Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 155

Couple of days back, I received comment for Miss Anuja. Actually she asked me about the preparation for CAT. Well, I don’t think myself to be such a high profile person who can give the exact answer. Miss Anuja, I would just give you advice to stick to the old proverb which says ‘there is no shortcut to success’, and ‘hard work brings successes. That’s the only mantra in this competitive age. Concentrate on your studies and be focused on your aim. Don’t get derailed from your tracks like Indian trains. Okay, just kidding. There is not much havoc about the Dos and Don’ts about preparation for the CAT exam. The CAT exam is just an examination which sees your basic skills in communication and solving problems. That’s why only English and Math are the important sections in CAT exam apart from Data Interpretation which checks an aspirant’s knowledge of understanding. These things are necessary for those who want to be in the prestigious B Schools. Because B Schools makes a student more efficient as a business manager. So to do well in the CAT exam I would suggest to be focused and determined. And of course, through your hard work, you will ripe the fruit of being selected in the top 7 B Schools of India. So, Miss Anuja, I hope that your problem is solved. If not, then you are always welcomed to ask questions and write comments at my blog.

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