Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 245

I’m confused today. Not regarding the topic but regarding how to write. I have couple of topics to write upon. My confusion is which one to write. Should I write only one topic today? Should I write both the topics? If I write both the topics then which one to start from. A lot of confusion. Okay, let’s have it in the order in which I came to know about it.
First one is about yesterday’s cricket match between India and Sri Lanka. The end part was really awesome. It would not be wrong if I say that it was power packed. The whole stadium was thrilled with the adventure. Virat Kohli did an applauding job in the last overs. The different strokes which he played eventually lead to a victory which India needed desperately.  All the stroked which he played were aggressive. I think that was need of the hour. Mallinga, who used to be the one of the most efficient and effective bowlers of Sri Lanka, was literally smashed by Virat Kohli. But the match was worth watching. There were many people across the country who had watched the match on television. I think they were equally thrilled at the end like me.
Second topic is related to the misbehaviour of the nephew of West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee. Her nephew, Akash Banerjee, slapped a traffic constable on duty. His car was coming from the wrong direction. The traffic constable stopped him and booked him for breaking the traffic rules. At this Akash Banerjee assaulted the traffic constable. The public came in rescue of the traffic constable. Akash Banerjee was taken to the nearest police station but few other men came and took him from the police station. The senior police officers were silent. If we consider the statement of the victim police constable, then he has logged his complaint in the same police station. But the senior police officers are denying that they have received the complaint or have heard about the incidence.
This is the clear case of hiding the truth and making the culprit escape. Although, the report is that Akash Banerjee has forcefully entered the Shibpur botanical garden a week ago. Mamta Banerjee has intervened and Akash Banerjee has been arrested. But one question is arising here that is it tolerable that any person whose relatives are at high post can misbehave like this? Why isn’t the police officers are becoming strong enough to resist to any pressure from the senior officers or from the guilty politicians? Mamta Banerjee has laid the perfect example of zero tolerance in breaking any rules and regulations. Why can’t other politicians become like this? Now its time for the public to develop the habit of stopping the rule breakers and to ask questions from the politicians and police officials who try to save the rule breakers. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 244

Yesterday, I was supposed to write a post in the blog. But I couldn’t write it because in the evening, I was tired. I wasn’t getting any idea to write. I was busy yesterday in my survey. Survey isn’t an easy job to do. It makes the surveyor to interact with a lot of people or respondents. A surveyor doesn’t know about his or her respondents. Sometimes the respondents are smart enough to fill up the form of pre set questions which a surveyor has with him or her. But sometimes, the respondents aren’t friendly. Some respondents are just irritating. They irritate the surveyor intentionally. Few respondents think that they will get money for giving their response to the surveyor. A survey not only gives the physical tiredness but mental tiredness also. But I think survey gives a chance to a surveyor to interact with the people to know about the thoughts of the mass.
In modern time, every business is depending on the taste and preference of the customers. This rule is applicable to every sector. Even for the promotion and advertisement of a new product, the companies are doing survey. Sometimes, the company do the survey to get the feedback about their products or services. It’s not like only the companies are doing the survey. Sometimes the government agencies and some media houses, also, conduct the survey. We can’t ignore the fact that population census is an example of survey only. So, in modern time, we need to rely on survey a lot. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 243

I know I was absent for the last two days. Actually, I was attending the international conference on spirituality and its paradigm in the corporate world. This international conference is being held in my college. In the last two days, I have heard many speakers who gave their lectures in this field. Some speakers were from spiritual world, few speakers were from education field and few were foreign speakers. Yesterday evening, Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt also came to my college. Mahesh Bhatt shared his experience about spirituality. In the last two days, I had couple of yoga sessions, which really worked as stress buster for me. After having those short yoga sessions, I felt a new energy flowing through me. Mostly the speakers told about the important of spirituality. As the spirituality tells about the ethics and morals, these are very much needed in the modern business world. In the modern era, where the companies are driven by the tough competition, every company is setting targets for its executives to achieve; the ethics is loosing its meaning. The life of every one is getting stressed and they are becoming more machines than just a human being.
Spirituality is the food for the mind. It helps a man to understand what is right and what is wrong. It’s totally the decision of a human being to do his action. But when the action of a person becomes bad for the whole society then it becomes unethical. That’s the point where we began to thing what is right and what is wrong. Now in this tough competitive business world, people are turning towards spirituality to have some peace of the mind and for the right direction where they can decide what is the right path to move forward? In my view, these conferences like the one being held in my college are necessary for the future managers to get in touch with the spirituality. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 242

