Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 159

I know that for the past few days, I’m not writing any post on my blog. Actually, I was monitoring the recent turmoil in the Indian political scenario. Yes, I’m talking about the division of Andhra Pradesh and carving out of Telangana from that. It will be the 29th state of India. The Central Government agreed on the division due to the hunger strike by the Telangana Rashtra Saniti’s chief K Chnadrasekhara Rao. He was on fast unto death and his fast ended in eleven days due to sink in his health. This forced the Central Government to kneel down before his demand. But in this time period 17 people committed suicide in the support of the demand. It really hurts to see these types of madness. Going on hunger strike unto death and committing suicide for a state doesn’t make any sense. What is the use of having a separate state? Just to have power. Is having power more important than the national integrity? I don’t appreciate this and strongly condemn the separation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh and they ways been used for it.

If Sardar Vallahab Bhai Patel would have been alive today, then he would be in very painful condition. He worked tirelessly in merging more than 600 Princely states in Indian Union. He merged Hydrabad in India after having high tension dialogues with the Nizam of Hydrabad. At last in 1948, Nizam’s rule ended and Hydrabad state was formed. Till 1953 it was Hydrabad state. It was after the death of Potti Sreeramulu in 1983 that Andhra Pradesh was carved out of Madras Principality. Then in 1956, Telangana region was merged in Andhra Pradesh. Rest of the Nizam’s kingdom was merged with Karnataka and Maharashtra. And now again, the processes are on to carve out Telangana from Andhra Pradesh.

That’s the history of Andhra Pradesh. Now come to the present situation. Out of 23 districts in Andhra Pradesh, 10 will go in Telangana. And there are anti-Telangana protests also happening in Andhra Pradesh. Out of 294 MLAs, till now 134 MLAs have forwarded their resignations to the Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Out of 134 MLAs, 80 are from Congress, 40 from TDP and 14 from PRP, a party formed by Telgu film superstar Chiranjeevi. Now the anti- Telangana movement is gaining momentum. 3 anti-Telangana activists committed suicide. This chaos in not leading to any positive output.

Again there is division on the basis of language. It’s something very harmful. Let’s see the scenario after the division. After division catchments area (69%), cultivable area in river basin (71%), geographical area and population (42%) will go in Telangana. I just want to ask those who want the division that what’s the need of this division? Is it just to have power or is it just to have a region of one language?

All these are nothing but the game of politicians. These politicians know how to play with people’s sentiments to gain their political aims. At the end of the day, it’s the common man who suffers. And if the Union government goes on granting permission for the division of states then the demand will arise from all the parts of the country for carving new states either on the basis of language, or on the basis of caste or religion. Until when we will be dividing India on this basis?

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