Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 161

World leaders are having meeting at Copenhagen to curb the world pollution. But the rich countries led by America are telling developing countries and under developed countries to curb their pollution emissions. But rich countries aren’t ready to curb its own pollution emission. Western countries are saying that emerging economies like India and China aren’t doing enough for the climate. They are taking double standards. They don’t want to curb the pollution emission from their industries but are forcing India and China to curb their pollution emissions. This is nothing but an attitude that we will be the law maker but we are above the law. We will do whatever we like. I think you people are getting confused. You people might think that I have gone nuts and am talking nothing but something scrap. So, lets have a look at few statistics. Lets have example of number of vehicles per 1000 population. America has 765 motor vehicles in 1000 population. India has 12 motor vehicles per 1000 population. Now think about the difference in the pollution level due to cars in India and America. But still America isn’t doing to curb the pollution from its motor vehicles. Lets have another example of electricity consumption. We will have it per capita/day consumption. In America its 1,460 watts per capita per day, while in India this consumption ratio is 50.5 watts per capita per day. Now all of us know that for more consumption of power or using more motor vehicles emits more pollution. This is nothing more than double stand. America is polluting the environment more than India but still America is forcing India to emit less pollution. If a rich country like America is not serious about the global warming then how can it expect others to do that? In Kyoto Protocol, rich countries are also expected to reduce their emissions but that’s not happening. They are dictating the rest of world to reduce their emission so that there industries shouldn’t hamper. They become more rich and rich. I think that this Copenhagen Summit is nothing but the wastage of money and time. I think rich countries have decided it well off long before the starting of this Summit that they will force others to cut down their emissions so that they should put their industries on roll and become more and more rich. They are not seeing this that they are also in this world like others. They also have the same responsibilities like others. But being the rich countries they are thinking that they can do any thing on the basis of money.

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