Yesterday, I was talking to an old friend of mine. We were talking on general topics. Then we came to politics. We were discussing about the election campaign in Uttar Pradesh. He told me about Rahul Gandhi’s election campaign. I was surprised to know that how much these politicians lay to public. During the election campaign, Rahul Gandhi tried to connect himself with the poor man. He was having his lunch in a hut of a poor man. But his plate consisted of good quality of rice along with chicken dish. There was a bottle of mineral water. Now how many households of the poor man across the country afford to have such dishes in lunch? I was wondering that how many poor people use to drink mineral water. If the answer to these two questions is none then it simply means that Rahul Gandhi isn’t connected to the poor people neither he has any intention of that. And this isn’t the case of Rahul Gandhi. All the politicians make appearances during the election campaigns only. They aren’t bothering about the real miserable condition of the poor population of the country. They do these type of publicity stunts to have the momentarily support of the mass to win the elections. If Rahul Gandhi is really worried about the poor people and if he really wants to be connected with them then he has to live with them without his security guards and away from the flashlights of media’s cameras. He has to face the daily difficulties which a poor faces in the daily life when the shopkeeper of the public distribution system sells the commodities after making a poor man wait for hours. Rahul Gandhi has to face the problem of electricity and water just like millions of poor people in India. Just having lunch at a poor man’s house or carrying the basket on his head isn’t making him the real poor person of India. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 241

I know that there has been a short gap between my last post and this post. Actually I have got two reasons for this. First one is that I wasn’t getting in mood to write anything. Sometimes I feel lazy so I just take a break of the days which suits my mood. Second reason is that I wasn’t having any topic to write. Most of the times, it happens with me that I don’t have any topic to write. So that’s not a big deal. Then you must be thinking that what made me write today? Good question, I would say. But the perfect answer is that right now I’m travelling in the train. Going to the holy city of Varanasi from my home. Hold on. I’m not on a pilgrimage. I’m going to Varanasi to my college from where I’m doing PGDM. So I thought to utilize this time in writing something.
Well, there is a girl sitting in front of me. By her looks, she is looking nice. I would say that she is average looking but the hairs coming on her face due to winds are making her a bit attractive. But it seems that she isn’t an extrovert. We have a very little formal chat and she is busy in reading some magazine. Frankly speaking, we haven’t told our names to each other. But something is there which is telling me that she is attractive. Generally people don’t chat with strangers in a journey. But I think that if we don’t talk to co passenger then the journey becomes very boring. Isn’t it? As I’m writing this post, our conversation is going by a snail’s pace. I hope before reaching Varanasi, I’ll have her name and may be we will become friends. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 240

I was watching television yesterday evening. Advertisements have become an important part of any serial or the news channel. One advertisement caught my attention. It was the advertisement of Proctor & Gamble. The advertisement was about buying any product of the company and some part of that will be donated for the construction of schools for the education of children in villages. Indeed it’s a noble cause. This is called the Company’s Social Responsibility or commonly known as CSR. Even ITC is doing the same thing. If a customer buys the notebooks of ITC, then a part of that goes for the education of village children. Many companies are advertising for their CSR like this. But in view, the companies are doing this out of compulsion. Not on their free will. CSR is a concept in which a company has to do for the betterment of the society and the environment.
Theoretically, the companies are supposed to do all these things on their own. But the companies are making advertisement in which they are blackmailing the customers emotionally to buy their products. The companies are required to sponsor the CSR on their own funds. But the companies are making the customers buy their products by showing emotional advertisement and they are taking the money from the customers to sponsor the CSR. Technically, this isn’t allowed. The real picture is that the companies are required to do their CSR from the net profit they are earning from their sales. But the companies are showing in their balance sheets that they have a provision of CSR and they are taking the advantage of tax rebate to save their margin of profit by paying less tax.
All these are the traps to confuse the customer. If the companies are really worried and interest about their CSR, then why aren’t they doing it from their net profit. As the companies are having provision of retained earning, which they can use in their tough time, that amount can’t be used for the CSR. If the companies will use the money from the net profit then they won’t be able to survive the competition. So they are luring the customers with their emotional advertisements to sponsor the CSR of the company. I think the companies are really using the English proverb ‘two birds in a single stone’. So now its time for the customer to be aware of these traps for the next time before going for shopping for those products of which the CSR factor is showed in the advertisements. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 239

