Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 303

Now its less than 72 hours for me to take my flight to come back. I’m really waiting for my flight to back home. When I came in America then I was having a thought that I have two and half months to stay. But now its less than 72 hours. The time has passed on its own pace. But sometimes, I felt that it’s passing very fast and sometimes I felt its passing very slowly. Actually Orangeburg isn’t a big place where I found everything according to my necessities. Columbia is the capital of South Carolina and it’s about 40 miles from Orangeburg. But without having a car, that seems to be a very long distance. Actually Columbia had few Indian restaurants and grocery stores. Even though I found some spices and vegetables in Orangeburg which are common in India but still something was missing. Actually we can say that Orangeburg is a small city in Indian context. I didn’t found many things to do here. But when I was in Washington then I really liked the place. May be the reason was that I was feed up while living in Orangeburg and while roaming in Washington gave me a change. But the Washington visit was the most enjoyable and memorable part. I went to Charleston also. But Charleston is more of a historical city. The American civil was got started there and it was Charleston where the Africans were brought to America as slaves. They still have the market called slave market where the slave trade was done. But now it’s more like a modern market where the necessary items are being sold.
There were times when I just stayed in the apartment, wishing to go somewhere. But now at this point of time, looking back seems recalling all those moments I have spent there. For the initial two weeks, I was literally alone. I know how I passed that time. If I wouldn’t have my laptop and internet then I would have gone crazy. But I made myself busy in watching Indian shows on the internet. Now I think that I’m taking all these memories with me back to my home. Everybody back in India, particularly my friends, is expecting me to bring something for them. I don't know how much stuffs I can take with me where I don't have to pay the custom duty and all. But it’s sure that I’m going to disappoint many of them. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 302

Today, I’m confused what to write. I have two topics to write one. My confusion is about the selection of the topic. Should I write only one topic or should I write both? If I write both then which one to cover first? A lot of confusion without any solution. Sometimes, it really makes my writing slow. My topics are the ongoing London Olympics and Indian politics. Don't get confused that I’m going to mix politics with Olympics. Okay fine. I’ll write about Olympics first.
Saina Nehwal became the first Indian shuttler to reach the semi finals of badminton game in Olympics on Thursday. Indeed that was a proud moment when she won the match for the country and herself. She has really worked hard from her last performance from the last Olympics when she was defeated in the quarter finals in the last Olympic. This is the proud moment for the country. Every person back home is happy for this victory. In this internet era, news comes late and the comments on the social networking sites began to pop first. But its not the issue that the news comes from the news channel or the comments on the social networking sites, the relevant matter is that the Indian athletes are now doing better in their respective fields. This is a good change in the sporting culture of India. Previously, India was always seen as a laggard in the Olympics. People and media in India have always asked the government and the sport authority about the disastrous performance of the Indian athletes. But since the last Olympics, the hopes of Indians have increased. Now the athletes are also increasing their performance level so that they don't disappoint their countrymen. I wish that the Indian athletes do much better in the ongoing London Olympics and they fetch more medals from the last time.
Now I want to write something about the politics. We all know about the fast movement of Anna Hazzare. But right now, I’m going to write anything about that. I know that every common man of India wants to be connected with the movement of Anna Hazzare. Every common man has got fed up with the corruption in the government. Every common man is angry on that. But right now, I want to draw your attention towards something else. It has been 10 years since the Godhra carnage happened in Gujarat. Since then the so called civil activists and human right activists are targeting Narendra Modi for his non secular stand. But what’s happening in Assam is similar to Godhra. Today Assam is burning due to the communal riots and disharmony. But today the same civil activists and human right activists are silent. They aren’t targeting the Assam state government and the Assam Chief Minister. Are the people who got killed not innocent? Isn’t this an unsecular tension in Assam? If the answer is no then why the same people are silent? Is this just because the Congress party is in power in Assam? Are they silent just because the name of Assam’s Chief Minister isn’t Narendra Modi? This is something I call ridiculous. These so called activists are now scared to say something against the Congress party. These so called secular activists wants to get grants and pat on their backs from the Congress party and nothing else. They have redefined the definition of secularism just to please the Congress party and nothing else. I think these people have become the indirect agents of the Congress party just to target other parties on the issues of secularism, human rights and other issues. But when it comes to the Congress party then they are just silent. In my view, now the time has come for the people to know about the so called secular activists and people should decide themselves whether they want to follow these people or not.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 301

The biggest black out of the world is here. It happened only in India. Around 684 million Indians, about ten per cent of world’s total population, were in total blackout. The people were in north, eastern and north eastern part of India. The reason of this total blackout is the collapse of three arterial power lines collapsed. This has affected not only the daily life routine of the country but it has caused devasting consequences. The blackout has affected the train services and air services in 21 states and union territories and the industrial production across the sectors. About 300 miners were struck in the coal mines out of which 200 miners have been rescued in the West Bengal. Airports, hospitals and offices were forced to use their back up power system. The whole economy is also affected by this blackout. The commuters had the maximum difficulties in going to office from and vice versa. The worst part was that many commuters were stuck in the metros in New Delhi and Kolkata. They were either stuck many feet above the ground were underground.
Surprisingly, the union cabinet shuffle happened on the same day. Power minister Sushil Shinde was promoted to Home ministry. Interesting. I know it would be called as the pre planned move because the Finance Ministry was without any minister after Mr Pranab Mukherjee became the President. But the situation is very much worse in the country as the government think it to be. As I have said earlier, not only the daily life is being affected but the economy is also suffering. Many mills and production units across the industries, the transportation of goods by railway has come to halt and many more.
In the western countries, media has started targeting the Indian government. Now they are saying that India wants to be the superpower but India struggle to manage its power problem. First of all, India should have a proper power then it should think of becoming superpower.
The comment of the western media is like a tight slap on the face Indian government. The grids were not maintained properly. The main fault for Tuesday’s blackout was trip at the grid at a power station near Agra. These grids and power stations were constructed in 1951. Now 60 years later, these grids and power stations are not sufficient to cater the increased power demand. Time has come for not only in the increment of power production but for the transmission also. The other reason given by the government officials that UP, Punjab and Haryana were overdrawing the power. If that is the case then why the other states are having blackouts. So instead of passing the blame on others, the officials should work seriously on the power issue. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...