Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 174

I’m confused now. IPL is the reason. What should I say it now? Is it Indian Premier League or Indian Paisa League or Indian Political League? The daily changing scenario of IPL is turning more interesting now. The amount of money is really huge. And now the war of tug is taking new twist everyday. BCCI is lobbying to sack Lalit Modi as the IPL Commissioner. But he is not going to resign quietly. The manner in which is speaking is indicating that he has some vital clues and secrets which can unearth some political heavyweights name. There are a lot of things going on underground which will be disclosed very soon. Lalit Modi has refused to become a scapegoat which clearly indicates that all is not well in this IPL session. The previous two sessions of IPL were good hits in India and abroad as well. But this time, it has started many political storms. Mr Shashi Tharoor has to quit his job just because of this controversy. Who knows that what other big name is involved in all these? Of course, Mr Modi knows that. That attitude and the confidence with which he is saying his views clearly states this that he is not an easy person to bend. There is a high voltage drama going on. Only coming time can tell us that.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 173

Live-in relationship. A relationship which two persons make with each other with mutual consent. This is mostly practiced in western countries. But in India also this relationship is been common in metro cities. And recently Supreme Court of India also passed sentence making live-in relationship a legal one. Supreme Court has made it clear that if a female companion comes to court asking for the compensatition from her male live-in relationship partner, then the male has to give her compensation. But what exactly is a live-in relation? Is it as I have told in the opening sentence or is it different from that? I think it will lead us to one sided debate and the final answer will be like as I have already said. But in India, live-in relation is considered as an agent of decaying the moral of the society. But I don’t think so. There is no written law or anything like that which states that live-in relationship is bad. It’s nothing but the mindset of the people in the country which makes certain things good or bad. In India, even the mindset of the people forbids a guy to walk publicly by holding a girl’s hand. But recently it was found that the trend is changing now. In India, there is an increment of 60% of people having live-in relation. And it’s much easier to have a live-in relationship. No comment required in that. And if we see then marriage is also like live-in relationship only difference is that it has the seal of approval from the society. So why can’t a couple live together without marrying? What’s wrong in that? And if we see in India, then we have large number of divorces also. It’s a fact that Madras High Court has a separate wing and legal professionals to look after the divorce cases. So it’s better to have a live-in relationship. No bounding and no major responsibilities like we have in the case of marriage. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 172

Dantewada. A name which has been recorded in the history of modern India for the massacre of 74 CRPF soldiers. Naxals turned their guns towards the security forces to resist the Operation Green Hunt, an initiative taken by the Central Government to eradicate the Naxalites from our country. But one thing worried me a lot. The government isn’t providing basic facilities to the security forces working in the dense forests. The security personals have to fight Naxalites without adequate water supply and medicines. Malaria is the common disease in the dense forest against which the security forces are inadequate. Most of the times, the security forces have to work with their patched throats because of insufficient supply of fresh waters. Still they are fighting the Naxalites. Real kudos to those brave soldiers. And what happened in the forest of Dantewada is an example of growing number of Naxalites in India. There were 80 CRPF soldiers against 1000 Naxalites. Its clear indication that our security force in the forest areas is in fraction as compared to the Naxalites. And Union Home Minister, Mr P Chidambaram sent his resignation in writing to the Prime Minister, taking the moral responsibility of whatever happened in the forest of Dantewada. But it would be better if he makes the facilities given to the security personals posted in dense forests. That will boost up the morale of those security personals. And I agree with Mr Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar that Mr Chidambaram should makes his work speak louder than his words. Because these Naxalites are assuming that the government will do nothing except talking. Now the time has come to talk less and to take strong steps. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 171

Sorry for being silent for almost a month. I know that there is no remedy of my promise breaking habit. But what to do? Actually I have become like you. A big lazy and non reactive. So there is gap of so many days in my posts. Previously it was not like that. Anyway we can drop this topic as we can debate over it endlessly. But the only condition is that you people have to write comment daily. Actually, I got a comment from my anonymous reader that I should write consistently. Well, I appreciate the feedback. It’s true that through constant writing only I’ll be able to improve my writing style. Well I would like to say thank you to my anonymous reader for the valuable feed back. And there was a request in the first half of the comment. According to my anonymous reader I should write shayari also. But let me tell one thing. Poetry or writing couplers is not something a routine thing for me. It’s totally dependent on my mood. Whenever I get in mood then I really write good poems. I’m also wishing to write some shayari. Hope so I’ll be fulfilling your wish shortly.

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...