Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 188

Sometimes, it becomes very tough to write. For the last one month, I’m trying to write but I’m unable to write. There aren’t any scarcity topics. But the problem is what to write about them. Should I write about the crash of Bombay Stock Exchange? Should I write about the protests in Egypt? Should I write about the scams and scandals about the spectrum? I’m confused that what I should write about these topics. All of you are aware of these current affairs. It’s good news that A Raja has been arrested and is in the judicial custody for the interrogation. But one thing is bothering me. That thing is the time this course of justice is going to take. And what punishment is he going to get? The amount of money being involved isn’t small. That’s a huge amount which would have been used for the development of the infrastructure and basic amenities in our country. It’s a positive sign that India is becoming economic superpower. GDP is high. But what about the Per Capita Income? In terms of Human Development Index, we are amongst the bottom countries in the list. Poverty is still there in our country. About 30% of the Indian population is Below Poverty Line. It means around 1 out of 3 Indians is poor. So on what issue should we proud our self? Still after 63 years of independence we call our self to be a developing country. There are small countries than us like Singapore and Malaysia who have excelled in reaching the status of a developed country. Why that can’t happen to our country? These are few questions which always come in my mind. 

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