Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 163

I know that it’s been a week now since I last posted two songs on my blog. Well, I was not well. Even I haven’t recovered fully. But I thought to write something today. I can’t stay away from writing for a long time. Yesterday one of my friends called me just to enquire about my health. Well, she is a nice friend of mine. Her name is Miss Snehi. She is very sweet. And we were talking after a long time. You might think that if she is a nice friend then why did we talk after long time? Actually I didn’t talk to her when I was down with fever. Anyway, today I’m not in mood to talk about my illness. I was talking about my friend, Snehi. She is very sweet, innocent, frank and very openly. That’s why everyone likes her. She bowls others with her cuteness. And she likes to make good friends. That’s why she has made me her friend. A bit of self praising. Isn’t it? Well, it happens sometimes. Well, Snehi is a girl who really makes her friends comfortable. The main attraction is her smile and the dimples which she gets on her cheeks while smiling. She really cares about her friends. And she has a nice voice. She sings quite well. You can say that she is a perfect example of a good friend. I’m delighted to have Senhi as my friend. I wish that we have a long lasting friendship.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 161

World leaders are having meeting at Copenhagen to curb the world pollution. But the rich countries led by America are telling developing countries and under developed countries to curb their pollution emissions. But rich countries aren’t ready to curb its own pollution emission. Western countries are saying that emerging economies like India and China aren’t doing enough for the climate. They are taking double standards. They don’t want to curb the pollution emission from their industries but are forcing India and China to curb their pollution emissions. This is nothing but an attitude that we will be the law maker but we are above the law. We will do whatever we like. I think you people are getting confused. You people might think that I have gone nuts and am talking nothing but something scrap. So, lets have a look at few statistics. Lets have example of number of vehicles per 1000 population. America has 765 motor vehicles in 1000 population. India has 12 motor vehicles per 1000 population. Now think about the difference in the pollution level due to cars in India and America. But still America isn’t doing to curb the pollution from its motor vehicles. Lets have another example of electricity consumption. We will have it per capita/day consumption. In America its 1,460 watts per capita per day, while in India this consumption ratio is 50.5 watts per capita per day. Now all of us know that for more consumption of power or using more motor vehicles emits more pollution. This is nothing more than double stand. America is polluting the environment more than India but still America is forcing India to emit less pollution. If a rich country like America is not serious about the global warming then how can it expect others to do that? In Kyoto Protocol, rich countries are also expected to reduce their emissions but that’s not happening. They are dictating the rest of world to reduce their emission so that there industries shouldn’t hamper. They become more rich and rich. I think that this Copenhagen Summit is nothing but the wastage of money and time. I think rich countries have decided it well off long before the starting of this Summit that they will force others to cut down their emissions so that they should put their industries on roll and become more and more rich. They are not seeing this that they are also in this world like others. They also have the same responsibilities like others. But being the rich countries they are thinking that they can do any thing on the basis of money.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 160

Now the directors of two IIMs – Calcutta and Bangalore – have mooted a proposal of the online exam. They want to have a pen-paper based exam at least for this year. This is an attempt to save the reputation of the IIMs. The CAT 2009 fiasco has lead to the anger amongst the CAT aspirants. It has really put the CAT’s credibility at stake. The Prometric romance has cost CAT Committee more than just the money. Its reputation, its credibility and the dignity of conduction quality CAT exam has been damaged this year. Now the aspirants of CAT 2010 are having dilemma in their minds that whether they will get a fair exam or not? Whether there will be online exam or will be pen-paper based exam? If again online exam will be conducted next year, then will be a fiasco like CAT 2009? There are many more questions like this. Aspirants are favouring the pen-paper based exam. They don’t want to be at the risk level. After all, CAT exam is not like another exam where you are sure that okay after couple of months, we will reappear in this exam. CAT exam is having some dignity attached to it.

