Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 430

Today, final counting of votes is going on in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. At both the states, the fight is tight between Congress and BJP. But in spite of that, BJP is going to form in both the states. Festive mood is in the party office of BJP. On various news channels, various leaders are giving their opinions and anchors are busy in handling the talk shows between two leaders of Congress and BJP.  
Well, this time, BJP has managed to form the government for the consecutive sixth time but it has gone done in terms of number of seats. Last time, BJP was having 116 seats but this time it has come down to 98 seats. This means Congress was successful in penetrating the few places which were strong points for BJP. This is an alarming thing for the BJP. In democracy, they can’t take it anything for granted. I think they have to deliver the good work to the people of Gujrat if they want to be in power in 2022. But they have clean swiped the house in Himachal Pradesh. Unfortunately, their Chief Minister candidate has lost the election but they will manage with that. its their headache that how they will tackle with their problem.
I was going through some records. Well, in 2014, when Narendra Modi became Prime Minister then opposition parties said that its due to the Modi wave which was created by BJP to gain the majority. But I didn’t stand with their statement. Actually, people wanted to have change from the ten years continuous rule of Congress. A lot of scams happened during that regime. All of us know about those scams so I’m not going in details of that. public were unhappy with the Congress rule. This sentiment was encashed by the BJP. After that, Modi government has changed many things. Modi’s foreign tours were made as joke by the Congress led opposition parties. They said that Modi is interested in foreign tours only. But those tours have improved India’s image in world stage.
But after three and half years, down the line, I’m seeing another thing. Modi wave haven’t faded with the passage of time. Its going on and on. Opposition parties tried to get Modi government on demonetization and GST and other things but instead of that people are voting for BJP. After 2014, total in 18 states elections were conducted. Congress managed to get 2 states while BJP got 11 states. In total of 29 states, Congress is limited to just 4 states and BJP is in 18 states. Out of 18 states, in 14 states, BJP is having clear majority and in 4 states its junior coalition party. This itself shows that how much Congress led opposition parties are trying but Modi wave isn’t going to fade so soon.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 429

Well, yesterday, I was thinking that how much money matters in one’s life? You may think that what’s the rubbish and stupid question is this. You are free to think anything. But what I think is something different. Its true that money is required to run the daily routine. You need to have money to pay the rent or to make a house to live. You need money to have clothes to wear. You need money for grocery so that you can have your meal. You need money for the vehicle for your transportation. From basic needs to luxury, you need money. But is money required for love between family members? Is money required for true friendship? Is money required for hatred and jealousy? The simple answer is no. then why the world has become so greedy for money.
Its true that everyone wants to have money for the present daily requirement as well as some money in reserve for the future requirement. There is no harm in that. But isn’t that greed is making one isolated from his family and friends. Indeed, in this technological period we have smart phones and we have numerous social networking sites where we are in touch of everyone. But when was the last time with your family where you have spent more time with them rather than getting busy with smart phones. Its very tough to remember. So, what kind of life we are spending now? Where are we heading? Sometimes I think that childhood and college life was much better.
Its true that that at that point of time, our aims were different. But they were honest. At that time, we used to think that I have to become a successful person. I’ll have a huge house, an expensive car and lots of bank balance. Those thoughts were pure. But after coming in professional life, those aims aren’t fulfilled but our intentions become just to have money. For that we sacrifice our health also. But when we fell ill then that money is gone. Somewhere in the middle, we lost the art of balancing the life.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Day 428

Yesterday, I just sat and closed my eyes for few minutes. I began to concentrate on a single point. That time many thoughts began to come in the mind. I won’t call them thoughts. They were memories. Some were painful memories and some were pleasant. But I wasn’t trying to revise my memories. I was just trying to focus. I admit that I failed in doing that. But when I opened my eyes then I felt very light and relived. After that, I was able to concentrate on my work. I think I have to do this activity more often.
Today also I’m having a lot of work at hand. New assignments are being given daily. Previous works aren’t coming to end. Don’t know how to cope up with all these works. So, I’m taking a little break to have writing on the post to be done. Don’t know why but I’m feeling happy and energetic today. Even though the work pressure and few personal problems are in my hand but I’m feeling happy. As if I’m going to have something but I’m clueless about the thing.
For the past few days, I was thinking something. But I don’t know how to express that. Actually, I was thinking about intuitions. Many times, I have observed that in dreams I have seen something. Few days later, I have found those dreams true. Good dreams and bad dreams are irrelevant right now. I’m not going in to the knowing the meaning of those dreams. I’m just asking that whether those dreams were intuitions. A signal of the future. Right now, I’m getting a feeling that something good is going to happen. Is this feeling intuition?
It might have happened with you also. You might have got a sensory excitement of something and then you might have the good feeling of something good happening or you might have the bad feeling of something bad happening. You don’t have control over it but it happens. Same thing is with me today. I know I may sound abstract or mad to you but I’m just telling you a point. The thing which happened with me. There are many things which may be common in between us. I mean you might have felt in the same way at some point of time as I’m feeling today.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 427

