Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 173

Live-in relationship. A relationship which two persons make with each other with mutual consent. This is mostly practiced in western countries. But in India also this relationship is been common in metro cities. And recently Supreme Court of India also passed sentence making live-in relationship a legal one. Supreme Court has made it clear that if a female companion comes to court asking for the compensatition from her male live-in relationship partner, then the male has to give her compensation. But what exactly is a live-in relation? Is it as I have told in the opening sentence or is it different from that? I think it will lead us to one sided debate and the final answer will be like as I have already said. But in India, live-in relation is considered as an agent of decaying the moral of the society. But I don’t think so. There is no written law or anything like that which states that live-in relationship is bad. It’s nothing but the mindset of the people in the country which makes certain things good or bad. In India, even the mindset of the people forbids a guy to walk publicly by holding a girl’s hand. But recently it was found that the trend is changing now. In India, there is an increment of 60% of people having live-in relation. And it’s much easier to have a live-in relationship. No comment required in that. And if we see then marriage is also like live-in relationship only difference is that it has the seal of approval from the society. So why can’t a couple live together without marrying? What’s wrong in that? And if we see in India, then we have large number of divorces also. It’s a fact that Madras High Court has a separate wing and legal professionals to look after the divorce cases. So it’s better to have a live-in relationship. No bounding and no major responsibilities like we have in the case of marriage. 

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