And the major setback is that online exam contract was given to Prometric. People are saying that foreign companies are coming to Indian IT Professionals for all their software works. And IIMs went to a foreign company to conduct such a prestigious exam. Mismanagement was already there. But the technical hitches which popped up become another instrument of insult. People are even saying that IIMs teaches management to others but when it came to take vital decisions then it forget all its management lessons. BITSAT is conducting online exams every year successfully for over 1.25 lakhs students. And that without any hassle. People are even saying that when the CAT exam was paper based then the question paper was having a good standard and when the matter came to set 20 different question papers then CAT Committee couldn’t maintain its standards.

It’s true that CAT Committee gave the assignment to Prometric Company but the general mass thinks that CAT Committee is the sole responsible authority of conducting CAT exams. And they gave the assignment to Prometric without any mock test or without any other tests to check whether the exam will run smooth or not.

So not the CAT Committee has to take some concrete steps for the quality of CAT exam and for regaining the lost stake. I hope that CAT 2010 will be conducted without any hassle. Only time has the answer to this anxiety. And of course, CAT Committee knows it very well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 159

I know that for the past few days, I’m not writing any post on my blog. Actually, I was monitoring the recent turmoil in the Indian political scenario. Yes, I’m talking about the division of Andhra Pradesh and carving out of Telangana from that. It will be the 29th state of India. The Central Government agreed on the division due to the hunger strike by the Telangana Rashtra Saniti’s chief K Chnadrasekhara Rao. He was on fast unto death and his fast ended in eleven days due to sink in his health. This forced the Central Government to kneel down before his demand. But in this time period 17 people committed suicide in the support of the demand. It really hurts to see these types of madness. Going on hunger strike unto death and committing suicide for a state doesn’t make any sense. What is the use of having a separate state? Just to have power. Is having power more important than the national integrity? I don’t appreciate this and strongly condemn the separation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh and they ways been used for it.

If Sardar Vallahab Bhai Patel would have been alive today, then he would be in very painful condition. He worked tirelessly in merging more than 600 Princely states in Indian Union. He merged Hydrabad in India after having high tension dialogues with the Nizam of Hydrabad. At last in 1948, Nizam’s rule ended and Hydrabad state was formed. Till 1953 it was Hydrabad state. It was after the death of Potti Sreeramulu in 1983 that Andhra Pradesh was carved out of Madras Principality. Then in 1956, Telangana region was merged in Andhra Pradesh. Rest of the Nizam’s kingdom was merged with Karnataka and Maharashtra. And now again, the processes are on to carve out Telangana from Andhra Pradesh.

That’s the history of Andhra Pradesh. Now come to the present situation. Out of 23 districts in Andhra Pradesh, 10 will go in Telangana. And there are anti-Telangana protests also happening in Andhra Pradesh. Out of 294 MLAs, till now 134 MLAs have forwarded their resignations to the Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Out of 134 MLAs, 80 are from Congress, 40 from TDP and 14 from PRP, a party formed by Telgu film superstar Chiranjeevi. Now the anti- Telangana movement is gaining momentum. 3 anti-Telangana activists committed suicide. This chaos in not leading to any positive output.

Again there is division on the basis of language. It’s something very harmful. Let’s see the scenario after the division. After division catchments area (69%), cultivable area in river basin (71%), geographical area and population (42%) will go in Telangana. I just want to ask those who want the division that what’s the need of this division? Is it just to have power or is it just to have a region of one language?

