Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 394

Today, I was in mood to write about the counting of the Presidential Election held on Monday 17 July 2017. It’s not like that I won’t write about that. By 5 pm today, it will be clear that who will be the next Indian President.  But there was something else which caught my attention. It was the news article about the ongoing political crisis in Bihar. It looks like the closed door official meeting between Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav was like a compromise deal. This meeting lasted for 40 minutes. The detail of the meeting isn’t out but it seems that Tejashwi Yadav has explained his position in the alleged corruption charges against him.
But I would like to say that there is compromise in the political arena now. I think now the clean image of Nitish Kumar won’t last long. He isn’t saying anything about removing Tejashwi Yadav from his cabinet. This proves that he is power hungry person and wants to save his post. Well, the war of words is going on within the grand alliance and these types of allegations are going on between RJD and JD (U) after the meeting. Leaders of RJD and JD (U) are saying different things. RJD leader is saying that the crisis in the grand alliance is over. JD (U) leader is saying that the JD (U) wants explanation from Tejashwi Yadav for the corruption charges against him.
Counter allegation from RJD leader is that Tejashwi Yadav has given enough explanation in this regard. Now it’s turn of Nitish Kumar to give explanation about the secret deal with BJP. BJP has already said that it will give support to Nitish Kumar in case of fall of grand alliance. Both the parties are blaming each other and are giving their own statements. RJD sources are saying that Tejashwi Yadav won’t resign and will take legal action against the charges being framed against him. JD (U) sources said that Nitish Kumar isn’t satisfied with the explanations given by Tejashwi Yadav.
Actually, the political picture has become more complex. It’s full of uncertainties. Nobody knows that what will happen next. It’s clear that Tejashwi Yadav isn’t in mood to resign. There is something fishy right now. It’s not clear that what happened in the meeting in the closed door. The door is open now but the secret isn’t. I don’t doubt that there will be more drama in the coming time. Let’s see that what happens before the monsoon session of the Bihar assembly. Both parties are rigid on their demands and both don’t want to go back from their demands. In this situation, the grand alliance has to get over. Now the main thing is that when it will break? Now the situation is that both of them want to stay together but don’t want to accept each other’s condition.
Is there chance of fall of the government? Will there be fresh elections in the state? Will BJP support Nitish Kumar to avoid midterm election in case of breaking of grand alliance? What was the outcome of the closed door meeting between Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav? There are many questions like this. But the answer is unknown. Nothing can be said right now. Rounds of allegations and counter allegations are going on. Actually these types of things hamper the smooth functioning of the government. Many projects in the state have come to a standstill. Right now, the beaucrats are running the state. This is not a good sign for any state. But I hope soon the solution will come out.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 393

Well, today I was thinking about what to write. I wasn’t in mood to write on the old topics. But the recent news articles about the ongoing tension between India and China has caught my attention. Chinese government has threatened to declare full scale war with India. Chinese government is saying that it has briefed foreign diplomats in China about India’s wrong doing. These days Chinese government has started propaganda of portraying India as aggressor. But majority of the permanent members of UN Security Council have said that they haven’t received any briefing from Chinese authority.
China has started new game plan. It has waited for a month since the tension at Doklam plateau but China didn’t get any chance of attack. This has increased their frustration that Indian army has erected its tents in the area but aren’t attacking. Actually, Chinese army and government aren’t aware of the patience level of Indian army. Now politically and diplomatically, Chinese government is trying to prove that Indian army is aggressor and China is going to start the war with India to save its territory from Indian invasion. Chinese foreign ministry is itself issuing the statement that foreign diplomats in China are shocked with the Indian army’s invasion in the Chinese territory.
Actually, Chinese government is now trying to get world attention and it want to prove that they are at the receiving end. That’s why are propagating false theories of their own in the name of international diplomats in China. Well, speculations are high that China will attack India now. Even the former defence minister, Mulayam Singh Yadav has indicated this in the parliament also. Well, one question has come in my mind. If there will be a war between India and China then will it is World War III? Numerous countries are now backing India. America and Israel were in the favour of India now Japan and Australia has joined the alliance with India. Japan and Australia has told China that if China will do any military activity in Indian Ocean then both of them will go with India. Russia is in friendship with India since Indian independence. But now its friendship is growing with China also. Pakistan is in alliance with China.
In my view, the major powers of the world will like to stop the war between India and China. But still the possibility of the war is rising every day. The movement of heavy military hardware in the Tibet region which is indicating that China is seriously thinking about it. China is increasing its military presence in the region. Diplomatically it’s spreading the rumours about India as an aggressor. Calling the road construction from its side to be legal as it’s on the Chinese side of the LAC. There are many things which are indicating many alternatives. But the main question remains the same. I think it has become the million dollar question. Will China start the war against India?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 392

