Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 163

I know that it’s been a week now since I last posted two songs on my blog. Well, I was not well. Even I haven’t recovered fully. But I thought to write something today. I can’t stay away from writing for a long time. Yesterday one of my friends called me just to enquire about my health. Well, she is a nice friend of mine. Her name is Miss Snehi. She is very sweet. And we were talking after a long time. You might think that if she is a nice friend then why did we talk after long time? Actually I didn’t talk to her when I was down with fever. Anyway, today I’m not in mood to talk about my illness. I was talking about my friend, Snehi. She is very sweet, innocent, frank and very openly. That’s why everyone likes her. She bowls others with her cuteness. And she likes to make good friends. That’s why she has made me her friend. A bit of self praising. Isn’t it? Well, it happens sometimes. Well, Snehi is a girl who really makes her friends comfortable. The main attraction is her smile and the dimples which she gets on her cheeks while smiling. She really cares about her friends. And she has a nice voice. She sings quite well. You can say that she is a perfect example of a good friend. I’m delighted to have Senhi as my friend. I wish that we have a long lasting friendship.

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