Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 189

Well in my last post I wrote about the corruption and the poor state of India in the world map. There are so many scams and scandals happening in our country that sometimes it really hurts to see all the bad things happening here. We had a glorious past. But our future isn’t that much glorious. Sometimes I feel that the corrupt people took advantage of our laws. Time has come to amendment the laws and to make it more tough. And the trial procedure is too lengthy that sometimes the verdict came so late that it loses its worth. Sometimes the accused is dead and hence the case is closed. Just like it happened in the case of Harshad Mehta. He was a stock broker who used to get loans from the bank on fake Bank Receipts. He manipulated the Bombay Stock Exchange with heavy investments in 1992. By the time, the scam was revelled; he has made a scam of Rs 4000 Crores. He died in 2002. About 72 criminal cases and more than 600 civil action suits were filed against him. When he died, many cases were pending in the court. I’m not saying that the judiciary should give verdicts very quickly. But 10 years is long time. And there are many cases which are pending in the court against the corrupt people. So I request the members of the Parliament to amend the laws and to bring new laws which can maximise the punishment in such cases. In my view, the bail system – either anticipatory or normal – should be abolished if a person is convicted in a corruption charges. I think that a fear of strict punishment forces a man or a woman to not to commit any crime. 

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