Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 228

I wrote this post in response of the comment I got on the post named Day 226. It’s true that BCCI is the main culprit for this bad phase of the Indian cricket team. BCCI has become just a money making machine. It’s the richest cricket body in ICC. BCCI gives the maximum revenue to the ICC. But whenever any charges or any racial discrimination is done with the Indian cricket team, then no hearing is being heard of BCCI. Seriously, BCCI has made cricketers as the medium to earn money. That’s why there has been a series of events for the Indian cricketers without break. After World Cup, IPL was there. Then it was England tour. Then English team visiting India. Then West Indies tour and now the Australian tour.
I know that BCCI will blame the players for the bad performance. They will make senior players retire. They will take the captaincy from Dhoni. But its all nothing but the covering their own face. When the players aren’t given much time to have the rest then how do the BCCI expect 100% outcome from the players. It’s just out of the question. I know that every game has one outcome. Win. Both of teams go on the field with the thought of winning. No team thinks about losing. But one team has to lose. This is the part of the game. But how will the players give their 100% output when they are unfit. Shoulder injuries, wrist injuries, wrinkle injuries are the things which are happening with the Indian players.
This is not the right time to make the senior players hang their boots. The young players need to learn from the senior players. But now to cover its face, BCCI will axe the senior players. This is the best BCCI is going to do to save its image instead of thinking about improving the confidence of the players and giving some time to them for having the rest. 

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