Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 191

Hi friends. I’m back. I know you people might have thought that I have again disappeared in thin air after writing for couple of days in a row. But that’s not the case. Actually, I was observing few things. Globally there has been protests and revolt in Middle East which is resulting in the change in the government of the respective country. And at home, there is a political unrest regarding the 2G spectrum. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is having a tough time. He has to take care of his coalition partner and he has to face the opposition also. I agree with him on one point. Running coalition government isn’t an easy job. Being the head of the government, he has to oblige the coalition partners. He doesn’t have much privilege to choose his ministers. It’s the choice of the coalition partners. Actually, sometimes, I wonder that in a coalition government a Prime Minister or a Chief Minister is the softest person. He can’t make any wish but he has to go with the wishes of his coalition partners.  And this is the point which gives a freedom to the coalition partners to do the things whatever they wish. They always blackmail the main political party of withdrawing support very often. Same thing happened when Manmohan Singh told A Raja to resign over the spectrum scam issue. That followed the political drama of M Karunanidhi to save A Raja. A Raja resigned in a dramatic way. That followed raids at the residential and official premises of DMK leaders. But I feel that it’s a cover up. There must have been a political agreement between Congress and DMK. Otherwise A Raja wouldn’t have resigned until and unless Karunanidhi was assured that Raja will be dealt leniently. There is a big cover-up.
And we need strong laws and strong determination to end the corruption.  Until we get ready to fight against corruption, India isn’t going to be a corruption free country. And the politicians have to stop compromising on the sake of country. The coalition government isn’t a good thing for a developing country like India. The major political party of a coalition has to stop bending its spinal cord to the wishes of smaller regional party. I know that in a general election, a large amount of money and manpower is required. After all, we are the largest democracy in the world. But to prevent the midterm election at the cost of multi Crores scams like 2G spectrum scam isn’t a good choice to make. If Manmohan Singh would have terminated Raja from his ministry without having fear of breaking of coalition then he would have emerged as a strong leader rather than seen as a weak leader amongst people. 

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