Today is one of the most memorable days of my life. I’m not going to forget today. I met the love of my life today. It was our plan to meet at somewhere else at a schedule time. It was my friend’s house. But I cancelled the plan of meeting there as my friend was ill. So she told me that she will call me after reaching her friend’s house. Then she called me an hour earlier than the schedule time and told me to reach the botanical garden of Patna. Both of us reached together but she couldn’t see me as I was behind her. Then I took the entry tickets and we went inside. We were roaming in the botanical garden. She said that she want to sit on a lonely bench where no one could disturb us. I told her to sit near the lake. We went and sat on a bench near the lake. We were holding each others arms. We were talking and the smile of her face was making my heart beat faster. Oh! God, her smile was the sweetest thing. I kissed her forehead. She kept her head on my shoulder and she took our photographs from her cell camera. We sat there for one and half hours. Then we had a walk around the lake. While walking, I checked that no one was in the vicinity. Then I hugged her and kissed her on her cheeks. Then we came out. Walked with her till the entrance of her colony. The smile on her face before saying bye to me was the killer smile. What a lovely smile she had. I thought that I’m going to be hit by the thunderbolt. The moments which we spend together were just awesome. I want to relive those moments again. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 238

It really gives pleasure to be at home. Just like I wrote on yesterday’s post that suddenly we got a pleasant surprise. Then suddenly four of us planned to get back to home. The immediate planning lead to the high level energy which helped in packing the stuffs very fast. We reached the railway station. But none of all four of us knew that this journey will be one of the memorable journeys of the railways. We were having our journey very smoothly. We were just two hours from our destination. All of us were relieved that in two hours we will reach the destination and within two and half hours, we will be at our homes. But the main hectic part started from that point. The train we boarded was a super fast express. But after that station, it became worst than the local passenger train. I told my friends that we were travelling in a goods train now. Moving for fifteen minutes and halting for half an hour. We reached our destination after three and half hours late from the expected time. Really, halting for half an hour at small halts was making me frustrated with anger. But nothing could be done. Signal was been made to make us wait. But finally when I reached home, I felt very happy. Finally the pleasure of being at home. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 237

Surprise can come in any form. Sometimes, surprise is very bad. But majority of the time, surprise is a pleasant one. Today, I got a pleasant surprise. I would say that it’s a very happy one. In the morning, I got ready to go to the college. I was waiting for the bus to come to take the students from hostel to college. But my cell phone began to ring. All other friends were telling me that the bus will not come and they have returned back to their homes after waiting for the bus at the bus stop. I immediately rang few of my other friends. They verified the news of bus is not coming to their bus stops either. Till then, the news spread in the hostel that the college is closed for the next three days. This news spread in the hostel like fire. All those who have got dressed up for the college, immediately changed their uniform and came in the casual dress. Wow! A good and pleasant surprise at last.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 236

Well, today morning, I was going through the newspaper. One news article caught my attention. It was about Raj Thackeray. He has again started spiting venom against the North Indians, particularly Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. I think he is having insecurity feeling about the people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Last time also he targeted people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. I think he is sick mentally. If I quote his statement then he directly blamed people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh for all the crimes in Mumbai and Maharashtra. He has said that the number of criminals from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are many times of the police strength of Mumbai and Maharashtra. I think time has come to remind him some facts. I think he still remember the terrorist attack on Mumbai. It’s a proven fact that all of them were Pakistanis. I think he has forgotten that all the National Security Guard were from North Indians. None of them were the Maratha Manoos. I think he is reigniting the spark to be in the limelight. Nothing more than that. He knows it very well that until he divides the state and the country on the basis of language till then he can’t do his politics.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 235

Today, I was surfing the net. A news article caught my attention. It was about a survey been conducted about happiness. The poll was conducted amongst 18,000 people in 24 countries. Indians are happiest persons in the world along with Mexican and Indonesians. People of United States, Canada and Britain are in the middle of the scale. Hungary, South Korea, Russia and Spain are having the least number of happy people in the world. I think perhaps its proving that money can’t buy happiness. In fact, it’s true that you don’t need to have money to be happy. I agree that money plays crucial role but it’s not the controlling power. Indeed money is very necessary but it can’t buy happiness. Happiness is something which can’t be bought by money. Happiness is felt from inside when one is satisfied with what he or she is having. Money doesn’t have anything to do with the happiness. Money can buy physical things which a person can have for pleasure or recreational things. But it’s not compulsory that you will get happiness from those things. Sometimes a person is having every item of luxury, but still that person is unhappy. It’s a proven fact that money can never buy happiness. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 234

