Friday, December 4, 2009

DAY 156

Today I was discussing with my friends on a topic. The topic was “Should the online exams be scrapped?” In my view, it shouldn’t be scrapped. It’s very convenient. It helps in declaring the result very faster. Now a day, we are using new technology in every thing. We are using mobile phones with latest features; we are using ATM cards and online banking. We are reading e-books; we are in touch with far away friends through internet. In short, we are depending on technology for everything. Then why can’t we have online exams? What’s wrong in that? I know that many people will say that the CAT 2009 has become a failure. But there are various reasons for this fiasco. There was no mock test been conducted either by the Prometric or the CAT committee? Then it would have become more easier to find the drawbacks or the technical difficulties, would have come to light. But it doesn’t happen. Anyway, I think I’m been deviated from the topic. Well, my point is about the total competitive exams. It should be online. It shaves a large amount of paper. If we take example of CAT then more then 2.5 lakhs students appears in the CAT exams every year. Now just imaging the amount of paper required in preparing the answer sheets and question papers fro so many students. And there are so many management entrance exams in India. So, just imagine the total consumption of the papers. Its going to be very huge. Making exams online we are definitely going to save that much paper. And its less expensive in the long run also. Initially online exams are going to cost a lot. For example, CAT 2009 which is been held online has cost Rs 150 crores to the CAT committee. But in the coming years it will become marginal. So, in my view, online exams shouldn’t be scrapped.

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