Its almost three weeks since I wrote my last post. Time flies very smoothly and very fast. Well, I was busy in some other works. Couple of times, I sat down to write also. But as usual, I wasn’t having any topic to write. So, I drop the idea. This is the main thing which is disturbing me. Why I always face the same problem? Why don’t I get ideas when I sit to write? Whenever I’m extremely busy and I’m very much occupied then only why do get the urge to write?
These things are there always happening. Rather say that this is happening with me for the last couple of months. I have observed that whenever I get urge to write then I’m extremely busy for three to four days a week. By the time, I get free then the idea doesn’t come to my mind. What’s the reason behind this? Is this a signal that again I have to be silent for a long time? Well, if this is the case then I won’t let it happen. No matter what. I’ll write. Whether there is any idea in my mind or not.
Actually, these days, a lot of work load is on me. That’s why sometimes I don’t get time to write and sometimes I don’t get ideas to express. Actually, when I finish a work then another work comes to me. That’s why I’m unable to coup up with the things. In this process, the writing is being hampered. I don’t know how to manage all these things? Sometimes, I think that student life was best. I used to get time to write also. But in the last two and half years, life has become hectic.
Someone has truly said that no body gets what he desires. Same thing is with me. I want to have time for my hobbies also but I’m not getting the time. May be due to that I’m feeling frustrated today. I don’t know how get this frustration out of my mind.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Day 426

It has been more than a fortnight since I wrote my last blog. I know again I’m becoming irregular in writing the post. Numerous times I have written that I’ll be regular. But every time my words have gone in vain. I really don’t know how to keep the pace with the time. Well, these days I don’t have any major topic on which I really want to write. So, I’m writing whatever is coming in my mind. I know it doesn’t bother you whatever I write. It’s because you don’t even care to read the post I write.
Well, last night, I was doing something in my room. I found few novels which were kept in a corner of the room. Although I have read those novels many times, but each time I feel that I’m reading the novel for the first time. Sometimes, I wonder that how the writers create such a scene that keeps the reader attracted towards the novel. How they write the fictional scenes which looks like real? Sometimes or rather say that occasionally it becomes tough for me to write a simple post on my blog. Well, I don’t feel ashamed in admitting that I get attracted by fictional novels but course books never attracted me when I was in school and college.
Sometimes I feel that I should have done friendship with them so that I could have got better grades at least. But in school days, I used to enjoy the moment with friends. Recently I met few of my old school friends. We all have changed a lot but in our memory we were same. That day, time ran out shortage but our talks didn’t. We were discussing the present day and our school days. Life has become hectic for all. But old friendship memories never die.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Day 415

Well, it has been a long time since I wrote my last post. At that point of time, I was full of negativeness and unknown fear was gripping me all the time. Since then till today, my mood has swing a lot. Ten days after my last post, my mood was good but I was in hectic mode. After that, again the fear and negativeness gripped me. Today, I’m in mixed mood.  
Actually, now I have surrendered myself to God and Time. I know that God has already decided about my fate. I don’t know what he has decided but he always gives me options to deal with the situations. Whenever I chose wrong decision then as a result wrong things begin to happen with me. But whenever I chose right decision then as a result right things begin to happen with me. But in this month, my right decision turned to be wrong and wrong things happened with me. This led me to anxiety and nervousness. That’s why I was full of negativity. So, I have left all things on time.
That’s why I’m a bit tension free. But I don’t know about tomorrow. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Somewhere I have read that every new day brings new beginning. You can say that I’m being optimistic. But according to me, I’m trying to become a positive person. But whenever, I’m stuck in crisis I get a bit tensed and stressed.  That time, I get confused and I don’t know what to do and what not to do. That time I try to calm down myself by pacing in the room. Sometimes, it works and sometimes it doesn’t works. You can say that I’m talking rubbish and like a fool. But what to do? Today, I’m a bit stress free that’s why I’m able to write this post. Otherwise I was so much mentally disturbed that I was having time but I wasn’t able to concentrate on writing. Leave writing a meaning post I wasn’t able to write like today also.
But for the sake of writing, I’m writing today. I don’t want to break the rhythm of writing. That’s the main motive for sitting today. I thought that I should write once in a week if not daily. But the past one and half months have made me such a person that I wasn’t able to write even once in a month. I just want to get rid of this situation and habit. I want to write like I wrote in 2012. When no topic was there in my mind then also, I used to write my daily activities. I wish I could continue that habit.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 414

Well, it has been almost a month since I wrote my last blog. It happened due to my professional and personal commitments as well as due to festive mood. I would like to wish you a belated Happy Dusshara. I know that it’s my fault that I haven’t written a single word but as I told you that I was extremely busy. On few occasions, I have tried to write but I wasn’t successful. Actually, in the past one month, I have gone through various frustrating situations which have leaded me down.
On every front, I have seen failure only. I tried a lot to come up to expectations of everybody but I wasn’t successful. The failure leads me to more disappointment and frustration along with irritation. Even today, I’m having pressure on me. But I’m trying my best to overcome every problem with suitable solution. Actually, this is a very tough time for me and I’m trying to come out of it. Failure is giving me a lesson that in downfall nobody trusts you.  
Well, that’s another thing. It also happened that I sat to write but wasn’t having anything to write. There have been few things which have stopped me from writing further. I don’t know what that was. I don’t what happens to me when I sat to write but couldn’t write. But today I didn’t want to skip writing. A long time has passed which is creating dissatisfaction in me. Actually I felt that when I’m not writing then I’m missing something.
Well, writing extempore like this also continues my writing feeling. Actually, it gives me a sense of creativity. This creativity leads to satisfaction whenever I see my blog. Whenever I see gap in writing then I feel dissatisfaction. Now I’ll try to be continuing in writing.

Day 430

Today, final counting of votes is going on in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. At both the states, the fight is tight between Congress and BJ...