I know that I have been writing about politicians for the last couple of posts. But today, I have decided not to write anything about politics. But I don’t have any topic to write upon. Don’t know what has happened to me today? I don’t know the reason of having my mood off. May be lack of topic is one of the reasons. There are a lot of things happening around the globe on which something can be written. But don’t know why I’m unable to concentrate on a single incidence to write? This is happening for the first time since I have started writing regularly. Actually I have decided to write everyday on the blog. No matter how tired I am. But I forgot one thing that without any topic I can’t write properly. I never expected that I’ll be without topic for a single day. But unfortunately I’m without any idea or topic. Something is there which I’m not getting. Something is creating hurdle today. May be the reason is that lack of feedbacks.
Actually feedbacks are important for me to write constructively. But with the lack of any feedback I can’t write anything. Today I’m not going to say again to write the feed back. Several times in the past, I have written that to have any feedback. But I know that absence of feedback is the sign of absence of reading from your side. Because I know that many of you are reading the posts on the blog but none of you are bothered to write any feedback on the content of the post or the writing style of mine. Really this is very sad thing to happen. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 233

I got a comment on my last post. It’s true that due to the irresponsible and shameless politicians India is still an underdeveloped country. India has the potential of being a developed nation. But it’s all due to the corrupted politicians, even after 64 years of independence, we are developing nation. Politicians have been worried about their development rather than country’s development. Whenever there is any important bill to be passed in the parliament or in the state assemblies then the politicians will interrupt the proceedings of the parliament or the assembly. But whenever there will be any bill about the increment of the salary hike of the members of the parliament or the assembly then they will be in full attendance and there will not be any interruption. Most of the politicians are having some criminal cases pending against them. Sometimes I strongly feel that dictator rule or the military rule is necessary for India. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 232

Today is propose day. It’s not according to me. It’s according to my friends. Now it has become the trend to celebrate the valentine week. I think its total influence of the western culture on Indian culture. Nothing more than that. But one news article has caught my attention which is really more shameful. Three ministers of the Karnataka government have resigned following the allegations that the trio were watching porn movies in the state assembly. The incidence happened when the assembly was in the session and the heated debate was going on recently hoisting of Pakistani flag in Bijapur district in Karnataka. This is really a shameful act and that too done in the assembly when it’s going on. This shows the cheap mentality of the elected representatives of the assembly. It’s the first incidence which has happened in any state assembly. Certainly this incidence has shocked the entire nation.
The ministers were so much indulge in this shameful act that they forgot everything. I think that these ministers should be sacked from their assembly seats. If they aren’t able to concentrate on the working of the assembly and are more interested in watching porn movies then they should be debarred from the assembly election and they should be barred from contesting elections. Although an enquiry has been ordered after their resignation but still I would suggest that they should be boycotted socially and politically. These politicians take everything as granted. They think that they can do anything anytime. Until and unless they are boycotted till then they aren’t going to learn anything. Time has come to teach them proper lesson.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 231

I was wondering about the change in the Indian thoughts. 20 years back, valentine day was an alien thing for Indian society. But now, the entire week before the valentine day is been associated with one thing or another like rose day, hug day, teddy bear day. I won’t call this as nonsense. But I think that we, Indians, are expert in adopting alien things in our culture. From the business point of view, these days are very crucial. Although on the valentine day, greeting cards are on the high sale but there are few more things now associated with it. Now the couple wants to go to restaurants to celebrate this day. Cards companies like Archie’s makes a lot of profits in this one week. The sales of rose and other things on whose names the different days of the week have been assigned are on rise. It’s a good sign from the economic point of view.
But personally I don’t feel excited or appreciate these things. Why do we need one day to express our love to our loved ones? Everyday of our life we can show our love to them by doing small things which really makes our loved ones happy. So why to wait for one day to come? Suppose that we show our love on one day and then we use to fight for rest of the year, then what’s the use of valentine day? I’m not against the teaching of St. Valentine, for whose remembrance this day is celebrated. I just want to say that make everyday of your life a valentine day. Then you will be having true love and your life will be on a positive direction. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 230

A sad news has shocked the entire country. The prince of Indian cricket team, Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with cancer. The hero of World Cup held last year. It was Yuvi’s effort which made him win the man of the series award. In my view, it was Yuvi only due to whom the whole India danced in night on April 2, 2011. The day India bagged the world cup. Now in this tough time, he isn’t alone. Right now, he will be going for the third round of chemotherapy on Wednesday but all the fans of Yuvi know that he is a tough guy. He knows very well how to fight the tough time. He has the spirit of changing the game. So he will come out as a healthy person again. And if we believe his doctors then we will be able to see him back in action in 10 weeks. The wishes and prayers of Yuvi’s fans will definitely work for him and we will soon see him back in action. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 229

