Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 171

Sorry for being silent for almost a month. I know that there is no remedy of my promise breaking habit. But what to do? Actually I have become like you. A big lazy and non reactive. So there is gap of so many days in my posts. Previously it was not like that. Anyway we can drop this topic as we can debate over it endlessly. But the only condition is that you people have to write comment daily. Actually, I got a comment from my anonymous reader that I should write consistently. Well, I appreciate the feedback. It’s true that through constant writing only I’ll be able to improve my writing style. Well I would like to say thank you to my anonymous reader for the valuable feed back. And there was a request in the first half of the comment. According to my anonymous reader I should write shayari also. But let me tell one thing. Poetry or writing couplers is not something a routine thing for me. It’s totally dependent on my mood. Whenever I get in mood then I really write good poems. I’m also wishing to write some shayari. Hope so I’ll be fulfilling your wish shortly.

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