All these are nothing but the game of politicians. These politicians know how to play with people’s sentiments to gain their political aims. At the end of the day, it’s the common man who suffers. And if the Union government goes on granting permission for the division of states then the demand will arise from all the parts of the country for carving new states either on the basis of language, or on the basis of caste or religion. Until when we will be dividing India on this basis?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 158

Again no comments are coming. It means no one is reading it seriously except one of my friends. Well, I’m taking about my friend Miss Archana. She is very good friend of mine and she is a nice girl. The thing which I like most about her is her sweet nature and the cute smile she has. That’s the main positive point she has. Her cute smile. And she is very friendly to all. She always has a smile on her face which radiates positive energy from her. And all her friends miss her a lot. And she knows how to crack jokes in the class. She is a perfect example of a good friend. Another thing which I like a lot about her is that she is really helpful to others. Give her a task and she does it with ease. Sometimes she panics but that’s rare. In short, she is a gem which needs to be preserved. That’s all I can say about her.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 157

Well, I wrote my last post on 4th December. I took a break of one day to watch the test match between India and Sri Lanka. I would like to say that I enjoyed this test series a lot. In Kanpur test and in Mumbai test, the Indian team batted well and bowled well. It was a completely perfectly balanced team. Virendar Shewag used his bat in both the tests match in an effective manner. The way in which he played was truly classical. And the middle order batsmen also supported well. It’s another thing that they didn’t performed as per the expectation after having a splendid performance by Virendar Shewag. Now with this win, Indian team has become the number 1 team in ICC test ranking. Now this is one thing of which we are proud of. Every time, the Indian cricket team has been considered as an underperformed team. But now, it’s not like that. Indian cricketers also put their full effort in the game but due to lack of the coordination and due to ill balanced team they loose the match. Now the Indian team has to retain this number 1 slot for at least couple of years.

Friday, December 4, 2009

DAY 156

Today I was discussing with my friends on a topic. The topic was “Should the online exams be scrapped?” In my view, it shouldn’t be scrapped. It’s very convenient. It helps in declaring the result very faster. Now a day, we are using new technology in every thing. We are using mobile phones with latest features; we are using ATM cards and online banking. We are reading e-books; we are in touch with far away friends through internet. In short, we are depending on technology for everything. Then why can’t we have online exams? What’s wrong in that? I know that many people will say that the CAT 2009 has become a failure. But there are various reasons for this fiasco. There was no mock test been conducted either by the Prometric or the CAT committee? Then it would have become more easier to find the drawbacks or the technical difficulties, would have come to light. But it doesn’t happen. Anyway, I think I’m been deviated from the topic. Well, my point is about the total competitive exams. It should be online. It shaves a large amount of paper. If we take example of CAT then more then 2.5 lakhs students appears in the CAT exams every year. Now just imaging the amount of paper required in preparing the answer sheets and question papers fro so many students. And there are so many management entrance exams in India. So, just imagine the total consumption of the papers. Its going to be very huge. Making exams online we are definitely going to save that much paper. And its less expensive in the long run also. Initially online exams are going to cost a lot. For example, CAT 2009 which is been held online has cost Rs 150 crores to the CAT committee. But in the coming years it will become marginal. So, in my view, online exams shouldn’t be scrapped.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 155

Couple of days back, I received comment for Miss Anuja. Actually she asked me about the preparation for CAT. Well, I don’t think myself to be such a high profile person who can give the exact answer. Miss Anuja, I would just give you advice to stick to the old proverb which says ‘there is no shortcut to success’, and ‘hard work brings successes. That’s the only mantra in this competitive age. Concentrate on your studies and be focused on your aim. Don’t get derailed from your tracks like Indian trains. Okay, just kidding. There is not much havoc about the Dos and Don’ts about preparation for the CAT exam. The CAT exam is just an examination which sees your basic skills in communication and solving problems. That’s why only English and Math are the important sections in CAT exam apart from Data Interpretation which checks an aspirant’s knowledge of understanding. These things are necessary for those who want to be in the prestigious B Schools. Because B Schools makes a student more efficient as a business manager. So to do well in the CAT exam I would suggest to be focused and determined. And of course, through your hard work, you will ripe the fruit of being selected in the top 7 B Schools of India. So, Miss Anuja, I hope that your problem is solved. If not, then you are always welcomed to ask questions and write comments at my blog.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...