I know I am late today. I have a reason for this. I went on the survey today. It’s a part of my PGDM course. By doing survey, one can know the preference or the taste of the sample population on whom the survey is been done. My specialization in PGDM is marketing. So I need to do survey to know the mood of the sample population. In whichever company I’ll get placement, I’ll be going to people like this only. All the students of PGDM and MBA are required to do survey work. Survey gives the experience of the real work which a marketing person has to do. This is the first hand experience which can not be learnt in the classroom. Getting the questionnaire filled, explaining the aim of the survey and clarifying the doubts of the respondents are the major part which I did today. This is the main thing for any surveyor has to do. This is a hectic work but one can learn a lot of things. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 228

I wrote this post in response of the comment I got on the post named Day 226. It’s true that BCCI is the main culprit for this bad phase of the Indian cricket team. BCCI has become just a money making machine. It’s the richest cricket body in ICC. BCCI gives the maximum revenue to the ICC. But whenever any charges or any racial discrimination is done with the Indian cricket team, then no hearing is being heard of BCCI. Seriously, BCCI has made cricketers as the medium to earn money. That’s why there has been a series of events for the Indian cricketers without break. After World Cup, IPL was there. Then it was England tour. Then English team visiting India. Then West Indies tour and now the Australian tour.
I know that BCCI will blame the players for the bad performance. They will make senior players retire. They will take the captaincy from Dhoni. But its all nothing but the covering their own face. When the players aren’t given much time to have the rest then how do the BCCI expect 100% outcome from the players. It’s just out of the question. I know that every game has one outcome. Win. Both of teams go on the field with the thought of winning. No team thinks about losing. But one team has to lose. This is the part of the game. But how will the players give their 100% output when they are unfit. Shoulder injuries, wrist injuries, wrinkle injuries are the things which are happening with the Indian players.
This is not the right time to make the senior players hang their boots. The young players need to learn from the senior players. But now to cover its face, BCCI will axe the senior players. This is the best BCCI is going to do to save its image instead of thinking about improving the confidence of the players and giving some time to them for having the rest. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 227

Today Supreme Court’s verdict came out for 2G scams. The court blamed former telecom minister A Raja for the scam. The court cancelled all the 122 2G licences awarded during the A Raja’s tenure. The licences were awarded at the throw away prices. This clearly means that how the ministers miss utilise the power given to them. The unconstitutional way in which A Raja acted proves that the ministers are more bothered about the development of their personal bank accounts rather than the development of the country. What a shame? The companies which bribed A Raja will recover from the public as the service charges and the call rates. Ultimately, it’s the general public who is paying the double loss. First, the loss which A Raja made in giving the licence at the lower prices. He forgot that the loss of the state exchequer is the loss of the general public because the money coming to the exchequer is the tax which the general public is paying. The second loss of the public is indeed in the form of the service charges it will pay to the mobile companies in various forms.  Every time the burden is put on the general public only. For every corruption, the public has to pay heavy price.
Now the trial will go on. May be it will take another decade for the final verdict to come. Till then A Raja will be having a VIP cell in the prison. I don’t know what will the final verdict but till then there will be no hard way to recover the money. There will be some financial fine of may be Rs 50,000. That will be maximum. But A Raja has taken minimum bribe of Rs 50 lakhs. There is no provision of any hard punishment and heavy financial fine. Sometimes, I really think that the time has come to change the laws. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 226

Sometimes, it becomes tough to write anything because of tussle going on within yourself. Today, I’m in mood to write. But due to the bad health, I’m unable to decide the topic to write. It’s just the cold and the leg swelling with my body. But the pain is under control with the help of medicines. Due to the pain, the brain isn’t concentrating on the writing. Hope so that I’ll recover by this weekend. But the core question still remains the same. What to write now?
The only topic which is coming in my mind is the underperformance of Indian cricket team. Indian cricket team is on the Australian tour. It lost the test series in shame. Now today it lost the first twenty twenty match by 31 runs. Two years ago, India mounted the number one status in test ranking. Last year in April, Indian cricket team won the world cup. But today, they are not the number one in test ranking. India was the first winner of the twenty twenty world cup in 2007. Bad performance, the lack of team spirit, dependency on senior players, which could be the reason out of these three possibilities? Or is there any other reason? Can’t say what is the real reason for the downfall of the team? According to me, the IPL is the cause for the downfall of the players of Indian cricket team. Every member of the cricket team was being playing in all the league teams. The huge money involved in the IPL is one of the causes. Twenty twenty is the shortest form of the game where more action and thrill are there along with the money. I think that’s distracting the attention of the players. BCCI has to do something if it really wants to save its image and the Indian cricket team. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...