Well, yesterday I wasn’t in mood to write yesterday. I was feeling very dull. Whole day I was sitting ideally but couldn’t write a single word. Something was there which I wasn’t able to trace. Even now I don’t know why I was dull yesterday? I won’t blame it on Monday. But whatever was there it wasn’t a good sign. I don’t know whether it has happened with you or not. You wake up in the morning. You go to your office and do your routine work. But something is there which breaks your mood. You are doing the same daily routine work but you aren’t feeling satisfied or happy. 
Anyway, leaving the yesterday’s thing as a bygone, I started my day today. But the major problem came to me was about choosing the topic. Well, I know that I write over a topic for few days and then switch to another topic. But the topics which are in my mind are about the tension at the Sikkim border and the political turmoil in Bihar. Actually, the tension at the Sikkim border is being likely on a stand still. Although Chinese Army’s plateau division has done some practise in Tibet region but that’s not at the real border. Chinese media is issuing a statement daily but there is no much activity at the border which can add more tension.
Well, the political situation in Bihar is becoming more complex. New alternatives are being added daily. It’s clear that Nitish wants Tejashwi to resign but Lalu wants Nitish to sack Tejashwi. Both of them have different intentions in their minds which are totally opposite to each other. The monsoon session of the Bihar legislative assembly is going to begin from 28 July. So, this has added more problems for Nitish Kumar. Well, looking from outside, it’s clear that the coalition has to break. According to me, both, Nitish and Lalu, aren’t in mood to compromise this time. Nitish wants to have his clean image of zero tolerance on corruption charges intact. Lalu wants his son to be removed from the government so that he can play sympathy card. Congress isn’t able to control both of them. Congress has nothing to do now. Although, Congress president Sonia Gandhi is in touch with both the leaders but that’s not working till yet. Anyway, Congress is the smallest party in the present coalition.
Few new alternatives have been added now. Previously, BJP extended its support to Nitish Kumar in case of breaking of coalition. But now BJP is in wait and watch mode. New alternative is that Nitish Kumar will resign on moral ground. I think that this alternative is more suitable for Nitish Kumar. Resigning on moral grounds will make his image clear about zero tolerance. Second advantage is that his coalition with Lalu will be safe and the ongoing tension will be little bit light between them. But the disadvantages are that there will be Presidential rule in the state followed by fresh elections after six months. Second disadvantage is that BJP will have upper hand over RJD and JD (U) in the election.
I doubt that RJD won’t be in coalition with JD (U), if Nitish Kumar resigns from his post. Although, resignation will save Nitish’s image but it won’t give any advantage to Lalu. Actually, at present, Lalu Yadav is more concerned about his son’s political career along with the corruption charges against his entire family. Right now, the situation is very tight. It’s clear that Nitish wants this issue to be solved as soon as possible. He has ten days in his hands before the monsoon session.  Let’s see what happens in these ten days? I hope something positive comes out as a result.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 391

