by the police. I’m waiting for the final verdict on Monday. But till then, the situation in Panchkula isn’t safe. I’m afraid that the condition will get worse. But I pray that I get wrong. Normalcy should be restore as soon as possible. On precautionary level, all government institutions and private institutions are closed. Let’s see what happens in coming days?

Day 413

I know you haven’t missed me in the last five days. It’s not a comment. It’s the truth which I have accepted. I was busy in my persona...