Today, I thought to bunk writing the blog. But then I thought that one day bunking will lead to another day and hence the chain will be broken. I don’t want that to happen. So, I sat up to write. But what to write? The thing which I wrote yesterday is turning in to reality. The coalition in Bihar is on the brisk of breaking. Nitish Kumar has openly said that Tejashwi Yadav should reply to the question of his source of incomes or get ready to be removed from the government. By this move, indeed, Nitish Kumar has saved his clean image. But I wonder how long his government will last. He couldn’t save his government.
Well, the tension was rising since CBI has charge sheeted the entire Yadav family in various illegal source of incomes and properties after the raids conducted by the IT, ED and CBI. It’s clear now that all the ministers in Nitish government belonging to RJD will quit if Tejashwi Yadav is sacked. It will lead to the withdrawal of support from RJD. Although both the parties are waiting till tomorrow. Tomorrow Presidential election will get over. Then it’s obvious that the support will be withdrawn. The difference is now showing in public. Tejashwi has skipped an official event which was chaired by Nitish Kumar. This is the clear indication of going in opposite direction.
Now the main thing is the political picture after Monday. According to me, it’s clear that now the coalition has ended and support will be withdrawn. Now the question arises that will Nitish Kumar joins hand with BJP to save his government? Will he recommend for fresh elections in the state? It’s obvious that RJD, Congress and left parties can’t form the government in the state. So there are only two possibilities. Let’s see what happens after Monday?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 390

The politics in Bihar is getting more complex day by day. Allegations and counter allegations are getting stronger there. Recent addition in this issue is allegation of former Chief Minister Mr Jitan Ram Manjhi that Nitish Kumar is trying to save his chair. Incidentally, Manjhi was the first minister whom resignation was asked by Nitish Kumar back in 2005 when Manjhi was accused in fake B Ed degree case. Nitish Kumar later inducted Manjhi after getting clean chit. Now Manjhi is saying that in 2005, Nitish Kumar took just two hours to remove him but one week has passed since CBI’s FIR but Nitish is silent on Tejaswi Yadav. According to Manjhi, Nitish Kumar is just saving his chair.
Interestingly, the silence of Nitish Kumar is indicating something else. There is something big story hidden in Kumar’s silence. Having a clean image for zero tolerance about corruption, Kumar’s silence is saying that there is something else going in his mind. Otherwise, he doesn’t need so much time to sack Tejaswi from his post. Either he is expecting explanation from Lalu Prasad Yadav or he is planning something which will go beyond anyone’s imagination.
But now, there is more twist in the story that my expectation. The drama has taken such a twist that now it’s almost clear that the coalition in Bihar will end soon. Nitish Kumar has asked Lalu Prasad Yadav to disclose all the income sources for the entire Yadav family which Lalu Yadav has denied to provide. It’s clear that Nitish Kumar has no choice but to sack Tejaswi Yadav. Now Lalu Yadav is ready to play the sympathy card in the election if his son is sacked. Not only this, all the ministers belonging to RJD will resign collectively. This has become double edge sword for Nitish Kumar. If he remains silent then his clean image will be tarnished and if he sacks Tejaswi then coalition will break. It’s clear that Tejaswi won’t resign.
Let’s see now which way the political wind will go in Bihar. This is something which will impact in near future also. In near future, I mean 2019 general elections. All the opposition parties are trying to unite against Mr Narendra Modi. But I must say one thing that this is the first time that Modi phobia happened to all the opposition parties. Although, Congress party is trying to make a middle path so that the coalition in Bihar won’t break. But I doubt that it will work. RJD and JD (U) are now blaming each other. I doubt that now there will be any talk between Lalu and Nitish about the coalition. Although BJP is extending its support to Nitish but it’s unclear that it will be fruitful. Well, nothing can be said in politics. In Indian politics friends becomes foe and foes becomes friend very rapidly. So, it’s really tough for me to say anything right now. But I think that there will be election in Bihar very soon. Now it’s up to the coalition partners how they will go.
According to the current scenario, I think the friendship between Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar is coming to an end. This coalition won’t go long. Both of them have taken it on their egos now. Let’s see what’s the outcome of the current scenario will be. But I wish that there should be fresh election in the state so that there will be more clear situation. I agree that election is a costly affair but currently assembly won’t allow the coalition between BJP and JD (U). So, it will be better to have election so that there will be fresh scenario in the assembly. It will show the real strength of the current coalition partners.

Day 394

Today, I was in mood to write about the counting of the Presidential Election held on Monday 17 July 2017. It’s not like that I won’t ...